Friday, May 8, 2015

With this, we know how prominent people must feel, although it is possible to enjoy even really thi

Maybe we gave Jakarta never had a real chance, and we were there with the wrong attitude full of prejudices based on the stories of other travelers or books. Nevertheless: in this Indonesian capital, we discover nothing to walk over hot: we encounter traffic congestion, dust, fumes, gray streets and decrepit old town. It is clear that there are mostly (or only?) Will be invested in the modern business district. One, admittedly short visit is the most ancient sailing harbor and the small cozy neighborhood around the fish market. That's it!
2x Jakarta's Sunda Kelapa, the old sailing port. The traditional neighborhood around the fish market. We were there so did not really wake up that the only tickets we laboriously still could nab us all wegleidden three days to Yogyakarta. Train travel is the max, and by far my favorite the maids means of locomotion! Although the maids we travel in the cheapest class, these eight hours in no time passed. After we leave Jakarta's slums behind us are green hills, villages, paddy fields and people the maids along the tracks is the picture window of our flat. A bite here, which read there, just doze off and then we have to get out again. Pity. Shadow Puppet in Yogya's Sultanate Palace from the audience .. .. and behind the scenes. Cozy Garren around the palace. In large one loves birds as decoration. As mentioned in my Christmas message was this period of the year with us in the sign of a mix of religions in an Islamic country we celebrate "our" Christian heyday with visiting the maids a Hindu and Buddhist temple. Near Yogya is namely the two most beautiful temples of Indonesia. We start with the Hindu Prambanan. Is it really credible that I'm the maids still in disbelief?
Unfortunately, we are just in a very inconvenient time to travel in Indonesia. Although 90% of people throughout Muslim is just like our Christmas and New Year holidays, and everyone fairly. In Java alone, the maids this means that around 130 million people like us want to visit the highlights of this country. Not only the city seems thus becomes the maids stuffed like never before, at the temples is where things get uncomfortably crowded. Before the maids one can at all perceive the temple complex are the first troops to children in their school uniforms. Of course remains our commencement not long unnoticed and together with a handful of other white tourists we soon arrive at the center of attention. They want to take pictures. And not the nice, more like a thousand year old temple, but ours. The groups- the maids or selfie-photo shoots have now become the maids routine - as well as every day we make a few. In this dense concentration of people, the situation escalates, however, and soon we walk relay from photo to photo. "Mister! Picture !! Picture !! MISS !!! Please! You-me-photo!?! ". Unfortunately, almost no one speaks better English and Indonesian so we communicate does not go beyond what grinning, giggling and the common picture. Pity. We barely the maids have a picture or here comes the next group - waiting patiently at a safe distance - at all.
With this, we know how prominent people must feel, although it is possible to enjoy even really this visit. Enervated we flee to a distant place, hold a crisis meeting with the two of us and come to the conclusion that we have only one option: say "no"! So far, I thought it was always blunt and discourteous to a little thing like making the maids a photo to wriggle out, but today is changing dramatically. With immediate effect we pursue the greatest possible "no" - say. In return we get a lot of surprised and disappointed glances; rather, finally some peace. In addition, since this recurring phenomenon absolutely not about us, but we find to justify our behavior an absurd picture with a random white person. The purpose of the pictures is a "cool Facebook Post" I think readers who know me well understand the picture. (Besides, between you and me and silence: Indonesia ers can be damn unfriendly) .. Something over time also what is tiring, but least useful, are the interviews to make pupils and students to improve the maids their English with us . We obviously support it fully and be expanded and everyone the maids with a smile to help. The Prambanan Hindu temple complex consists of about ten temples that one can climb. Knowing that they are from the ninth century AD tribes (later, mysteriously, the maids never put into use), and we here in a

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