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They talk some more about on. Jansen is the one that summarizes and requires clarity. Japin talks e

Ménage à trois | The Republic
It's 1979. Lex Jansen lives in Utrecht as a friend says to him: "There is now a boy at my school! That's really something for you. " At an agreed time, Lex comes to Amsterdam. The boy did not show up.
Anyway, Jansen goes back once a week later. And yes: from day one is up to. Soon, the two go together in the Thirsty Hart Lane in Utrecht, in a house that belongs to the Baptist church.
Now they live in a house full of books, prints and paintings, sculptures, their photo taken by Erwin Olaf, wings, computers and a mysterious sea chest full of photos, antique tables with paraphernalia and jewels. In their home worlds go hide.
"When I arrived it was much worse, really too Mary Queen of Scots," maid2clean Benjamin Moser says in flawless Dutch when he goes to the library in the attic. Yes, there is one more. The thirty-six year old biographer of the Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector and collaborator of leading US magazines as The New Yorker, Harper's and The New York Review of Books, is the third branch maid2clean of the triumvirate. If the literary musketeers explain how they arrived at their ménage à trois, Moser and Jansen sitting on a sofa. Japin, lithe and agile, folds into the seat next to his legs constantly different among themselves. It's 1982. Arthur Japin now works at Center Theatre Group and Lex moved to the canal in Amsterdam. maid2clean In that house fit even more books. maid2clean
Japin, 'You know what I ever wrong? When I was an actor, I had the whole day I went to the Oudemanhuispoort and antiquarians. Then I could so let me lead, so intuitive. That something you do not know what it is you draw attention. And then you will discover a whole world in there. "
Young Japin has time to expand his thoughts in writing. First arise plays, but eventually calls' black with the white heart "on. Even now, in the classical mansion surrounded by bookstores and antiquarian, there is lack of space. That's why thousands of books shipped maid2clean to the country in the Périgord in France. Jansen is editorial director of Querido and Moser is also another judge of the National Book Critics Circle maid2clean Award, a prestigious literary maid2clean prize in the United States. Through the latter channel alone come weekly, at least eighty-five books inside. Moser is the largest collector. Even his bed is enclosed on three sides by bookshelves maid2clean full of unique manuscripts and autographed first editions.
Moser: maid2clean "Oh maid2clean yes, that was a tragedy maid2clean of Holland. I had thousands of Brazilian books when I came here, not just new books, but also very beautiful things from the nineteenth century. With us you give to than to a library or so. So I mail the university maid2clean here. I get such a "You are not important enough to email me" maid2clean letter back! "
They talk some more about on. Jansen is the one that summarizes and requires clarity. Japin talks easily about emotion and feeling and Moser, who has a fabulous amount of knowledge, like the figure commonly called exaggeration.
For Japin and Jansen feels like they are here in Utrecht, and there in France, with all those books, characters and art have created their own world. Actually they started this since they met.
Jansen: "What we found in each other, making it very easy inpaste Ben was that we are always working to create stories. That's why I like boxes because you suspect something in it that produces a story in itself. When Arthur was writing, and Ben with his biography of Lispector: well, for years was Clarice Lispector just here at home. This enriches their work life. "
It is 2000. The new century will change their lives dramatically. Arthur gives a half years at the New York University. Lex has been stopped as a French teacher. He is starting a new career and will take office as the new publisher Querido. And Arthur ...
Moser: "Oh! I had invented a very nice decorate trick. Oh yes. I thought it was so smart. I said, "Are you on the weekend visit an old Dutch cemetery?" I meant something else!
Moser: "America fell completely off: there were no flights, no phones, you had no internet. Suddenly you had nothing at all, you did not know if people were still alive. London would be the next target. It was said that would close the Channel Tunnel. Netherlands 1939. So it felt real. One last chance. So I went to Waterloo station, and I thought I just go. "
Moser: "That trauma Lex has put in my path, or vice versa. I also remember that I saw him for the first time. We were behind the television and Lex came up the stairs. I saw him and I thought, this is good, this is not

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