Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Since puberty I was obsessed with

Since puberty I was obsessed with ''re lookin' things. And others are something else. Things seemed to look as good intellectual superiority within the standard. folsom France than to hear a popular song, to hear the British band thought it more cool. Cine Cube am Sangsangmadang was flattered when you see a movie that premiered at the theater where am Seoul. Photographer attention of movie director is also different. Very occasionally go where no one feels like moreugetgo shows all the work is also no sound, I realized somethin 'was tradition, so this shit is more to look at maryeowo. But certainly it came to force. But looking at things clearly, select 'I wang' folsom was a half things folsom got even boyeoseo. Unknown to be the most honest caught up in my fantasies had even depend on other discerning tastes of those. The taste of hard true. The world is limited, my eyes and ears that are too many to choose from. This is what I picked myself exposing me soon. My real taste was ashamed. Me and my imagination is so different. Plain and did not want to be a human different from a bar with no taste. It did not seem to me to have no interest When so. So you'll folsom want to have a piece splendidly poured plaster on my real preference. It became honest. I like movies folsom for killing time. Coming from Hollywood, even huge favorite and you can see a romantic comedy without thinking. Japan curled holding theatrical drama really interesting. In fact, I hate troublesome things. French film byeolroda. Why Am I to be obsessed with Jean-Luc Godard. 'Coffee and Cigarettes' moreugetgo know that the chuck is properly speaking only what HUNG fun. Edaga boring black and white cigarette defendant continued ppuninde drinking coffee. I honestly do not know Gus Van Sant movies more and more. 'Idaho' has wrought so, 'Good Will Hunting' is easy; I liked. 'The Last Days' ditch 'Elephant' In doing so vague that jjikeotneunji, ever since the movie did not even Mr. ssanteu. "Ruler of Your Own World", the drama also saw sparse seumseong fact. HUNG speak only as of my favorite drama. So try. Something 'Kanji folsom flies' favorite but a sense of contemporary poems, I do not know what the end is. I do not know what I'm saying at all so friendly gimgyeongju try to hit. Gatgido some cases just a pun, it is gatgido bluff. The same is true of modern art. I be ashamed when browsing the blog to view these wonderfully folsom clever. These people are foreign music, I have no idea, for no writer ever read the writings of the subject impressed "That work is the" work of art you want. So I hangeonga less studied, this is presumably folsom intimidated so great Did wanted. Wotjiman ashamed. [Chuckles] I am now thinking that. During the evacuation, at least here. My only self-made byeokil. Only thing to gather noise figure of the naked woman character, unless a crime unheard music deutgeon do just personal preference thing. Loving thing as love, naturally.
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