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On each side of the triangle, we put a team on every corner and a topic to discuss. We have a struc

Ynnovator Smart information custom house exchange according to ménage à trois
Working in teams to solve complex problems is a popular pastime, but how do you ensure that all available expertise is optimally used and not just the most vocal? Is to solve some problems though effective as it can not be forged into a whole? Effective communication in (large) groups is no easy feat, but the puny kiezelwiertje will result in the form of Team Syntegrity. A discussion of three people at a kitchen table is still incalculable good, but given the small size of the group, it is possible that lacks critical expertise. This requires a larger group with different custom house perspectives once again good, as 'the wisdom of the crowd', custom house but that does not work anymore at the kitchen table.
A complex problem solving by subdividing it into sub-problems, and even those in turn be divided into sub-problems, often offers no true, because it does not do justice to the original complexity. Forging together the share answers leads only to a rehash something custom house that no one has to.
How so? Syntegrity team is trying to answer by using the collective intelligence effectively and the combined knowledge, skills and experience to deploy to achieve the most intelligent answers to complex issues, both within custom house the business and society.
This method, devised by Anthony Stafford Beer, a somewhat technical background and is inspired by the shape of the diatom, the same form that Buckminster Fuller inspiration for his geodesic domes and the famous buckyball. The basic structure herein is an equilateral triangle, which repeats itself. At syntegrity this is also the basic form of communication.
On each side of the triangle, we put a team on every corner and a topic to discuss. We have a structure of three team members and three subjects. Each team member can communicate directly in this way with another team member. Each team member has an impact on two topics and affects custom house the third subject through another team where it can communicate directly with (linking pin).
We can now combine these equilateral triangle with another equilateral triangles and three dimensional figures, with more people involved and more topics. Here we find these figures who have the shortest distance custom house between the subjects in which the team members AND maximum interconnected and his. Three were known (so-called regular convex deltaëders) and called the tetrahedron consisting of 4 triangles, the octahedron consisting of 8 triangles and the icosahedron, consisting of 20 triangles.
Based on this we can maximally effective with the tetrahedron 6 people (the figure has 6 sides) on 3 subjects (the figure has 3 vertices) lets talk, based on the octahedron 12 people with 6 subjects and the icosahedron 30 people 12 topics.
These are the figures that ensure custom house that communication is fully effective, all participants are equal and the maximum information custom house will circulate. Should more people join and / or more topics, then other characters imaginable. There will then be somewhat diminished in effectiveness because custom house there is a danger of a less than optimal "constellation".
A team meeting Syntegrity regulated way, with a sophisticated meeting schedule up to three days for information, knowledge, skills and experience to flow effectively and integrate. The method is used for various purposes, such as determining corporate custom house strategy and policy, product launch, cost reduction, restructuring and sales planning.
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