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Nicolas Cage is obsessed with comic books, which collects all his life. In one of these books, the

Nicolas Cage: Freak of the clan Coppola | Magazine "Interview: People and Events"
Russian fans cheer Nikolas Cage: in our hire just started his new crazy project - adaptation of the famous comic "Kick-Ass" (another version of the name sounds even offensive - "Naderi ass"). Someone who kicks it, we shall soon find out: the winner of the all "nominations" is likely to become the hero Cage, a former policeman, got into a fight with a drug lord.
Nicolas Cage, the Hollywood gods, a millionaire, a favorite of women, the owner of the yacht, villas, ships and aircraft, was not always so. Nephew of Francis Ford Coppola, the author of the cult "Godfather" and "Dracula," he was not of those who are born with a "silver spoon in his mouth." Please note: it is known as the Cage, Coppola instead. Its success uncle has an indirect relationship. travis alexander crime scene Or, if we speak bluntly, generally it has nothing to do. Not the name makes the man
His name, borrowed again from the comics (the name of some "black sheep" of the picture books), he took specially as an affront powerful uncle. As the call. Like, not the name makes the man, but a man - name. So it actually happened: the brand "Cage" is now the brand is separate from the "Coppola". And it is not clear who is steeper - an aging Hollywood star or director ... But first things first.
Nicolas Cage is obsessed with comic books, which collects all his life. In one of these books, the 40-year-old, he is not trading, posted a $ 1.5 million, thus setting the bar high for collectors travis alexander crime scene of such products
Contrary to popular in Hollywood history, when great artists knocked travis alexander crime scene out, usually from the bottom, Nicolas Cage - from a good family. It is the writer's son and grandson of famous composer's nephew, as has been said, the famous director. When the older brothers Nicholas chose acting-director's path, this home is not hindered. And when the younger and wanted to go to the artists, parents who decided to put forward the only condition is to leave school youngster - pass external examinations for the three years ahead. Nicholas obeyed, for the first time to show remarkable character: exams passed and headed toward the future.
Began acting at a young age, Cage could qualify for the lowest rate of 5 thousand dollars. After twenty years of his fees rose to 20 million. This is the highest rate in Hollywood, the sum of which a European travis alexander crime scene actor can only dream
He began, as usual, with a series travis alexander crime scene of comedies and unpretentious; to shine in a good movie, even if you're Laurence Olivier, is not so simple. No wonder the actors and not very talented, always rely on the director: in the hands of, say, Woody Allen or Stanley travis alexander crime scene Kubrick could shine anyone, instantly jumped from the status of "Bon appetit" to megastar status. travis alexander crime scene However, neither the old Woody or old Stanley young Cage not interested: as for his own uncle Francis, then to get through to him Cage came incognito. I had to not only change the name, but also strongly encrypted, no one in the group knew that the young actor who auditioned for the role in Coppola, a close relative. Nicolas is still proud of what took place in his uncle's film casting without cronyism, and on a general basis. He was always proud and used to achieving everything unaided.
It would seem that the weight is taken: after starring travis alexander crime scene in "Rumble Fish" Coppola could appreciate travis alexander crime scene the talent and perseverance, and self-esteem nephew. However, this did not happen. Moreover, travis alexander crime scene the maestro delivered its verdict - say, a good actor Nicholas does not turn out ... Despite the severity of the verdict, the director will invite Cage back in two of his paintings, but that their cooperation will end forever. Tetchy horse
The point, perhaps travis alexander crime scene in the "non-starred" appearance Cage, which journalists call "peculiar": they say, the face of the actor away from the canons of male beauty. Slightly protruding lower lip and receding hairline, a heavy chin and frowning eyes, according to the Hollywood experts, can not belong travis alexander crime scene to the hero-lover. However, if the appearance travis alexander crime scene is not a "one hundred percent", you take the talent. And Cage never give up the role of a complete psycho, or an alcoholic, homeless or simply unbalanced person. By the way, according to the first wife of our hero, such characters it work out much better than "positive". "Screen psychos travis alexander crime scene better reflect its true nature" - says Patricia Arquette. She had the opportunity not just to make sure in an explosive strive hubby. Their final break occurred at the airport, when Nicholas rolled travis alexander crime scene Patricia terrible scene. travis alexander crime scene And publicly. And the director of the film "Kiss travis alexander crime scene of the Vampire" can confirm that Cage argue - that playing with fire.
Between travis alexander crime scene them was a bet that the actor will not be able to eat a live cockroach on camera. Probably do not need to say who won. The director had watched in horror as his famous ward chew disgusting insect. However, for the sake of an interesting role, he has not gone to a B

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