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Legal action is not surprising that Valérie Trierweiler, the least popular French first lady (lady

Ménage à six Hollande shared mistress with CEO-right UMP - AD.nl
In Franrkijk is a scandal erupted that the infidelity of former President Nicolas Sarkozy with Carla Bruni does fade. The current President Francois Hollande (58) managed according to a controversial new book by two leading political journalists that he shared a mistress with Patrick Devedjian, a 68-year-old head of the right-wing UMP, former minister, confidant of Sarkozy and thus a political rival Hollande.
That mistress was none other than Valérie Trierweiler (47), the new first lady in Paris who could not stomach it Devedjian refused to leave his wife for her, while Trierweiler the maid also was married. So picked up the real men slayer but casually with the other camp, namely Francois Hollande, who was for many years married to Ségolène the maid Royal, the Socialist presidential candidate who lost to Sarkozy in 2007. A genuine 'ménage à Six' therefore. Both Trierweiler (himself a journalist) as Devedjian have already announced that they are the authors of the book before the judge, but ensuring that their investigation was very thorough and authentic. Valérie the maid Trierweiler Valérie Trierweiler the maid (47) became world famous the maid thanks to Twitter. In the elections earlier this year, the wife of Hollande blandly a tweet sent the world into which they called to vote for a candidate who her rival Ségolène Royal (the former Hollande) in the clinch was in La Rochelle. It was a particularly embarrassing moment for Hollande because who expressly came out in support of Royal. The whole affair was playing politics to the detriment of the current French president. Top journalists what now has come out, it is even more explosive. French political journalist Christophe Jakubyszyn (TF1 and LCI) and Alix Bouilhaguet (France 2) bring in their controversial book 'La Frondeuse "(" Rebel ") the sordid story of the ménage à Six. At the time, both Valérie Trierweiler, himself a respected journalist, as Patrick Davedjian were married, they began early this century a relationship. General Daughter interesting detail: Trierweiler is 21 years younger than the leader of the UMP, a former minister and a close confidant of former President Sarkozy. Davedjian is of Armenian origin, and since 1969 he was married to Sophie, the daughter of a general. Together the couple has four children. Trierweiler, her real name is Valerie Massonneau, at that time had been married since 1995 with Denis Trierweiler, a top executive at Paris Match with whom she had three children. 30 years with Royal Because Patrick Devedjian his wife but did not want to leave, despite repeated urging the maid from Trierweiler, she was tempted by another top politician on the other side of the political spectrum. Francois Hollande was already more than 30 years with Ségolène Royal. Together they had fewer than four children: the maid Thomas (1984), Clémence (1985), Julien (1987) and Flora (1992). Hollande knew the married Trierweiler meanwhile also shared the sheets with his political rival Devedjian. Ultimatum 2003 put Trierweiler, during which time political journalist, the maid a knife at the throat of Davedjian. The ultimatum that they said: his wife abandoned if it was done between them. The UMP chief refused and Trierweiler chose Hollande. Only in 2007 Trierweiler the maid filed a request for divorce from her husband, and three years later was officially. For years men slayer Trierweiler So with three men at once. In 2007, Hollande broke his hand with Royal after her failed attempt to become president. Three years later, Hollande made his relationship with Trierweiler officially announced, but they are not married. So Trierweiler is the first unmarried lady ever premiere at the Elysée.
Legal action is not surprising that Valérie Trierweiler, the least popular French first lady (lady premiere) in years. Nicknamed 'Valérie Rottweiler' and 'Premiere Concubine "she is hunted in the French media. Even the serious TV channels and newspapers deal with the affairs of Trierweiler, now in the counterattack try to go by the authors of the book to sue for libel. Devedjian will also take legal action. And Hollande? The image of the President has been given a new firm and by all sorts bezuiningsmaatregelen dent his popularity already fallen to a low point. For the whole thing around Valérie Trierweiler not give more attention than necessary, Hollande let the controversial book 'La Frondeuse' the maid or untouched. He has so already the maid enough headaches. Also Subscribe now to AD! Join the AD holiday game and win a dream trip!
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