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Hello Unregistered both novices become

Unlimited number of categories and sub-categories of privilege settings of the Preferences carpet cleaning adelaide group access rights for each category of Media Preview: FLV, IFLV, F4A, F4V, MP4, MP3, MOV and others ... Multiboot files - SWFUploader Adding files from the server
DragonByte Gallery v1.3.2pl1 PRO
Once again, please note: all that you download and install on their forum, you set is entirely at your own risk. Community vBSupport'a physically unable to test all kinds, khaki and zeros, lay users. Remember, the safety of your project - your concern. Earnest request: detection of vulnerabilities or suspicious code is required to unsubscribe carpet cleaning adelaide in the subject carpet cleaning adelaide line hack / style Thank you for understanding
The forum moderated introduced all new mail user from temporary services, such, and / or others that provide temporary mailbox without registration and / or mailbox to send spam, monitors and blocks, as well as entered into Block spam forum accounts are deleted
Hello Unregistered both novices become "advanced"? Caution carpet cleaning adelaide To get access to download carpet cleaning adelaide attachments, you should carpet cleaning adelaide not only take from this resource, but also to invest something of their own to the common fund of knowledge placement publication section Candidate carpet cleaning adelaide - a simple way to share chops and get a raise before the creation of threads read the Rules section
P rivetstvuyu you, this topic I would like to raise is also being newly registered user is far in 2008. There is a desire and effort to create an assembly carpet cleaning adelaide vBulletin. And I think a similar assembly will simplify all newcomers to create carpet cleaning adelaide a forum. And so, I need your help, advise, please, hacks, templates - that must be present in the assembly. Information about the availability of assembly: Platform: vBulletin 3.8.7 PL 2 Nulled by DGT. Language: Default English, Russian (zcarot). Pre Hacks: Undetermined. Predefined templates: carpet cleaning adelaide Undetermined. PS. I know that many people from our forum - are opposed to such assemblies distribyuvov, because believe that the installation of assembly - does not work with the forum easier. All the same, I would like to get help and advice from them.
and the assembly shall consist of all the default? the only difference is that all of this gamuzom? in the sense of a default WB + defaulted hacks? PS - [IMHO] if the Cubs can not put even the standard intallyatorom which imports the database? zafldyat avatars nisferhu. ZYZY - maybe it makes sense to look at the question "vbsborki" with several different views? carpet cleaning adelaide
Date: 27.08.2006 Location: float: right Posts: 1,423 Version vB: 3.8.x Gender: WM Donate Reputation: Expert 1719 Reputation in Section 157
Build it too personal, I would never put and not put what or assembly, whether programs, scripts or even play (do not like any repack etc.), as in any assembly there is always something extra and put a zero times easier to clean than the then unnecessary. Yes, and the fact that there may be some things I do not know (aka himself'm not installed) kills the bud the idea of "If you want to do something good, do it yourself." IMHO
By the way, at the forum in general, is not currently posted zero 3.8.7 pl2 from DGT. And the original link files have been removed. Accordingly, it is necessary anyway to do the assembly yourself if you want to have a distribution of a proven team. Even if no hacks.
Date: 29.05.2007 Location: Ukraine, Kiev Awards in competitions: Posts: 5,731 Version vB: 1.xx Gender: Reputation: 3324 Reputation Master carpet cleaning adelaide Section: carpet cleaning adelaide 648
because it is considered that the installation carpet cleaning adelaide of assembly - does not work with the forum easier. It makes no sense, because often for the project should be put diverse modules. Personally, I find it easier to 0-To do things, what to do remake "assembly".
kerk, if PL2, then why class_core.php old version of YUI? there's a line define ('YUI_VERSION', '2.7.0'); // Define the YUI version we bundle, used for external YUI. There should be 2.9.0. carpet cleaning adelaide Also in the file header does not display that's exactly PL2. Either you made a mistake or do not hold DGT brand. upd: I was wrong.
netwind, in the description of the file there is a mark that downloaded from the resource and zero is not tested as it was on this site I have no idea =) file is not repackaged, a screen is made directly from the archive mark, it has PL2 files
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