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Guido Fonteyn has written a new book, Flanders, the cleaning authority Wallonia and Brussels. The p

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Guido Fonteyn has written a new book, Flanders, the cleaning authority Wallonia and Brussels. The picture on the cover would fit in a self-help book about marital problems and fits perfectly with the title: "Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia: a ménage à trois.
Are the start and end of the book 'The myth of reverse transfers the cleaning authority "(Juul Hannes) which concludes the cleaning authority that in the 19th century and early 20th century were no transfers of money between the time-rich and the poor Flanders and Wallonia that also transfers were not possible. But to display the cleaning authority instead of figures on profits and missed money transfers, Fonteyn is mostly silent on the dramatic history of the Walloon mining and its Flemish immigrants.
The book has three chapters and the first one is called "Walloon minerals. In this section, the author devotes nearly 100 pages to the mining industry and to the "formidable explosions" that have driven into the death of thousands of miners over the centuries. So the Borinage between 1850 and 1879 had as many as 71 explosions with 1,044 dead and 704 wounded. The mining disaster in Marcinelle from 1956, with 262 deaths, is here not long at this was just the tip of the iceberg black.
Part 2 is titled "Walloon minerals + Flemish immigrants. Unlike the Italian miners, the Flemish miners were not the result of a state-organized migration. Remember that in the 19th century Flanders and Wallonia did not exist as such. The Flemish miners, laborers and farmers seeped as it were inside, driven by black poverty that plagued Flanders decades. To illustrate, policemen had to inspect the houses of the inhabitants were still alive and the Bruges city removed the corpse parades down to no further discourage the people.
Part 3 is only 9 pages long and is called "Walloon minerals + Flemish immigrants = Brussels money. The title sums it up well: the money from the Walloon mining and industry was in Societe Generale with a large share in the hands of Brussels, but also Flemish and Walloon nobility and industrialists. Little flow to the treasury the cleaning authority and therefore little redistribution of profits. The link with Brussels and the impossibility of money transfers had some deserved more attention, but before that you will have to read the book by Hannes.
Black poverty in Flanders, the cleaning authority Wallonia and black mines in the Belle Epoque in Brussels. What strikes me most about the book is the great dignity with which Fonteyn dealt with these topics. He is clearly self seized by our intertwined history, Flanders has long been cleared and Wallonia but not get completely erased. And this turmoil he brings in an excellent manner to the reader.
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