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Deutbojap ridden housekeeper zombie movie enthusiasts housekeeper .... ㅋㅋㅋ yongjjang | 2010/07/10 0

Zombie Land (Zombieland) works out to 2009, the domestic release is inde untested state. I speak for the domestic release is somehow seemed geonneogan water and went straight to straight to DVD. In fact, I do not think this movie is released damn Must be helped to ppeonhani. If you are a zombie fan is probably already thinking ARM, see the most. Let's talk a little more if our country is not wont to release the film introduces very little one can see in the middle of the country. Look like the look of the film is a unique country because injin spirit that should look like a book I do not know whatever it is, no matter how good the movie was not released. The representative of the latest examples itgetda be a director Gus Van Sant's Milk. Are WAN deutbojap director? If you're saying housekeeper that I'll housekeeper let you know his masterpiece in only three. Idaho, Goodwill Hunting, Finding Forrester. There are three works only head coach for the section housekeeper can be referred housekeeper to as lean milk is not released at the time dwaeteotda yen. Although it opened but now somehow I always forget just what you should. The milk of works 2008 works. Anyway, zombie land, not heard by the milk as long as the work is a great example of a milk thing is typical housekeeper B-movie zombie land. The zombie comedy zombie coming out of a very childish comedy combined. In itgetda be similar to Shaun of the Dead movie. Speaking of B-movie people often are not saying anything wrong, but not necessarily housekeeper a lot that fits If you think something is low-level artistry falling film. B-movie is basically one refers to films containing low-budget B-movies in a unique atmosphere created. The starting point is to look past the movie will be entering two pyeonssik remarkable experimental elements began as a side show movies in the movie judeon the time this show is. The fact that B-movie housekeeper mwoda. Although it defined as very difficult. But look more similar films continue to understand the unique emotions and those emotions housekeeper are right at the core of B-movie. Works of zombie land is in such B-films that look at mental. That is not to analyze said. Of course, among the B-movie and intend nokyeonae the criticism plain language as possible, there are also a lot of work. Typical examples are George Romero's zombie series director. These aims and criticism openly reveal discarding it may be referred to as characteristics of B-movie. So even if sometimes occurs as to classify director John kasabecheu a B-movie director. The film is significantly Four people appeared. The past came alive bullying or being overly muscular Entertainment otaku Colombia watts of killer zombies you like Teller and two sisters crook to stick to the cookies that wingki. In fact, this movie is very funny and I heard bwateulttaen in view of the fact that Americans do not know haneungeonji I laugh at some point. But the characters are having fun also quite interesting irony and historical entertainment and sustaining a bullying or danghadeon to survive the end of Columbia and the one face that SpongeBob taryeong muscular man charisma and leisure agent looking haemae How ironic is also a wingki. The laughter at the extreme point of irony is naohneunge whether these thoughts. Anyway, this film shows the appearance sisters eumyeonseo housekeeper lost a total scam to hit the car continues to progress housekeeper to the two men are being merged into one person who was exclusive to each other are doing in the process. Would the surviving humans better place to live in a single family, rather than antagonism few point? The movie that falls warmed to the film. A fairly interesting movie. Movie does not see it more than worth eating popcorn and Coke are. The one you see when you think you're tired of the same die off fairly housekeeper satisfied.
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I like movies that are entertaining and downed ㅎㅎ good in personality also figures out - yongjjang | 2010/07/10 08:08 | PERMALINK | EDIT |
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Deutbojap ridden housekeeper zombie movie enthusiasts housekeeper .... ㅋㅋㅋ yongjjang | 2010/07/10 08:04 | PERMALINK | EDIT |
Mwegin not zombies ... ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ
Paramaribo | 2010/07/10 14:30 | PERMALINK | EDIT | REPLY |
At the time of opening foreign friends (?) Is introduced doetneunde letting you see ... Once I thought very daedanhadago zombies and properly mixed in a comedy that laughs points that lurks everywhere housekeeper ... It was good, right ㅋㅋ even (after test at school told me this is my turn eotneunde while the kids "Check killed!" "heart ought to exercise" Well, this sounds terrific fashion sac and ran a ... ㅋㅋ) ㅠㅠ opening seemed to want to own even though revenue was again good to see something blah gapnidang ㅋㅋ
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