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1. Speaking of Gus Van Sant yet <Jerry> - <Elephant> - <Last Days> is come to mind. Wonak a great movie that would eoteuni. But he simultaneously <Idaho>, <Good Will Hunting>, <milk> also oversees such. Well-made spring cleaning checklist drama follows the crystallization also can be made at any time did. Sometimes these thoughts so completely that look to wear a different kind of movie you pick whip to create a pick whip. In addition, it makes some movies always somehow make decent work a Nanny that I really amazing workmanship.
1-1. But just as "a spring cleaning checklist completely different kind of film" His movies have one thing in common. It is deeply sad that some people have underlying emotional wounds of those who cherished the naohdeun. In terms listed it a bit <Milk> Milk hurt broken spring cleaning checklist heart, Alex <paranoyideu Park> is guilty for the dead guards. And <The Last Days> and <Elephant> had filmed the tragic true story from the beginning <Good Will Hunting> spring cleaning checklist and <Finding Forrester> the characters are trapped in the cave's inhabitants because of his own broken heart. And so on ... In addition
And 2. <rest Lease> There comes a girl and a boy who lost his parents spring cleaning checklist to buy a car accident sihanbu life. The two men met nagani grow naturally sad love eopgetjiyo forced to savor not only be a tragedy to its end. But grief is not something that is so easy to make properly. How many lives would be ginseng to sihanbu materials among numerous movies. However, given the grief that thou movies spring cleaning checklist to the audience that's not all. But too bad for example, sihanbu x sihanbu Think about the deal had <Forever> dating.
2-1. That is the conclusion from <rest Lease> spring cleaning checklist It is really sad. At least I finished the movie even go home, to sleep when I wake nuwoteul feelings are grown up enough to require me. But how this movie is making a movie unlike other grief is a little different. If you see this movie is sad because handageona establish an emotional tone to the plight of the main character anew the thread of life or non-polar character so bulssanghaeseo sad to realize such beauty will not be broken at any moment. The fact that the sparkling beauty of sorrow that would soon disappear.
2-2. I would like to take the emphasis on the word beautiful. Needless to say the main character of this film returns Mia Couture Wash Scarborough and Helen Hopper is too beautiful. Wash is especially Mia Couture Scarborough is really pretty spectacularly beyond the level of simply drawn. Besides gamyeo inflict famous Gus Van Sant is intended and pretty good taste in clothes was pyeolchyeonot on the screen with the beauty of these pposyasi screen. Handapsigo draws heavily emphasize the reality and does not draw or dark circles or the lips parched. The addition will hurt rather pale beauty. In particular, postponing death scene wearing a doubles equipped in the 19th century spring cleaning checklist (?), I really have Huck sound sections.
2-3. Dare to pray'm not sure whether even this comparison is slightly spring cleaning checklist floated Visconti. <Ludwig>, <Death in Venice>, <Leopard> Movies such as the pursuit of extreme beauty really haeteotjiman Pull up the inevitable feelings of sadness in the beauty beyond the beyond admiration spring cleaning checklist for him. What were you all this time, the film deals with death, either directly or indirectly, maybe not a coincidence.
2-4. One more great stories to succumb It is a scene Mia Couture Wash sister and Skype share a story. The scene is the only way she hurts scene reveals directly that this inde when the director has chosen a rare degree 'seizure'. I was not sure whether the cancer patients specifically because they do not know how sick is this how 'real' production. However, spring cleaning checklist the share of everyday conversation, even with a sudden electric shock sikimyeo rigid body seemed to remain in Succumb spring cleaning checklist to look deep impression. Talking on a surrealist aesthetics, beauty fits and starts, as it showed the character catapult, attract even bother difficult concept to think once again savoring a moment worth a try. That reminds 2-3 in conjunction with the context of the <rest Lease> is the definitely the movie to ride the 'this spring cleaning checklist side' line correctly.
3. The film is called masterpiece of Gus Van Sant, or does not think the new movie boyeojundago world. Directing some episodes are also too 'sonyeopung', spring cleaning checklist Ryo Kase's character than what is to follow is a bit difficult (wo boyigido put a kamikaze overly spring cleaning checklist romanticized). But one thing these feelings felt in the movies was a long time. That would be a banggeut banggeut smiling handsome spring cleaning checklist / beautiful beauties from the screen simply spellbound not say I will not bother.
BoA jjangpaen 2011/11/05 00:43 #
Dropped sound unbelievably annoying ... especially in the beginning, and I would like to say something true .. by anmatneun 10/30 sympathy baekpeuro Eagle just saw a movie. spring cleaning checklist Later in the quarter angilgang really .. by beans darn think this is never thought of Masan, Changwon, spring cleaning checklist Gyeongnam able to come hapseongdong hair salon hair .. by Masan soda 12/21 reveal the identity yen in the first place if you like this movie .. by Boa jjangpaen 11.29 (probability of sex) 50/50 by jjangpaen 29.11 BoA did would have been worse if the map is ill with depression ... by BoA 11.29 jjangpaen first date when the pizza comes to your house also holding four do not really beaut ? Not seen jjangpaen by 29.11 not know how to adjust the thing through what the government replaced ttongim end .. by koyang say this shit been a 11/29 by reducing the koyang 29.11 Logan sex! by ㅈㅈㅈ 29.11
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