Friday, May 22, 2015


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Boris Kashin, deputy of the State Duma of the 6th convocation (the Communist Party), a member of the Committee amah on Financial Markets, a member of the Central amah Committee of the Communist Party, academician, doctor Phys. mat. Sciences, Professor, Head. Chair of the theory of functions amah and functional analysis Mekhmat them. Lomonosov
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Interesting amah details. July 3, 1916 in London, held court in the case of the crash of the liner "Titanic", which killed more than a thousand people. The judges ruled that "the ship sank due to a collision with an iceberg caused by excessive speed with which it conducted." Moral condemnation undergone Lord Stanley - the captain of the steamer "California", which, according to experts, amah is located six miles from the scene of the tragedy. Caught in the terrible crime of maritime law - failure to provide assistance to people perishing, he wore for the rest of the stain of shame. Before his death, Lord Stanley asked his confession recorded before amah a notary is not only writing, but also on the tape. "I am, Lord Stanley, amah standing on the threshold amah of eternity, reiterate that it is not guilty amah of the death of the unfortunate people on board the" Titanic ", - he said in a weak voice. In January 1962, in a small English town disgraced captain quietly faded in the hands of his son Titta, who believed in the innocence of his father and fought all his life to restore his good name. A good name really was restored, though posthumously. It turned out that "Titanic" saw the lights of another ship - the Norwegian ship "Samson", which is going home from poaching catch, did not wish to discover yourself. The sensational confession sounded from the lips of the captain of "Samson" Hendrik Ness, who wanted to ease the soul in the 84 th year of life, and then only under the pressure of his nephew, accidentally discovered diaries uncle. amah
Franz Kafka. Quotes and aforizmy For a healthy person lives, in fact, only the unconscious flight in which he does not recognize - an escape from the idea that sooner or later die. The disease amah is always both a reminder and a trial of strength. Therefore, disease, pain, suffering - the most important source of religiosity. Awake, we go through a dream - you only the ghosts of bygone times. In the struggle between themselves and the world remain on the side of the world. Faith - is the ax of the guillotine, just as hard, just as easily. Eternal youth is impossible; not even be another obstacle, introspection would make it impossible. All the matter in the moment. It defines life. All we can say for everyone, for the strangest fantasies there is a great fire in which they die and are resurrected. Everything, including the lie is the truth. Shadows do not extinguish the sun. All the suffering around us and we have to suffer. All of us one body, but one development, which takes us through all the pain in one form or another. Uttered the thought immediately and permanently lose value; recorded, amah it is also always loses it, but sometimes takes on new meaning. Two problems in the beginning of life: more and more to limit their circle and constantly check to see if you are hiding somewhere outside his own circle. For a healthy human life, in fact, only an unconscious escape in which he does not recognize - an escape from the idea that sooner or later die. The disease is always both a reminder and a trial of strength. Therefore, disease, amah pain, suffering - the most important source of religiosity. Spirit is free only when it ceases to be a support. If it had been possible to build the Tower of Babel, not climbing it, it would be allowed. If I am doomed, doomed it not only death, amah but doomed, and resistance to the death. Life all the time distracts amah our attention; and we did not even have time to notice, from what it was. Sometimes I wonder how people have managed to invent the concept of "fun"; it is possible that they have it figured only theoretically - as opposed to sadness. amah Art is always the matter of the whole personality. Therefore, it is fundamentally tragic. The true path is the tightrope that stretched not high, and above the ground. It is designed, it seems, more than to stumble on it than to walk it. How can the world be happy? Unless if you run away with him. When I'm not writing, I feel tol

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