Tuesday, May 19, 2015

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In a published report, Morgan Stanley announced that its portfolio, based on the recommendations of the currency in 2012 brought a profit of 5.72%, which is the best result since 2008. It committed 45 transactions with an average duration of 38 days each. The best recommendations were: the purchase types of stitches of the Russian ruble against the yen from 23 October to 14 December, which brought a profit of 7.1%, and the purchase of the US dollar against the yen from 25 September to 14 December, which resulted in a profit types of stitches of 6.6%. The worst results were obtained from the recommendations of the bet on the pound weakening against the ruble from August 15 to August 30 (the loss amounted to 2.3%), and the rate of depreciation of the Australian dollar is not against the yen from 13 July to 27 July (loss amounted to 2.1%). Source: Forexpf.Ru - Forex News
14:47 investor types of stitches Ted: I hahahahahahah 5.72 for that weekend 50% did))))) will not invest in them .......
14:49 Pobeda: St-Paul (14:43), thank you, on account of surge, I agree, types of stitches I nenashutku earn husband had sidelong glances at me, and I see in her eyes grow thin, recently went with his friend in the car, so he told me that my husband was in a panic from my work and dreams of what I would have gone from here, it is such earnings are not necessary for the person I just do not ... I really need to rethink their approach to work, all the money does not earn, and to return to real life ... (repeat)
14:52 St-Paul: Pobeda Money - like silence! Quietly it! Otherwise, the fever has settled ... I merged types of stitches N- money, you begin to think about how to discourage them, and you risk ... 2 * N merges money ... Etc. It should be ... quiet ... As a predator, Hidden in the bushes, types of stitches waiting for sacrifice. Well ... more, meditation and so on ...
14:53 Pobeda: Investor Ted (14:50), you will not believe the girl was studying with me, now sells not bad, but went to a private firm for half a day working as a cleaner, he says, though I see people ... from her a ouija board, happy life
14:55 velum: 14:39 Galina: velum (14:31), and you, long, bear ivy pobayukay Lucci -kontrofakt you nasch likalizovanny)) .... And still, types of stitches afraid to answer a simple question. At what price you bought kotrofaksnuyu Lithuanian vodka? Posyadyat only supplier. Or do you really connected with the supplier? Galina, for concealing kontorofakta provider in the US, too, the punishment ... Galina, I'll find out how. And I'll types of stitches let you know. Ignorance of the law does not exempt of Duty!
15:00 St-Paul: The investor Ted (14:58) There are, in real life, on clothes ... Alas ...
15:10 St-Paul: Aragorn (15:01) What is the "interview"? Here ... tёscha, for example! Boitsya After that ... it docha "feel the money" - stop mom ass lizkat ... Watching ... why give birth to children, you know? Similarly ... TN. "Friends". They want "to sit down" to your business, but ... if you have a problem, quickly dump ... When you rise again, there again ... and ... tell them the truth, that ... you involve investors more profitable to strangers, make an angry face ... Parasites ... to ... Who need friends like that?
15:11 Bykobir: minilot (15:04), the way the index of the dollar so a bullish types of stitches Deaver drew on the idea and towards 3000-3100 can shoot, but we will look at the situation types of stitches for the piano very comely
15:12 juliana: Pobeda (14:53), it is not at all clear .... usually in trading and those who get is a certain circle of people ... are relatively ambitious .... and cleaners .... strange types of stitches somehow)
15:15 Phantom: 15:07 CB_: m-yeah .... abarzel guslyar-on ...... I - dilizhor ept vapsche - that .... but not head = hozzz .... kantralerr ept- nasholssi byutzhetny ept .... balavayki- current and is able to throw gattt .. ... and very visible Buhom cheres types of stitches den .... mortgage - write in atdel culture .. Bush znad ...
15:15 Tup: Previously, all in Europe was bad evru lila. Now, in Europe everything was salina, all rescued, Duc, bea ... in amerike Pista abryff and finally ONET bastards types of stitches took away "our" bablosy and do not give a visa ... (((
15:16 St-Paul: juliana (15:12) Well ... I would not disagree ... It deputies are ambitious ... Not hotstsa disorganization Kontsesvetnoe spoil you! BUT, in the limit, all the plants / ships - will be taken away! Do not Communists, as the foreign capitalists, not bandits, well Patriots types of stitches or more on any ... racists types of stitches ... Shiree should look, for a hundred years - two hundred. Here, such a country. Won in France - is now the rich such taxes be levied, it is more profitable - to be cleaner ... I heard ... about a man who works as a night watchman ... And, in offshore companies turn their loot. Quietly, quietly rides on an old Audi ... Well, it writes ...
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