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Deutbojap ridden housekeeper zombie movie enthusiasts housekeeper .... ㅋㅋㅋ yongjjang | 2010/07/10 0

Zombie Land (Zombieland) works out to 2009, the domestic release is inde untested state. I speak for the domestic release is somehow seemed geonneogan water and went straight to straight to DVD. In fact, I do not think this movie is released damn Must be helped to ppeonhani. If you are a zombie fan is probably already thinking ARM, see the most. Let's talk a little more if our country is not wont to release the film introduces very little one can see in the middle of the country. Look like the look of the film is a unique country because injin spirit that should look like a book I do not know whatever it is, no matter how good the movie was not released. The representative of the latest examples itgetda be a director Gus Van Sant's Milk. Are WAN deutbojap director? If you're saying housekeeper that I'll housekeeper let you know his masterpiece in only three. Idaho, Goodwill Hunting, Finding Forrester. There are three works only head coach for the section housekeeper can be referred housekeeper to as lean milk is not released at the time dwaeteotda yen. Although it opened but now somehow I always forget just what you should. The milk of works 2008 works. Anyway, zombie land, not heard by the milk as long as the work is a great example of a milk thing is typical housekeeper B-movie zombie land. The zombie comedy zombie coming out of a very childish comedy combined. In itgetda be similar to Shaun of the Dead movie. Speaking of B-movie people often are not saying anything wrong, but not necessarily housekeeper a lot that fits If you think something is low-level artistry falling film. B-movie is basically one refers to films containing low-budget B-movies in a unique atmosphere created. The starting point is to look past the movie will be entering two pyeonssik remarkable experimental elements began as a side show movies in the movie judeon the time this show is. The fact that B-movie housekeeper mwoda. Although it defined as very difficult. But look more similar films continue to understand the unique emotions and those emotions housekeeper are right at the core of B-movie. Works of zombie land is in such B-films that look at mental. That is not to analyze said. Of course, among the B-movie and intend nokyeonae the criticism plain language as possible, there are also a lot of work. Typical examples are George Romero's zombie series director. These aims and criticism openly reveal discarding it may be referred to as characteristics of B-movie. So even if sometimes occurs as to classify director John kasabecheu a B-movie director. The film is significantly Four people appeared. The past came alive bullying or being overly muscular Entertainment otaku Colombia watts of killer zombies you like Teller and two sisters crook to stick to the cookies that wingki. In fact, this movie is very funny and I heard bwateulttaen in view of the fact that Americans do not know haneungeonji I laugh at some point. But the characters are having fun also quite interesting irony and historical entertainment and sustaining a bullying or danghadeon to survive the end of Columbia and the one face that SpongeBob taryeong muscular man charisma and leisure agent looking haemae How ironic is also a wingki. The laughter at the extreme point of irony is naohneunge whether these thoughts. Anyway, this film shows the appearance sisters eumyeonseo housekeeper lost a total scam to hit the car continues to progress housekeeper to the two men are being merged into one person who was exclusive to each other are doing in the process. Would the surviving humans better place to live in a single family, rather than antagonism few point? The movie that falls warmed to the film. A fairly interesting movie. Movie does not see it more than worth eating popcorn and Coke are. The one you see when you think you're tired of the same die off fairly housekeeper satisfied.
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Mwegin not zombies ... ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ
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At the time of opening foreign friends (?) Is introduced doetneunde letting you see ... Once I thought very daedanhadago zombies and properly mixed in a comedy that laughs points that lurks everywhere housekeeper ... It was good, right ㅋㅋ even (after test at school told me this is my turn eotneunde while the kids "Check killed!" "heart ought to exercise" Well, this sounds terrific fashion sac and ran a ... ㅋㅋ) ㅠㅠ opening seemed to want to own even though revenue was again good to see something blah gapnidang ㅋㅋ
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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sihanbu women who live their lives and the preparation of her lover farewell is easy to think a lit

Were Were in April last May, had gone to the funeral of three months for a month. It was one of the friends and distant relatives clean offer have happened research and rolled three times in a month. clean offer Experienced clean offer the death of someone clean offer close is the fact that I remember the most unprecedented childhood was the death of the whole keunahbeoji. Big thanks to all the adults who hit four minutes with your health maternal clean offer grandparents funeral home is still too unfamiliar place for me too. Death is tragic and sad there is little disagreement on the party or the people entrusted to anyone clean offer left. Is it inevitable death, but before we deal with the most correct clean offer about the upcoming death that is like a sad. A badly arguing after first love and parting, when she heard the news unprecedented chance that you have committed suicide after one year, paradoxically the first action I took was that I aesseun trying clean offer to think what her last words were in was. What if I've left my memories are buried the dead (but already useless things for the dead), and yet still live for me it seems that if I remain suspicious of any meaning and to worry. The real fear with death, and met him as "twice again, or not divided gekkeum completely separate story. But anyhow death is the end of one life to the party, I thought a final stage of the inevitable parting from the perspective of multiple relationships. So posture recognize and respond to the death is also preparing a farewell soon.
Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Tim Burton's so eminent Table <Alice in Wonderland> Alice, who was a hero in the beauty Supporting Wash Cove Scarborough. And film director and actor who died in 2010 of Dennis Hopper son, Henry Hopper. Putput clean offer twenty years old and beautiful love scene between the two were <Good Will Hunting>, <Elephant> damgyeotda Gus Van Sant, director of the camera clean offer possible in consideration of the lives of adolescents, such as. In fact, since I knew that the director of this film, Gus Van Sant, had the minimum information that the movie deals with death, but for my yesangneun the movie "Rest Lease> was completely comb out, maybe it is already scheduled. Gus Van Sant is a director of two faces. He River in the early stage '91 <Idaho> Phoenix and Keanu Reeves - I'm the best movie ever thought sonkkopneun (and twice that again can not be reproduced) and bring the duo painted the direction of a young couple young man wanders clean offer lost. Then he a <Psycho> byeolan clean offer Hitchcock's remake of '98 to get the critics. (Golden Raspberry for worst director that year is ahead of <Godzilla> and <Armageddon> was awarded to him) and called '03 <Elephant> Nightmare in shootings by young people in the 16 minutes clean offer he again measures without violence and chaos It seemed to go back to the topic. Theme for the teen wanders leads to the '07 <paranoyideu clean offer Park> So the image of blunt Gus Van Sant with the cold eye on sober consideration of the adolescent and another clean offer spot on my head, but his face is just <Good Will Hunting>, <Finding Forrester> The Gus Van Sant made. The mentor of the life of a young man or boy genius ability to meet the teachers clean offer form the film drew both inspiring story resembles waking talent clean offer he has pursued another direction, also a new face looked like him fame jeongjak angin work deulim There may be negative. Just this point because of the two faces of the director clean offer Gus Van Sant movie "Rest Lease> I had to walk around to see the kind of bet. 10. Is it used to always look at Gus Van Sant is located from the film poster showing two young male and female actors as teenagers or for a new show that will.
Hero Enoch (Henry Hopper) is a boy living clean offer in and near death. Not him that sweetness to death, death was always around him, he maemdonda surrounding the death. clean offer Enoch is secretly attended the stranger's funeral, memorial service, and the experience was a moment of your death and the death of a parent at the same time, more than anything ghost kamikaze Japanese Hiroshi (Ryo Kase) seems to have the ability to share a conversation with him . After the death of parents, expulsion from school, my aunt and conflicts, clean offer etc. boiled alive anger and helpless as the car was familiar with death and thought the boy to live with death as an object of curiosity rather than feared. But even the death of a loved one could really become familiar. When nearing Annabelle clean offer (Miwa Wash Cove Scarborough) meet at a funeral notice for the first time when death, Enoch was deomdeom. I thought he might hang seemed to be able to accept the death of Annabel dying of illness, Annabelle also assuming that they can send their beautifully Enoch if the remaining time. But even before the death of the lovers who are familiar with death, no matter how difficult it is to bear liras. Annabelle is getting closer to the death of Enoch goes out that is hard to leave her, sending cool. Annabelle respect and love that girl to his favorite insect Darwin to Enoch said, it lets introduce the American insect invoice. The mating male and female bodies to meet in front of a dead animal smell the smell of a distant and insects to provide food for their young bodies lay eggs on it. And even protect their eggs and the cycle of this insect gilreonae is built on the death of other animals. A similar story as if I met the Dunn Street snooping Enoch and Annabel happen to someone else's funeral. Enoch and Annabel will be familiar with the death bulanke these deposits should rather Enoch's Annabel over time, but scared to death. But Annabelle feels like waterfowl happy to be alive every morning and met Enoch got himself every morning happy. But early in the territory of Enoch it is not bothered Manda finally expressed the emotions felt by parents who left their place to Annabelle.
Sihanbu women who live their lives and the preparation of her lover farewell is easy to think a little threadbare material. Besides the two actors, even a little too perfect view to facing death. But 20 rather than emotionally clean offer yirajiman two men standing closer look at 10 of an unstable adolescence to move between the two is almost no tears and ran toward the bereaved. Ironically, these tears is not ready to farewell the heart rather than of further stimulus. Batatgi I recommend watching alone in the deep night I saw the movie three o'clock in the morning. With gentle music that is not used excessively, giving warm light of the overall image are well beneath the calm movies. The camera often catches the warm glow and a look in the light of the setting sun. Enoch while destroying the tombstones of the parents to blame the parents went away without even gap to the final farewell. The death of a parent laid apologize for the adverse effects on the lives lost at least one parent simply to Enoch. But such quarrels with Hiroshi ryeohan teach manners to punch the living dead for a more mature and Enoch Enoch and prepare the breakup of the aenamel. So the director said as the boy cold it hurt to anger from the family of the dead, this time can be seen outside the family movie actor loved ones to grow up again lost to death.
One is staying close to his brother (Come to think of it is the past, 'the cowardly man, his brother bodeon do not know a woman's heart I wrote in the post) determined by what happens in your life is worth - that place in the conversation with the agent, after his death I think that people in his funeral speech or was evaluated. I laughed. Worse for better or death, it says the assessment across from me about you Are there not without someone to deliver thee into the world while. I know this can not be the result mothandago means for determining the value of life itself I had objections, the brother laughed while he opened completely, then the world ahninya time to listen to yamalro gantry flat. Of course, the movie "Rest Lease> is not a film that tells the assessment and life after death when alive. Just watching this movie because I thought of his brother, saying, Annabelle is clearly depicted as a fairy tale rather than Enoch sinpageuk two young men of the mindset that no matter what end of the milking tear prepare for death and separation, whether or not interested in his funeral there is a point. Annabel and Enoch is the right action and thinking about how to think rather than remaining time after her death sent. Director Gus Van Sant is the last scene, the last bell to send greetings everywhere Enoch left to our own. Instead, Hiroshi was fed to the chest, was known the contents of the letter could not be delivered end to the woman he loved. Beorideut that our expectations of Enoch listen on the microphone, he just finished a film that recalls clean offer the memories alone with Annabelle We remember out of his mouth, you can be sure that the car would be than happy tears. It would not meet again in the memories as someone who is more wise than happy tears yamalro Maybe the best tribute that can truly bring to this floating world. +
... Ses, Christopher Nolan Snow White and the Huntsman, Snow White And The Huntsman, Rupert Sanders 2011 Rest lease, Restless, Gus Van Sant Midnight in Paris, Midnight clean offer In Paris, Woody Allen 2010 Inception, Inception, Christopher clean offer Nolan Black ... more Call Me Ishmael. : Jane Eyre, Jane Eyre, 2011 2014-09-29 01:44:42 #
... One of the nation Alice & gt; at, in the supporting cast for many stars take the title roll-in 'Alice' started clean offer to inform the world faces. Then she Gus Van Sant (& lt; rest Lease & gt;) in a short time, Jim Jarmusch (& lt; only love them this survives & gt;) got the opportunity to appear as starring in the movie of the same myeonggamdok, & lt's Park Chan-wook Director; Stocker & g ... more
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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Since puberty I was obsessed with

Since puberty I was obsessed with ''re lookin' things. And others are something else. Things seemed to look as good intellectual superiority within the standard. folsom France than to hear a popular song, to hear the British band thought it more cool. Cine Cube am Sangsangmadang was flattered when you see a movie that premiered at the theater where am Seoul. Photographer attention of movie director is also different. Very occasionally go where no one feels like moreugetgo shows all the work is also no sound, I realized somethin 'was tradition, so this shit is more to look at maryeowo. But certainly it came to force. But looking at things clearly, select 'I wang' folsom was a half things folsom got even boyeoseo. Unknown to be the most honest caught up in my fantasies had even depend on other discerning tastes of those. The taste of hard true. The world is limited, my eyes and ears that are too many to choose from. This is what I picked myself exposing me soon. My real taste was ashamed. Me and my imagination is so different. Plain and did not want to be a human different from a bar with no taste. It did not seem to me to have no interest When so. So you'll folsom want to have a piece splendidly poured plaster on my real preference. It became honest. I like movies folsom for killing time. Coming from Hollywood, even huge favorite and you can see a romantic comedy without thinking. Japan curled holding theatrical drama really interesting. In fact, I hate troublesome things. French film byeolroda. Why Am I to be obsessed with Jean-Luc Godard. 'Coffee and Cigarettes' moreugetgo know that the chuck is properly speaking only what HUNG fun. Edaga boring black and white cigarette defendant continued ppuninde drinking coffee. I honestly do not know Gus Van Sant movies more and more. 'Idaho' has wrought so, 'Good Will Hunting' is easy; I liked. 'The Last Days' ditch 'Elephant' In doing so vague that jjikeotneunji, ever since the movie did not even Mr. ssanteu. "Ruler of Your Own World", the drama also saw sparse seumseong fact. HUNG speak only as of my favorite drama. So try. Something 'Kanji folsom flies' favorite but a sense of contemporary poems, I do not know what the end is. I do not know what I'm saying at all so friendly gimgyeongju try to hit. Gatgido some cases just a pun, it is gatgido bluff. The same is true of modern art. I be ashamed when browsing the blog to view these wonderfully folsom clever. These people are foreign music, I have no idea, for no writer ever read the writings of the subject impressed "That work is the" work of art you want. So I hangeonga less studied, this is presumably folsom intimidated so great Did wanted. Wotjiman ashamed. [Chuckles] I am now thinking that. During the evacuation, at least here. My only self-made byeokil. Only thing to gather noise figure of the naked woman character, unless a crime unheard music deutgeon do just personal preference thing. Loving thing as love, naturally.
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Monday, May 25, 2015

BoA jjangpaen 2011/11/05 00:43 #

1. Speaking of Gus Van Sant yet <Jerry> - <Elephant> - <Last Days> is come to mind. Wonak a great movie that would eoteuni. But he simultaneously <Idaho>, <Good Will Hunting>, <milk> also oversees such. Well-made spring cleaning checklist drama follows the crystallization also can be made at any time did. Sometimes these thoughts so completely that look to wear a different kind of movie you pick whip to create a pick whip. In addition, it makes some movies always somehow make decent work a Nanny that I really amazing workmanship.
1-1. But just as "a spring cleaning checklist completely different kind of film" His movies have one thing in common. It is deeply sad that some people have underlying emotional wounds of those who cherished the naohdeun. In terms listed it a bit <Milk> Milk hurt broken spring cleaning checklist heart, Alex <paranoyideu Park> is guilty for the dead guards. And <The Last Days> and <Elephant> had filmed the tragic true story from the beginning <Good Will Hunting> spring cleaning checklist and <Finding Forrester> the characters are trapped in the cave's inhabitants because of his own broken heart. And so on ... In addition
And 2. <rest Lease> There comes a girl and a boy who lost his parents spring cleaning checklist to buy a car accident sihanbu life. The two men met nagani grow naturally sad love eopgetjiyo forced to savor not only be a tragedy to its end. But grief is not something that is so easy to make properly. How many lives would be ginseng to sihanbu materials among numerous movies. However, given the grief that thou movies spring cleaning checklist to the audience that's not all. But too bad for example, sihanbu x sihanbu Think about the deal had <Forever> dating.
2-1. That is the conclusion from <rest Lease> spring cleaning checklist It is really sad. At least I finished the movie even go home, to sleep when I wake nuwoteul feelings are grown up enough to require me. But how this movie is making a movie unlike other grief is a little different. If you see this movie is sad because handageona establish an emotional tone to the plight of the main character anew the thread of life or non-polar character so bulssanghaeseo sad to realize such beauty will not be broken at any moment. The fact that the sparkling beauty of sorrow that would soon disappear.
2-2. I would like to take the emphasis on the word beautiful. Needless to say the main character of this film returns Mia Couture Wash Scarborough and Helen Hopper is too beautiful. Wash is especially Mia Couture Scarborough is really pretty spectacularly beyond the level of simply drawn. Besides gamyeo inflict famous Gus Van Sant is intended and pretty good taste in clothes was pyeolchyeonot on the screen with the beauty of these pposyasi screen. Handapsigo draws heavily emphasize the reality and does not draw or dark circles or the lips parched. The addition will hurt rather pale beauty. In particular, postponing death scene wearing a doubles equipped in the 19th century spring cleaning checklist (?), I really have Huck sound sections.
2-3. Dare to pray'm not sure whether even this comparison is slightly spring cleaning checklist floated Visconti. <Ludwig>, <Death in Venice>, <Leopard> Movies such as the pursuit of extreme beauty really haeteotjiman Pull up the inevitable feelings of sadness in the beauty beyond the beyond admiration spring cleaning checklist for him. What were you all this time, the film deals with death, either directly or indirectly, maybe not a coincidence.
2-4. One more great stories to succumb It is a scene Mia Couture Wash sister and Skype share a story. The scene is the only way she hurts scene reveals directly that this inde when the director has chosen a rare degree 'seizure'. I was not sure whether the cancer patients specifically because they do not know how sick is this how 'real' production. However, spring cleaning checklist the share of everyday conversation, even with a sudden electric shock sikimyeo rigid body seemed to remain in Succumb spring cleaning checklist to look deep impression. Talking on a surrealist aesthetics, beauty fits and starts, as it showed the character catapult, attract even bother difficult concept to think once again savoring a moment worth a try. That reminds 2-3 in conjunction with the context of the <rest Lease> is the definitely the movie to ride the 'this spring cleaning checklist side' line correctly.
3. The film is called masterpiece of Gus Van Sant, or does not think the new movie boyeojundago world. Directing some episodes are also too 'sonyeopung', spring cleaning checklist Ryo Kase's character than what is to follow is a bit difficult (wo boyigido put a kamikaze overly spring cleaning checklist romanticized). But one thing these feelings felt in the movies was a long time. That would be a banggeut banggeut smiling handsome spring cleaning checklist / beautiful beauties from the screen simply spellbound not say I will not bother.
BoA jjangpaen 2011/11/05 00:43 #
Dropped sound unbelievably annoying ... especially in the beginning, and I would like to say something true .. by anmatneun 10/30 sympathy baekpeuro Eagle just saw a movie. spring cleaning checklist Later in the quarter angilgang really .. by beans darn think this is never thought of Masan, Changwon, spring cleaning checklist Gyeongnam able to come hapseongdong hair salon hair .. by Masan soda 12/21 reveal the identity yen in the first place if you like this movie .. by Boa jjangpaen 11.29 (probability of sex) 50/50 by jjangpaen 29.11 BoA did would have been worse if the map is ill with depression ... by BoA 11.29 jjangpaen first date when the pizza comes to your house also holding four do not really beaut ? Not seen jjangpaen by 29.11 not know how to adjust the thing through what the government replaced ttongim end .. by koyang say this shit been a 11/29 by reducing the koyang 29.11 Logan sex! by ㅈㅈㅈ 29.11
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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Captain maids Lord resisted until the end. Already in 1962, on his deathbed, he was in the presence

What prevented rescue "Titanic" | RIA Novosti
More Main power politics and the law of the Party and the movement Security Society Media Education Health Social Life without Walls navigator navigator entrant Social protection Children Society Economy Money News Energy companies Auto World Economy Tourism Arctic. Pole of attraction in the world Europe North America South America Australia and Oceania Incidents Criminal Investigations and the courts conflict and unrest Disaster Sport Development Programme Sport Science Technologies Ekokarta Russian Nuclear Technology Religion Culture Radio Interview Dmitry Medvedev situation in Donbass Eurovision - 2015 Turn to the East The fate of the contract for the supply of "Mistral" The suspension of payments on external debt of Ukraine Dynamics of currencies Teachings "Marine interaction-2015" an accident with a bus in the Nizhny Novgorod maids region
Putin ordered the government members to report on major purchases the media: on the abbot, "Tiger Temple" in Thailand was attacked by a tiger brigade commander "Ghost" maids Think killed near Lugansk FC "Spartak" lost "Ufa" and lost his chance of getting into the European Cups Tretiak: Hockey Association Canada has apologized FHR More than 70 people were arrested maids during a police operation in Pattaya Russian President approved amendments to the law on political parties, Putin signed a law on the inclusion of the "Skolkovo" leased land The New Republic about Ukraine: the amnesia of their own history Russian Embassy Kyiv prevents meeting with detained Russians
"Titanic" sank by no means alone. As we know now, with him in the ill-fated night there were other ships that have seen the signals given to the ship, - but none of them helped.
Konstantin Bogdanov, RIA Novosti commentator "Titanic" sank by no means alone. As we know now, with him in the ill-fated night there were other ships that have seen the signals given to the ship, - but none of them helped.
On the night of 14 on April 15, 1912 a short distance from the "Titanic" was the combi steamer "Californian" who walked from London to Boston. In the evening on April 14 to meet the ship began floating ice, which is reported in good faith on the air.
At 23.00 "Californian" finally got stuck in the ice field, and because of severe ice conditions hove. After that, his captain, Stanley Lord tried again to contact with the nearby "Titanic", to warn about the danger of the liner. The radioman "Titanic" in the form of boorish broke his counterpart Cyril Evans "Californian", saying that they are prevented to communicate with the mainland.
At 23.30 utterly exhausted Evans turned off the radio and received permission of the authorities, I went to sleep. Until the morning "Californian" was left without radio communication. After 10 minutes of "Titanic" hit an iceberg in the ill-fated. 0.15 The air burst signal "CQD MGY 41.46N 50.24W" - ship asked for help, telling the coordinates. Hear it on "Kaliforniane" could not.
However, the ship seen from there. 0.45 The captain of the "Titanic" Smith, maids to appreciate the criticality of the situation, gave the order to shoot the red (emergency) flares in the hope that their someone will notice.
The order was made - with one exception. Complete marine property "Titanic" emergency red rockets was not there. Shoot had the usual white, used to attract attention in normal circumstances.
At the beginning of the second hour of the night to clear my conscience Captain Lord commanded horn towards the unknown vessel spotlight, but received no response, after which further attempts to contact the mysterious stranger stopped. The 2.20 "Titanic" broke and sank.
That happened just near, the crew "Californian" found only at 4.30 - when the operator came on watch, turned the radio and took the desperate night air stream rescue talks. Ship domchalsya to the place of death and met liner "Carpathia", caught the same one of the radio distress, but is too far and start to save people just 4.10 in the morning.
The basis of the charges laid testimony stoker William Firth, who said that that night he went out on deck to get some fresh air and clearly saw the sinking lighted "Titanic", which did not even try to help. The investigation is not obvious maids to all interested members of the team "Californian" fact: the only witness maids Firth was in a very bad relationship with the captain.
Captain maids Lord resisted until the end. Already in 1962, on his deathbed, he was in the presence of a notary logged his last statement: "I, Lord Stanley, to appear before the supreme judge, maids being of sound mind and memory, standing on the threshold of eternity, reiterate maids that he was innocent of the death of unfortunate people on board "Titanic."
The story is quite logical omission "Californian" - not the most dramatic moment in the events of that night. Next to the perishing "Titus

Friday, May 22, 2015


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Boris Kashin, deputy of the State Duma of the 6th convocation (the Communist Party), a member of the Committee amah on Financial Markets, a member of the Central amah Committee of the Communist Party, academician, doctor Phys. mat. Sciences, Professor, Head. Chair of the theory of functions amah and functional analysis Mekhmat them. Lomonosov
Is not filled
Interesting amah details. July 3, 1916 in London, held court in the case of the crash of the liner "Titanic", which killed more than a thousand people. The judges ruled that "the ship sank due to a collision with an iceberg caused by excessive speed with which it conducted." Moral condemnation undergone Lord Stanley - the captain of the steamer "California", which, according to experts, amah is located six miles from the scene of the tragedy. Caught in the terrible crime of maritime law - failure to provide assistance to people perishing, he wore for the rest of the stain of shame. Before his death, Lord Stanley asked his confession recorded before amah a notary is not only writing, but also on the tape. "I am, Lord Stanley, amah standing on the threshold amah of eternity, reiterate that it is not guilty amah of the death of the unfortunate people on board the" Titanic ", - he said in a weak voice. In January 1962, in a small English town disgraced captain quietly faded in the hands of his son Titta, who believed in the innocence of his father and fought all his life to restore his good name. A good name really was restored, though posthumously. It turned out that "Titanic" saw the lights of another ship - the Norwegian ship "Samson", which is going home from poaching catch, did not wish to discover yourself. The sensational confession sounded from the lips of the captain of "Samson" Hendrik Ness, who wanted to ease the soul in the 84 th year of life, and then only under the pressure of his nephew, accidentally discovered diaries uncle. amah
Franz Kafka. Quotes and aforizmy For a healthy person lives, in fact, only the unconscious flight in which he does not recognize - an escape from the idea that sooner or later die. The disease amah is always both a reminder and a trial of strength. Therefore, disease, pain, suffering - the most important source of religiosity. Awake, we go through a dream - you only the ghosts of bygone times. In the struggle between themselves and the world remain on the side of the world. Faith - is the ax of the guillotine, just as hard, just as easily. Eternal youth is impossible; not even be another obstacle, introspection would make it impossible. All the matter in the moment. It defines life. All we can say for everyone, for the strangest fantasies there is a great fire in which they die and are resurrected. Everything, including the lie is the truth. Shadows do not extinguish the sun. All the suffering around us and we have to suffer. All of us one body, but one development, which takes us through all the pain in one form or another. Uttered the thought immediately and permanently lose value; recorded, amah it is also always loses it, but sometimes takes on new meaning. Two problems in the beginning of life: more and more to limit their circle and constantly check to see if you are hiding somewhere outside his own circle. For a healthy human life, in fact, only an unconscious escape in which he does not recognize - an escape from the idea that sooner or later die. The disease is always both a reminder and a trial of strength. Therefore, disease, amah pain, suffering - the most important source of religiosity. Spirit is free only when it ceases to be a support. If it had been possible to build the Tower of Babel, not climbing it, it would be allowed. If I am doomed, doomed it not only death, amah but doomed, and resistance to the death. Life all the time distracts amah our attention; and we did not even have time to notice, from what it was. Sometimes I wonder how people have managed to invent the concept of "fun"; it is possible that they have it figured only theoretically - as opposed to sadness. amah Art is always the matter of the whole personality. Therefore, it is fundamentally tragic. The true path is the tightrope that stretched not high, and above the ground. It is designed, it seems, more than to stumble on it than to walk it. How can the world be happy? Unless if you run away with him. When I'm not writing, I feel tol

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Hello Unregistered both novices become

Unlimited number of categories and sub-categories of privilege settings of the Preferences carpet cleaning adelaide group access rights for each category of Media Preview: FLV, IFLV, F4A, F4V, MP4, MP3, MOV and others ... Multiboot files - SWFUploader Adding files from the server
DragonByte Gallery v1.3.2pl1 PRO
Once again, please note: all that you download and install on their forum, you set is entirely at your own risk. Community vBSupport'a physically unable to test all kinds, khaki and zeros, lay users. Remember, the safety of your project - your concern. Earnest request: detection of vulnerabilities or suspicious code is required to unsubscribe carpet cleaning adelaide in the subject carpet cleaning adelaide line hack / style Thank you for understanding
The forum moderated introduced all new mail user from temporary services, such, and / or others that provide temporary mailbox without registration and / or mailbox to send spam, monitors and blocks, as well as entered into Block spam forum accounts are deleted
Hello Unregistered both novices become "advanced"? Caution carpet cleaning adelaide To get access to download carpet cleaning adelaide attachments, you should carpet cleaning adelaide not only take from this resource, but also to invest something of their own to the common fund of knowledge placement publication section Candidate carpet cleaning adelaide - a simple way to share chops and get a raise before the creation of threads read the Rules section
P rivetstvuyu you, this topic I would like to raise is also being newly registered user is far in 2008. There is a desire and effort to create an assembly carpet cleaning adelaide vBulletin. And I think a similar assembly will simplify all newcomers to create carpet cleaning adelaide a forum. And so, I need your help, advise, please, hacks, templates - that must be present in the assembly. Information about the availability of assembly: Platform: vBulletin 3.8.7 PL 2 Nulled by DGT. Language: Default English, Russian (zcarot). Pre Hacks: Undetermined. Predefined templates: carpet cleaning adelaide Undetermined. PS. I know that many people from our forum - are opposed to such assemblies distribyuvov, because believe that the installation of assembly - does not work with the forum easier. All the same, I would like to get help and advice from them.
and the assembly shall consist of all the default? the only difference is that all of this gamuzom? in the sense of a default WB + defaulted hacks? PS - [IMHO] if the Cubs can not put even the standard intallyatorom which imports the database? zafldyat avatars nisferhu. ZYZY - maybe it makes sense to look at the question "vbsborki" with several different views? carpet cleaning adelaide
Date: 27.08.2006 Location: float: right Posts: 1,423 Version vB: 3.8.x Gender: WM Donate Reputation: Expert 1719 Reputation in Section 157
Build it too personal, I would never put and not put what or assembly, whether programs, scripts or even play (do not like any repack etc.), as in any assembly there is always something extra and put a zero times easier to clean than the then unnecessary. Yes, and the fact that there may be some things I do not know (aka himself'm not installed) kills the bud the idea of "If you want to do something good, do it yourself." IMHO
By the way, at the forum in general, is not currently posted zero 3.8.7 pl2 from DGT. And the original link files have been removed. Accordingly, it is necessary anyway to do the assembly yourself if you want to have a distribution of a proven team. Even if no hacks.
Date: 29.05.2007 Location: Ukraine, Kiev Awards in competitions: Posts: 5,731 Version vB: 1.xx Gender: Reputation: 3324 Reputation Master carpet cleaning adelaide Section: carpet cleaning adelaide 648
because it is considered that the installation carpet cleaning adelaide of assembly - does not work with the forum easier. It makes no sense, because often for the project should be put diverse modules. Personally, I find it easier to 0-To do things, what to do remake "assembly".
kerk, if PL2, then why class_core.php old version of YUI? there's a line define ('YUI_VERSION', '2.7.0'); // Define the YUI version we bundle, used for external YUI. There should be 2.9.0. carpet cleaning adelaide Also in the file header does not display that's exactly PL2. Either you made a mistake or do not hold DGT brand. upd: I was wrong.
netwind, in the description of the file there is a mark that downloaded from the resource and zero is not tested as it was on this site I have no idea =) file is not repackaged, a screen is made directly from the archive mark, it has PL2 files
You may not post new threads You may not post replies You can not attachments You can not edit your posts BB code is on. S homepage. [IMG] code is On. HTML code is Off. Forum Rules

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% D bloggers such as:

"Steamers" Karpaty "Saving 705 survivors in the crash of" Titanic "off the coast of Halifax, April 15, 1912. 1600 people drowned. Insurance söder losses: 14.5 million dollars. Printed by Joseph Keller, New York, Park Row, 150
(Inaccuracies: on board the "Carpathia" was 750 passengers; söder the name of Captain Rostron was instead Rostra. 1600 - One of the possible estimates of the number killed in "Titanic.")
Click to share on Twitter (opens in new window) Share on Facebook (opens new window) söder Send it to a friend (opens in new window) Click to share recordings on Tumblr (opens in new window) Click to Share in Google+ ( Opens in a new window)
Search blog Search for: Recent Entries The return of "mini-Titanic" 101 Warranty artist Harland and Wolff in the "Olympic" 104 years ago was laid Titanic Titanic: The Final Word with James Cameron / Titanic : the last word with James Cameron ' Ghosts of the Abyss / Ghosts of the Abyss Titanic - Southampton Remembers / Titanic söder Southampton remembers Britannia, Rule the Waves! Belfast remembers the ship on which I returned home Archive May 2013 (1) April 2013 (1) March 2013 (2) February söder 2013 (2) January 2013 (4) December 2012 (12) November 2012 (18) Categories Britannicus (3) Newspapers (3) Warranty Group (4) Documentary films and TV series (7) Carpathia (7) Marseille (7) Postcards söder (9) Soaps (3) Titanic (18) Thomas Andrews (4) Movies (3) Movies and TV shows (10 ) Photos (11) Harland and Wolff (3) Statistics 10.641 Visits to November 10, 2012 Subscribe
% D bloggers such as:

Nicolas Cage is obsessed with comic books, which collects all his life. In one of these books, the

Nicolas Cage: Freak of the clan Coppola | Magazine "Interview: People and Events"
Russian fans cheer Nikolas Cage: in our hire just started his new crazy project - adaptation of the famous comic "Kick-Ass" (another version of the name sounds even offensive - "Naderi ass"). Someone who kicks it, we shall soon find out: the winner of the all "nominations" is likely to become the hero Cage, a former policeman, got into a fight with a drug lord.
Nicolas Cage, the Hollywood gods, a millionaire, a favorite of women, the owner of the yacht, villas, ships and aircraft, was not always so. Nephew of Francis Ford Coppola, the author of the cult "Godfather" and "Dracula," he was not of those who are born with a "silver spoon in his mouth." Please note: it is known as the Cage, Coppola instead. Its success uncle has an indirect relationship. travis alexander crime scene Or, if we speak bluntly, generally it has nothing to do. Not the name makes the man
His name, borrowed again from the comics (the name of some "black sheep" of the picture books), he took specially as an affront powerful uncle. As the call. Like, not the name makes the man, but a man - name. So it actually happened: the brand "Cage" is now the brand is separate from the "Coppola". And it is not clear who is steeper - an aging Hollywood star or director ... But first things first.
Nicolas Cage is obsessed with comic books, which collects all his life. In one of these books, the 40-year-old, he is not trading, posted a $ 1.5 million, thus setting the bar high for collectors travis alexander crime scene of such products
Contrary to popular in Hollywood history, when great artists knocked travis alexander crime scene out, usually from the bottom, Nicolas Cage - from a good family. It is the writer's son and grandson of famous composer's nephew, as has been said, the famous director. When the older brothers Nicholas chose acting-director's path, this home is not hindered. And when the younger and wanted to go to the artists, parents who decided to put forward the only condition is to leave school youngster - pass external examinations for the three years ahead. Nicholas obeyed, for the first time to show remarkable character: exams passed and headed toward the future.
Began acting at a young age, Cage could qualify for the lowest rate of 5 thousand dollars. After twenty years of his fees rose to 20 million. This is the highest rate in Hollywood, the sum of which a European travis alexander crime scene actor can only dream
He began, as usual, with a series travis alexander crime scene of comedies and unpretentious; to shine in a good movie, even if you're Laurence Olivier, is not so simple. No wonder the actors and not very talented, always rely on the director: in the hands of, say, Woody Allen or Stanley travis alexander crime scene Kubrick could shine anyone, instantly jumped from the status of "Bon appetit" to megastar status. travis alexander crime scene However, neither the old Woody or old Stanley young Cage not interested: as for his own uncle Francis, then to get through to him Cage came incognito. I had to not only change the name, but also strongly encrypted, no one in the group knew that the young actor who auditioned for the role in Coppola, a close relative. Nicolas is still proud of what took place in his uncle's film casting without cronyism, and on a general basis. He was always proud and used to achieving everything unaided.
It would seem that the weight is taken: after starring travis alexander crime scene in "Rumble Fish" Coppola could appreciate travis alexander crime scene the talent and perseverance, and self-esteem nephew. However, this did not happen. Moreover, travis alexander crime scene the maestro delivered its verdict - say, a good actor Nicholas does not turn out ... Despite the severity of the verdict, the director will invite Cage back in two of his paintings, but that their cooperation will end forever. Tetchy horse
The point, perhaps travis alexander crime scene in the "non-starred" appearance Cage, which journalists call "peculiar": they say, the face of the actor away from the canons of male beauty. Slightly protruding lower lip and receding hairline, a heavy chin and frowning eyes, according to the Hollywood experts, can not belong travis alexander crime scene to the hero-lover. However, if the appearance travis alexander crime scene is not a "one hundred percent", you take the talent. And Cage never give up the role of a complete psycho, or an alcoholic, homeless or simply unbalanced person. By the way, according to the first wife of our hero, such characters it work out much better than "positive". "Screen psychos travis alexander crime scene better reflect its true nature" - says Patricia Arquette. She had the opportunity not just to make sure in an explosive strive hubby. Their final break occurred at the airport, when Nicholas rolled travis alexander crime scene Patricia terrible scene. travis alexander crime scene And publicly. And the director of the film "Kiss travis alexander crime scene of the Vampire" can confirm that Cage argue - that playing with fire.
Between travis alexander crime scene them was a bet that the actor will not be able to eat a live cockroach on camera. Probably do not need to say who won. The director had watched in horror as his famous ward chew disgusting insect. However, for the sake of an interesting role, he has not gone to a B

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8 (800) 700 00 67 About Services Advertising Contacts Informer Personal account Demo Account Openin

8 (800) 700 00 67 About Services Advertising Contacts Informer Personal account Demo Account Opening Demo Real Madrid ProTrader 3.1 Quotes Charts Web Java Web Java Archive analytics Comments News Calendar Forum
In a published report, Morgan Stanley announced that its portfolio, based on the recommendations of the currency in 2012 brought a profit of 5.72%, which is the best result since 2008. It committed 45 transactions with an average duration of 38 days each. The best recommendations were: the purchase types of stitches of the Russian ruble against the yen from 23 October to 14 December, which brought a profit of 7.1%, and the purchase of the US dollar against the yen from 25 September to 14 December, which resulted in a profit types of stitches of 6.6%. The worst results were obtained from the recommendations of the bet on the pound weakening against the ruble from August 15 to August 30 (the loss amounted to 2.3%), and the rate of depreciation of the Australian dollar is not against the yen from 13 July to 27 July (loss amounted to 2.1%). Source: Forexpf.Ru - Forex News
14:47 investor types of stitches Ted: I hahahahahahah 5.72 for that weekend 50% did))))) will not invest in them .......
14:49 Pobeda: St-Paul (14:43), thank you, on account of surge, I agree, types of stitches I nenashutku earn husband had sidelong glances at me, and I see in her eyes grow thin, recently went with his friend in the car, so he told me that my husband was in a panic from my work and dreams of what I would have gone from here, it is such earnings are not necessary for the person I just do not ... I really need to rethink their approach to work, all the money does not earn, and to return to real life ... (repeat)
14:52 St-Paul: Pobeda Money - like silence! Quietly it! Otherwise, the fever has settled ... I merged types of stitches N- money, you begin to think about how to discourage them, and you risk ... 2 * N merges money ... Etc. It should be ... quiet ... As a predator, Hidden in the bushes, types of stitches waiting for sacrifice. Well ... more, meditation and so on ...
14:53 Pobeda: Investor Ted (14:50), you will not believe the girl was studying with me, now sells not bad, but went to a private firm for half a day working as a cleaner, he says, though I see people ... from her a ouija board, happy life
14:55 velum: 14:39 Galina: velum (14:31), and you, long, bear ivy pobayukay Lucci -kontrofakt you nasch likalizovanny)) .... And still, types of stitches afraid to answer a simple question. At what price you bought kotrofaksnuyu Lithuanian vodka? Posyadyat only supplier. Or do you really connected with the supplier? Galina, for concealing kontorofakta provider in the US, too, the punishment ... Galina, I'll find out how. And I'll types of stitches let you know. Ignorance of the law does not exempt of Duty!
15:00 St-Paul: The investor Ted (14:58) There are, in real life, on clothes ... Alas ...
15:10 St-Paul: Aragorn (15:01) What is the "interview"? Here ... tёscha, for example! Boitsya After that ... it docha "feel the money" - stop mom ass lizkat ... Watching ... why give birth to children, you know? Similarly ... TN. "Friends". They want "to sit down" to your business, but ... if you have a problem, quickly dump ... When you rise again, there again ... and ... tell them the truth, that ... you involve investors more profitable to strangers, make an angry face ... Parasites ... to ... Who need friends like that?
15:11 Bykobir: minilot (15:04), the way the index of the dollar so a bullish types of stitches Deaver drew on the idea and towards 3000-3100 can shoot, but we will look at the situation types of stitches for the piano very comely
15:12 juliana: Pobeda (14:53), it is not at all clear .... usually in trading and those who get is a certain circle of people ... are relatively ambitious .... and cleaners .... strange types of stitches somehow)
15:15 Phantom: 15:07 CB_: m-yeah .... abarzel guslyar-on ...... I - dilizhor ept vapsche - that .... but not head = hozzz .... kantralerr ept- nasholssi byutzhetny ept .... balavayki- current and is able to throw gattt .. ... and very visible Buhom cheres types of stitches den .... mortgage - write in atdel culture .. Bush znad ...
15:15 Tup: Previously, all in Europe was bad evru lila. Now, in Europe everything was salina, all rescued, Duc, bea ... in amerike Pista abryff and finally ONET bastards types of stitches took away "our" bablosy and do not give a visa ... (((
15:16 St-Paul: juliana (15:12) Well ... I would not disagree ... It deputies are ambitious ... Not hotstsa disorganization Kontsesvetnoe spoil you! BUT, in the limit, all the plants / ships - will be taken away! Do not Communists, as the foreign capitalists, not bandits, well Patriots types of stitches or more on any ... racists types of stitches ... Shiree should look, for a hundred years - two hundred. Here, such a country. Won in France - is now the rich such taxes be levied, it is more profitable - to be cleaner ... I heard ... about a man who works as a night watchman ... And, in offshore companies turn their loot. Quietly, quietly rides on an old Audi ... Well, it writes ...
15:17 & nbs

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Special projects

Morgan Stanley: Mr. Putin does not fulfill election promises
English Worldwide English Learning English Eastern & Central Europe Shqip Bosanski Ελληνικά Makedonski Srpski Ukraїnska Eurasia Հայերեն Azerbaijani ქართული Russian how to remove nail polish without nail polish remover Central Asia O'zbek East & Southeast Asia Burmese 粵語 中文 Bahasa Indonesia ខ ម រ khmer.voanews. com Khmer 한국어 ລາວ ไทย བ ད ཡ ག Tibetan Tiếng Việt South Asia ব ল دری پښتو وی او اې ډيوه ريډیو اردو Africa Afaan Oromoo አማርኛ Français Hausa Kinyarwanda Kirundi Ndebele Português Shona Soomaaliga Kiswahili ትግርኛ Zimbabwe Middle East / North Africa فارسی كوردی how to remove nail polish without nail polish remover Kurdi Türkçe Latin America Creole Español voanoticias. com
Special projects
Vladimir Putin
Conducted by Vladimir Putin economic reforms do not guarantee a 6-percent growth of the economy, which he promised during how to remove nail polish without nail polish remover his election campaign. This is the conclusion analysts Jacob Nell and Alina Slyusarchuk from the group of large US bank Morgan Stanley. According to the analytical report of Morgan Stanley, which is referred to "Vedomosti", during his campaign, Putin promised to provide the country with a balanced budget and low inflation, competitiveness and investment, as well as the creation of a "high-tech jobs." All this, according to him, that lead analysts, was to ensure the growth of the economy by 5-6 percent. However, the experts assessed the economic reforms in Russia "at C grade": four of the 12 areas it was rated "good" in six - "medium" and in two - "bad." In its report, the presence of which the "Voice of America" was confirmed by the Russian office of the bank, and Nell Slyusarchuk noted positive tendencies, most of which, in their view, reflected in Russian how to remove nail polish without nail polish remover macroeconomics. how to remove nail polish without nail polish remover Among them, analysts say the adoption of fiscal rules and a commitment to the Central Bank of combating inflation, stipulating that the "moment how to remove nail polish without nail polish remover of truth" how to remove nail polish without nail polish remover will be the appointment of a new head of the Central Bank. As for the micro, in it, according to experts, the positive changes are not so obvious. First of all, they argue, this applies how to remove nail polish without nail polish remover to the area of privatization, innovation, investment climate, administrative reform, infrastructure and fuel and energy taxation. how to remove nail polish without nail polish remover "Most investors, with whom we met, expect that Putin's supporters, interests and habits will lead to the containment of reforms" - say the authors. Among the worst results of the reforms they call pension reform and changes in the tariff policy.
Kremlin - it is not only the vertical of power, but also a monopoly of ownership, how to remove nail polish without nail polish remover so the country's victorious evil most of the money redistributed through the Ministry of Finance, not the free market. Ordinary citizens of Russia need a comprehensive dismantling of the state, which is repeatedly redundant. For the population increase in the budget does not make any sense. Ladies and gentlemen, please do not pay taxes PRESSOL Schmiergeräte GmbH Tel. Vladimir Putin, as he still they squandered on something unnecessary.
Report Reason *
Nanai. The dashing nineties traveled how to remove nail polish without nail polish remover a lot and saw a pathetic democracy produced the collapse of the de-industrialization of the country's agriculture. Dissemble fiscal and unaffordable burden "killed" low-profit canneries producing natural juices with pulp, and were replaced by highly efficient and highly profitable companies producing chemical-synthetic swipes. But tax revenues were in the amount of 92 kopecks. with the shaft or the ruble trade, which meant the death of the physical enterprise. Chronic shortage of working capital, how to remove nail polish without nail polish remover even for the purchase of raw materials, not to mention other needs of the factories, mills. In addition to the tax dushilovki it was also lobbied and bankruptcy law, which razrulili only under Putin. He is seen as a pretentious speech about democracy disorganized high-tech factories "Tochpribor" Ivanovo and "Tochinstrument" how to remove nail polish without nail polish remover in Vyatka, and is a world-class enterprises that are in the first lines of the world ranking. Or, when destroyed automated plant of silica brick in Moscow, or plant and

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Food pairing Grilled peppers, eggplant, smoked meat, BBQ

The three major European beer countries in a ménage à trois of flavors. tensta A nice balance of smoked malt from Bamberg in Germany, roasted barley and hops from Great Britain and a spicy yeast strain from Belgium. This lightly smoked dark beer has a hint of cherries in the nose and layered notes of coffee and chocolate.
Food pairing Grilled peppers, eggplant, smoked meat, BBQ
Posts Sergeant Pepper Meet & Greet in cafe Samson Barrel 220/03 Nijmegen Bierfeesten Shareholders Opening Brewery Almost ... Hello world! This is Primordial Soup! Beers Barry Into the Wild l'Orange, Red Hat Le travail du Bois Bitter Sweet Symphony Palalle Brett 45 Santa Lucia MacGlennie MacGlendor Black Brett Black as a Cadillac Cantaloupe Island Black 568 The number of the yeast 565 The number of the yeast Henry Fuggle Bessie Monsieur Funky Wild at Heart Lady Marmalade Farming Wet and Wild Cool Fairy La Figue Wild Horses (Brettanomyces Bruxellensis) Wild Horses (Brettanomyces Bruxellensis 2) Wild Horses (Brettanomyces Claussenii) Wild Horses (Brettanomyces Lambicus) Dr. Bretta En Garde! Hoshopping Waking the Brett Wild Thing The Brute, the Brett and the Funky Qu'est-ce que c'est? Zaza Black Betty Brettanosaurus Rex the Hopfather II Red Bitter La Brute the Hopfather I Bock You! Cuvee Cherry Stout II Blueberry Stout Holy Smoke II

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Oh beautiful colors! I think the first lakje really a beautiful deep red cherry color, love it

Home Beauty The Looks Nails Reviews and Swatches Salon and Store Reviews Product Reviews Lifestyle Latest News Winactie Shoplog astonish Interview with a blogger Tags Personal Personal Stuff Beautiful Newzzz Wall of Tags
This week was very busy and I was little sur le blog but today I'm back! I loudly the weekend in this beautiful and fresh nagellakjes from the winter collection of Bourjois' Paris Très Confidentiel ". Take a further look for swatches and nail art with these beauties!
Wonderful color and beautiful nail art. The nail art I've seen and I want to replicate
Red and berry color, I really quite beautiful! Bourjois has quite fine polishes.
Very tough studded accent astonish and Nice tomette you is really super nice color. astonish
Beautiful polishes are! Berry Important Person I find beautiful, and beautiful accent nail too! The studs at the blue color are also super cool
Oh beautiful colors! I think the first lakje really a beautiful deep red cherry color, love it
I'm in love with your first creation !! Really astonish wow! Nice colors again
You May use thesis HTML tags and attributes: <a href="" title=""> <abbr title = ""> <acronym title = ""> <b> <blockquote cite = ""> <cite> <code> <del datetime = ""> <em> <i> <q cite = ""> <s> <strike> <strong>

Thursday, May 14, 2015

If even Europe, the champion of the

Climate News Now in the news: Earthquake Nepal Yemen Jesse Klaver Blogs Blogs: Editor Law & Administration Bureau London Career Longreads serv pro Tech Cooking Climate NRC Lab Ombudsman Opinion Columns Columns: Youp Bas Heijne Simone Marcel van Roosmalen Wilfried de Jong Carolien Roelants René Moerland Marc Chavannes Culture Culture: Books Wide Fashion Music Career Highlights Search
The high word is out: it is 40 percent less in 2030. In a ménage à trois, as he called serv pro it, with Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger and Climate Commissioner serv pro Connie Hedegaard defended Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, in his great ambitions of the future European climate policy. A message must be clear: in this triangular relationship the climate was the winner.
Twitter reported Connie Hedegaard (in the role of the climate) its victory by saying, "We got it: 40% GHG and AT LEAST 27% RES as a EU TARGET BINDING :-). Oettinger acknowledged that he had lost the battle. serv pro He admitted he would have preferred that the reduction only 35 percent had been.
Critics of the Brussels plans aroused serv pro by Hedegaard annoyance. She could not make a firm swipe to divide the environmental movement (I myself, who knows, soon also will be working, she said there soon to) when you stand on the sidelines, it is easy to call Europe should opt for a reduction of greenhouse gases by 55 percent by 2030 (compared to base year 1990).
But perhaps those critics do have a point. By itself, a reduction serv pro of 40 percent is not so bad, but only if another problem (namely the huge surplus of allowances, making the price for the CO 2 emissions remains too low) would finally be solved structurally. But there they are in Brussels not sure yet.
But the strangest part of the new climate on the second part of Hedegaards tweet, about 27 percent renewable energy. A binding EU target Hedegaard calls it. That is, at European level, 27 percent of the energy (at least, "Hedegaard said there is still emphatically at) must be sustainable in 2030. That is not an optional number, or so we may not see that from the European Commission. But because the individual Member States is not a legally binding target, the question is who is accountable as 27 percent is not achieved (the Commission itself found previously at least 30 percent).
The goal is at least 27% of energy consumption. It is a function of the 40% target, Because we can not reach the greenhouse gas targets without a collective effort on renewables. Having Such a European Union renewables objective is ook a very important signal to investors who need long-term certainty to make investments, and ook a clear signal in terms of our security serv pro of supply. However, we propose not to set binding national serv pro targets for renewables anymore, individually from Member State to Member State as we do now; Because one lesson we have drawn from experience is thatthey risk the fragmentation of the internal market and do not allow us to reach the targets in the most cost effective way. Here we will lead a bottom-up approach, leaving more flexibility to member states. They will work with us to make sure the national efforts add up to the European Union target.
Oettinger argued that the Commission had also to take into account serv pro countries get 90 percent of their energy from coal-fired power plants (he meant Poland) or about three-quarters of nuclear energy (France).
"If these binding target is not converted to binding targets and measures for Member States, this will lead to an uncertain (political) decision-making process can take years. The result is that not only creates uncertainty for business investment towards 2030, but it can also be a negative impact on investment and employment related serv pro to the 2020 target of 14% renewable energy in the Netherlands. "
It should thereby be said that those 14 percent, serv pro if we get all, what is not a binding agreement was set out in the EU (ie 20 per cent in 2020). serv pro That would be difficult, we knew that already.
Yet, mark my words, this trend will continue. Increasingly, it is said that climate can only count on support if the measures are no longer imposed from above and sufficiently flexible.
If even Europe, the champion of the "legally binding climate agreements', now choose" bottom-up "when they fail to make firm commitments, the question is what will the climate be in the end result in 2015 Paris. That a climate or a term that is nowadays increasingly, a climate package?
"Professor Kevin Anderson, Deputy Director of the Tynda

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Legal action is not surprising that Valérie Trierweiler, the least popular French first lady (lady

Ménage à six Hollande shared mistress with CEO-right UMP -
In Franrkijk is a scandal erupted that the infidelity of former President Nicolas Sarkozy with Carla Bruni does fade. The current President Francois Hollande (58) managed according to a controversial new book by two leading political journalists that he shared a mistress with Patrick Devedjian, a 68-year-old head of the right-wing UMP, former minister, confidant of Sarkozy and thus a political rival Hollande.
That mistress was none other than Valérie Trierweiler (47), the new first lady in Paris who could not stomach it Devedjian refused to leave his wife for her, while Trierweiler the maid also was married. So picked up the real men slayer but casually with the other camp, namely Francois Hollande, who was for many years married to Ségolène the maid Royal, the Socialist presidential candidate who lost to Sarkozy in 2007. A genuine 'ménage à Six' therefore. Both Trierweiler (himself a journalist) as Devedjian have already announced that they are the authors of the book before the judge, but ensuring that their investigation was very thorough and authentic. Valérie the maid Trierweiler Valérie Trierweiler the maid (47) became world famous the maid thanks to Twitter. In the elections earlier this year, the wife of Hollande blandly a tweet sent the world into which they called to vote for a candidate who her rival Ségolène Royal (the former Hollande) in the clinch was in La Rochelle. It was a particularly embarrassing moment for Hollande because who expressly came out in support of Royal. The whole affair was playing politics to the detriment of the current French president. Top journalists what now has come out, it is even more explosive. French political journalist Christophe Jakubyszyn (TF1 and LCI) and Alix Bouilhaguet (France 2) bring in their controversial book 'La Frondeuse "(" Rebel ") the sordid story of the ménage à Six. At the time, both Valérie Trierweiler, himself a respected journalist, as Patrick Davedjian were married, they began early this century a relationship. General Daughter interesting detail: Trierweiler is 21 years younger than the leader of the UMP, a former minister and a close confidant of former President Sarkozy. Davedjian is of Armenian origin, and since 1969 he was married to Sophie, the daughter of a general. Together the couple has four children. Trierweiler, her real name is Valerie Massonneau, at that time had been married since 1995 with Denis Trierweiler, a top executive at Paris Match with whom she had three children. 30 years with Royal Because Patrick Devedjian his wife but did not want to leave, despite repeated urging the maid from Trierweiler, she was tempted by another top politician on the other side of the political spectrum. Francois Hollande was already more than 30 years with Ségolène Royal. Together they had fewer than four children: the maid Thomas (1984), Clémence (1985), Julien (1987) and Flora (1992). Hollande knew the married Trierweiler meanwhile also shared the sheets with his political rival Devedjian. Ultimatum 2003 put Trierweiler, during which time political journalist, the maid a knife at the throat of Davedjian. The ultimatum that they said: his wife abandoned if it was done between them. The UMP chief refused and Trierweiler chose Hollande. Only in 2007 Trierweiler the maid filed a request for divorce from her husband, and three years later was officially. For years men slayer Trierweiler So with three men at once. In 2007, Hollande broke his hand with Royal after her failed attempt to become president. Three years later, Hollande made his relationship with Trierweiler officially announced, but they are not married. So Trierweiler is the first unmarried lady ever premiere at the Elysée.
Legal action is not surprising that Valérie Trierweiler, the least popular French first lady (lady premiere) in years. Nicknamed 'Valérie Rottweiler' and 'Premiere Concubine "she is hunted in the French media. Even the serious TV channels and newspapers deal with the affairs of Trierweiler, now in the counterattack try to go by the authors of the book to sue for libel. Devedjian will also take legal action. And Hollande? The image of the President has been given a new firm and by all sorts bezuiningsmaatregelen dent his popularity already fallen to a low point. For the whole thing around Valérie Trierweiler not give more attention than necessary, Hollande let the controversial book 'La Frondeuse' the maid or untouched. He has so already the maid enough headaches. Also Subscribe now to AD! Join the AD holiday game and win a dream trip! RSS (What is RSS?) AD Newsletter Visit AD in your favorites the maid Archives The last 48 hours contact advertising job shop AD AD Wine Club subscribe newspaper readers' dig

Monday, May 11, 2015

Well, after having waited mrsa prevention three hours I imagine so finally falling demand .. A deat

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Home FAQ Photos Beijing January mrsa prevention '11 Big Shanghai First days in Shanghai mrsa prevention King of the Last Days Kong Shanghai and Hanoi On the hunt for an apartment .. Randomness in Shanghai Shanghai by Night The Real China Yangshuo December '10
Okay, where are we exactly been ... That's right, we have continued to hang gap in negotiations! If all is well, you have the last few days followed all busy, and tonight set up with the sweat between the legs on the assumption that I still live in some Chinese backwater ... Shall I then redeem but this unbearable suspense? mrsa prevention
Well, after having waited mrsa prevention three hours I imagine so finally falling demand .. A deathly mrsa prevention silence, big puppy-eyes mrsa prevention mode turns on, and hope .. suddenly falls humming refrigerator, Alex next to me begins with his teeth grind, and I wonder what we can do on earth when it will not succeed. Cheer up and move again? mrsa prevention In a moment seems to last forever changed the gaze of our landlady in a wide smile, and she says yes! Well, actually an extended version of "Shi" but that would still not understand you (I myself when not yet but that aside). Body language says herein enough however, and a modest but joyous dance follows. The next three months will be our base, and we could not have done better!
I will go get our requirements list it: Three bedrooms? Check. Aka Jacuzzi tub? Check. View on the Skyline? Check. Big beds? Check. Nice neighborhood, close to the subway? mrsa prevention Of course. Home cinema? Check. Garden with palm trees? Well, this is indicated on the map as "Hongrun International Garden ', we have a 400 year old tree, palm trees everywhere, and a platoon of security guards kind that makes you nasty with each of the three entry gate's. Ow, the nice cleaning mrsa prevention lady I hear you thinking? mrsa prevention Well, let's hope she is very nice because of cleaning she ate little cheese, all she does is included in the rent ..
Look, I irritate me normally mrsa prevention the Dumblings my pants off those guys that think that boast with something or other. But sometimes something is just too good to be true, and this is one. Check the lousy pictures and decide for yourself. After the acid is sweet, I do not care, you have the master bedroom and that's where you do it for ..
When saying goodbye mrsa prevention flies agent Tony me in her arms, pressed me still take heart that I really strong arms've got, and says goodbye with 'LOVEYOUMANLOVEYOULOVEYOULOVEYOU !!!!!! "me in despair or leaving it now is such a tight plan next week with the biggest Obama fan in the eastern hemisphere and his group of friends to eat .. The social game start we at least somewhat to get through, and the same evening houses we left. Just to stay in Brabant atmosphere, enjoying a big G ..
The whole week we further training outside the town's factory Teckwin because there just a new router mrsa prevention was purchased. (Huh, router? Yes ladies, that's a big machine heeeeeele any shape cutting out what material you want! May I say so? YES YOU CAN!) Ray, a lovely Australian who loves nothing more than to talk about his BBQ and great steaks mrsa prevention he prepares it, guides us through the days of workshops, training courses, and great lunches that make Ozzy country mrsa prevention again will be added to the to-do list, in that it had not happened .. Lunches happy life here more than just bread and every time you wonder again where they the beast in its entirety for you on the table have now pulled away again.
Fortunately tastes without exception fantastic, and I'm soon dubbed by locals as' chopstick master. They want absolutely do not believe that I took no further training, and when even the peanuts it must believe I am advised to give workshops. When this is the open enrollment so, you need two chopsticks. mrsa prevention
If you now think we're here every night obediently in the kitchen in the kitchen are stir-frying, think again .. Which Dennis van der Geest is crazy man, you are in such a country, you are going to be too cowardly Conimex tjap prepare! A Chinese court is in fact not complete if there is not at least half a kilo (literally!) With peppers floating in the tank. Forget everything you dare call ever lively in the Netherlands, and imagine the most delicious blackfish for that will make your mouth, lips and tongue one hour tingle so hard that beer suddenly tastes very sweet .. you know why they are here so many eat rice? To extinguish yes ..
That you here five

Another fine piece of design for recycling. tile cleaning Frigo is funky sofa. The pillows are also

Another fine piece of design for recycling. tile cleaning Frigo is funky sofa. The pillows are also reusing tile cleaning PVC advertising banners. And an LED reading light was put in place by the refrigerator light. Fooooood!
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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Well it seems that Dad lump some distance love the family and what is more focused on the environme

It is all harmony horders in the family of swans with three parents and three mugs. The tankards swimming freely between all; le three parents and they are always about doing the same thing, and as befits the swans still in sync. See above and below: at the same time and at the same time dabbling resurfaced. And yes, bring jugs each also some green upwards. They grow.
Well it seems that Dad lump some distance love the family and what is more focused on the environment. A bit like you see in the pictures above. horders Today they let us come very close (these photos are taken without or with little zoom in), but at one point it was still the biggest mute swan which gave a timid blow in our direction. He made a move in our direction, but still went on with just dabbling in the rhythm of the entire family.
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