Saturday, April 4, 2015

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Sometimes you can not see much of the green from the hole of the fan. Greens are often discrete, like silvery green olive, dark green of the oaks, green and pale yellowish white pine and rosemary. At this time the country is short of bold green, from late winter to mid-spring, and still depends on the year.
This year, however, the winter was generous in water, and green broke out in full force. In mid-March the almond buds, first image, were radiant, had an extraordinary boost. Even Montsiá had a more vivid color. Scrub, heath, gorse, rosemary, wild olive tree, mastic, thyme, lavender, palmetto, the ribbon, white pine, oaks, appropriating all the color range distance, which is normally a very dark tone and little or roasted, had a more cheerful and tender. Fleetingly tender, yes; or tenderly fleeting, luckily ours.
The image was taken on 19 March 2008 from the bundle from the Astor. pike research In the background, Mata-round, Moleta Mata-round, Drilled and broken. This entry was posted in Uncategorized by Albert Codina Ferré. Add to bookmark the permalink.
The dictionary gives a definition of technical force hole, but the fans, at least, is a word commonly used and part of the local names.
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