Saturday, April 18, 2015

What was said:

I have previously explored both through parenting education tests and research on famous people's fathers and how they influenced their children. how to make methamphetamine I've thought a lot along the way on my own upbringing. What was it that made me who I am today? How influenced my parents Me? I have the occasion come in part events from my childhood that I retrospect that was clear measures from my parents and others to educate me. However, it had the effect they wanted? To illustrate this, I've found until a few selected statements and analyzed these. So the question is today if my parents regret this or if they are satisfied how to make methamphetamine with the result:
What was said: "It is good for imunesystems." By whom and when: Both mom and dad when I protested about the lid of white mold that had formed on top of the homemade juice. What was the purpose: Mom and dad were among those who found a house in the woods where they could grow their own cost. Including large amounts of blackcurrant which was to sap. We managed, however, not to drink as fast as they produced. Everyone knows that juices do not have eternal durability, but would throw juice just because the moldy bit was not talking about. They hoped enough that I would appreciate how to make methamphetamine it homemade and avoid an overuse where food, no matter how old it was, was thrown. What was the result: I have not been drinking homemade juice since I left home. As soon as I got the chance I went over to synthetic cases with the most sugar and where the expiration date printed how to make methamphetamine on the bottle. But unlike her mother Thelma I am however not looked closely at this stamp. As long as the food looks ok and did not smell too much as there are no bacteria that can not be killed by a small boil or hard baking. So this had once desired effect. I have not had a single day of sick leave in my life.
What was said: "It is the symbol for the fight!" By whom and when: Mom when I asked what the character in an ashtray meant. What was the purpose: When I was little how to make methamphetamine we had an ashtray in pottery which was adorned with a woman's game mark. The purpose was undoubtedly how to make methamphetamine to inculcate that the struggle for women's rights is important. Ashtray had a central place in my childhood so I saw this day. What was the result: The character intrigued me a lot. Every child with a sense of Indians struggle appreciate the character where a clenched fist is central. I do not know how good feminist I finally have been, but I have a strange thought well that smoking how to make methamphetamine is an indirect support for women battle. Vacuum I do too.
What was said: "You are actually 12 years, she's only 4!" By whom and when: Mom when I once again had shown my little sister how to make methamphetamine a good game with sibling love. What was the purpose: The purpose was undoubtedly to make me understand that I could not be too rough against my little sister. What was the result: This worked badly. Not because I did not understand how to make methamphetamine that there was a difference, but the problem was that this went only one way. It was never said, "You're only 4, he is actually 12!", Which meant that my little sister often allowed to do the same as me. This meant I annulled the original claim, and I continued to see my little sister sibling love. This I stopped first when she started training and could retaliate.
What was said: "You must not make those who are smaller than you." By whom and when: Dad, again when I showed little sister a good game of sibling love. What was the purpose: The purpose was undoubtedly to get me to stop. What was the result: This had no any effect on my relationship with my little sister. I thought that such rules do not apply within the family, something I had learned from my brother. However, I had ironclad on my father's wisdom and brought how to make methamphetamine this out in the world. Since I'm quite small in stature how to make methamphetamine so I believed then that I had to be immune to hard knocks from anyone who was older than me. I thought then that I could freely come with cheeky called against older students. It turned out that this imuniteten only existed in my head.
What was said: "Is it possible to be so asshole? Do not you see that we have a small child with us! "By whom and when: Mom on vacation in Bulgaria. What was the purpose: This doctrine was not meant to raise me, but aimed at two gorillas of some Bulgarian mafioso 190 each. They refused taxi driver our drive up to the hotel we stayed at since he obviously had not paid "fee". This meant that we had to walk the last 500 meters of my sleeping little sister over his shoulder. What was the result: The result here is interesting. We eventually had to go, but I've never seen two such giant men wince so facing a lady on scarce 165 as planed over those on a, for them, unknown language. how to make methamphetamine I learned then that you are really angry at someone then you should always scold them out in the language you do best. They understand whatever

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