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This is not a defense for all the lovely cheese that our beloved government will refuse to eat. Thi

This is not a defense for all the lovely cheese that our beloved government will refuse to eat. This is about that served much uncertainty and uncultured on a thousand cheese board. Call it a settlement with how Norwegians eat cheese.
What is this nonsense with cheese and crackers. So, why biscuits? Can not we just eat cheese with a good and fresh baguette or good country bread? And why Norwegians have this idiotic peppers carpet cleaning atlanta and grapes with all cheese plate, not to Snake about the abominable carpet cleaning atlanta rod formal rien? Paprika can be used on pizza and grapes can have in the glass. Stang Elle Rien is an ingenious vegetable, but not cheese! Putt it either in a Bloody Mary, and drink it after the cheese.
Fig marmalade "But what shall I have to cheese?", You might think. I mean really that if you have to have something other than wine and bread to the cheese, then you really do not like cheese. But you should have something to, it is well with fig marmalade, honey, or maybe some nuts. Personally I'm carpet cleaning atlanta not the most important thing, the important thing is namely what you have in the glass, and that this fits cheeses.
Camembert: This is a cheese that comes from Normandy northwest of France. This is what we call a white mold cheese. That it is creamy inside carpet cleaning atlanta and has a "hairy" white crust covered by mold. The cheese has a slightly sweetish taste, aroma of both mold and some also say meat. Camembert is made from cow's milk, it can be both pasteurized and unpasteurized. Pasteurization carpet cleaning atlanta is to heat the milk up to 72 degrees for a few seconds before carpet cleaning atlanta making the cheese it. This process leads one to kill some of the bacteria cultures carpet cleaning atlanta in the milk, and the finished cheese will taste a little less than the Unpasteurised. Drinks: This is a cheese carpet cleaning atlanta that need something fairly light in the glass. For example, a cider from Normandy is very well to this. Otherwise, you can head east to Germany and drink a little easier Auslese from the Mosel, created on Riesling grape.
Münster This is one of the cheeses I've eaten most. Since I lived right near where they produce this cheese stands carpet cleaning atlanta this high on the list. Munster is produced in the small mountain town with the same name, in the Vosges Mountains, between Lorraine and Alsace on the border carpet cleaning atlanta with Germany. This cheese falls into the category rødkitt cheese, made in cow's milk. Rødkitt would say that creating the cheese as you'd made a hvitmuggost but halfway through the maturation process is washed with salt crust, this allows the cheese is orange carpet cleaning atlanta and get by saving a light ammonia scent. This is a cheese that smells quite strongly, but has a fairly mild and lightly salty taste. Beverages: Because the cheese is produced carpet cleaning atlanta right near one of the most famous wine districts carpet cleaning atlanta of France, it is super well with Alsatian wines. Alsace has a pretty special grape called Gewürztraminer, this has pretty much aromas of flowers and stone fruits, such as peaches carpet cleaning atlanta and apricots, which makes it suitable nicely with cheese. It is also quite common to let the cheese lie and bathe in this wine in a week's time before it is eaten. Something similar can be found in Normandy, where they bathe Camembert Calvados (apple brandy).
Saint Agur. And here comes the - the "creepy" blue cheese, but what is really so horrible scary? Sure, it has loads of holes, and is full of mildew, which we are taught that are not good to eat, but it tastes the DIGG. Just this comes from an area called the Auvergne and is located in southern France. It is made of cow's milk and stored in large limestone carpet cleaning atlanta caves. It is here, during carpet cleaning atlanta the ripening - after mold culture has been added - that it is "murky". Ie that it develops powerful aromas of ammonia, secondary aromas carpet cleaning atlanta of barns, but also high salt values. Drinks: The most classic one can get within wine and cheese combination is port and blue cheese. But do something new, do not drink the same sweet, thick, dull LBV'ene. Obtain an older Tawney or Colheita. Then you will really get to see what I'm talking about.
As you can see I have not recommended a single wine to some of the cheeses, and on my cheese plate you will find no peppers, carpet cleaning atlanta and celery formal artery is said Oppi my drink. Just drive on. ask those who work at Vinmonopolet, they know what they're talking about! Good luck with cheeses, or as they say in France: Bonne Chance et bon appétit!
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