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There is a song popilѐ saying

Key words: Bèltiz: Aesthetic / Bèltizay: Anesthétique / Mafwe-bèltiz: Inesthétique / Bèlteyis: Esthétisme / beauty of fair / Bèltiz-zagribay: Aesthetic resourceful Dezanvout: Exorcisme / Defolize: Catharsis
Today, we noticed avѐk evolution Radio, TV, Phone, etc. entѐnѐt many songs fѐ not stop talking about them, Contemplation among the Haitian population. Mostly, the choice word, or what I call Bèltiz and the way words are coordinated to bring a message, a feeling k'ape mtp device driver deboulonnen emotion. A newness that the polѐn deployed k'ape dedekte tenderness I called Bèlteyis.
There is a song popilѐ saying '' Do not cry 'but there popilѐ another song that says "let me weep." I kwѐ it would be good to find out why there is a voice k'ape say '' Do not cry 'and win another k'ape repeat' let me cry. '' As lѐ population yells live Arba dѐyѐ a concurrent authority. A sort twisting motion detrese! Petѐt one of them would have other reasons or agreed before construction would fѐ musical thought on word cry. That could enter choice artistic ideologies era. But without forgetting too, saying: '' Zaf ѐ goat by Zaf ѐ sheep '. But we hold that said '' Let me Cry ', pending our reach fenfon or opwèlyèm opinion.
I what interests me in tѐks, is know why people k'ape songs will ask to leave crying, I can not possibly understand, for someone cries empire does not want comfort. Is the person yells cry indeed true? Did he cry as all crying, mostly two (2) dimensions: joy or sorrow? Which brings healing cry? Indeed, if he really has his reasons for crying, why we do not want it to cry? Because I do not live kwѐ cry is wrong, nor if someone yells cry is harm it be for this. And arts cry this how it can contribute to a project of society?
I often hear them say yells, cries refreshed. Or help those released, releases emotions. Likewise, it is one of the following feature for someone fѐ wѐ if he innocent or guilty mtp device driver if. Without setting aside chalѐ, pousyѐ, peppers, Viks, vapѐ smoke or odor lakrimojѐn way, causing tears, etc. We can weep for a linivѐ and loaded fasѐt because it does not reduce simply a sѐl movement is rѐl and water simultaneously: there is weeping without water, and water, there is weeping mtp device driver and rѐl without rѐl.
A song from the year 2013 and it is Rutshelle composer Guillaume, he is a virgin, it is people Port ... She sings and plizyѐ artists, including: Roosvelt SAILLANT (BIC), Eunide Edouarin (Eud) Daniel Darius (ghost) Harry Dumorney (Doc Fila) etc.
It would be good to hear the song, but the navy by occupation, I used to sing and I have not bѐl voice. Thus, I do not know fѐ solo empire I wѐ any problems, if people sing that song for you. That is Rutshelle sing it, we let it sing, he yells fѐ it better than me. Because his voice like a musical universe k'ape tickled tenderness, a voice symphony k'ape wake soul Guinea, an onion rounds k'ape cleaning lalwèt concert paradise. Let us listen to his or her word, we p'ape missed a tittle!
We can notice the progression singing some words repeated many times: Crying, exist. Others repeated fewer times than others: Hate please. Thus, the beginning is the end is hatred exists. Framework text Bending and enmity empire existence. We can see a person suffering k'ape. And she cries because of the suffering it causes song we do not see it says she cries when happy invade it, is crying and yells asked to leave her crying. But what is surprising people mourned for him, he also wept, putting it in the same state and k'ape song, which cry out for remedies against disappointments life. During this feeling invaded, he went avail detect sensation k'ape those songs to get to cry. But poor! He entered the labor rod! Because even those k'ape crying repeat this two (2) times in the song: '' Not all when he cries, he knows that he has. '' And he continues to say: '' if he cries because he exist. mtp device driver '' Thus, those tears k'ape songs

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