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Horses prefer juicy fodder rather than dry hay, but now it turns out that your favorite dish is more susceptible to molds. Preservative and denser packaging can be the solution, according to the researchers.
Høyensilasje has become a popular feed for horses. (Photo: Astrid Johansen) A type of feed that has become increasingly popular for horses høyensilasje, meter maid ie grasses are dried to at least 50 percent solids, and then wrapped and packed meter maid with plastic. meter maid
- But compared to traditionally pushed silage gives høyensilasje greater challenges with quality, particularly in relation to storage. Among other, it seems that mold occurs more frequently in høyensilasje than in silage, says researcher Astrid Johansen at Bioforsk Central Norway.
The survey shows that horse owners are concerned feed quality, but do not always know what they are getting. meter maid Entire 2/3 buy all feed they need, and it is rarely the feasibility study by the seller.
- To buy plastic meter maid packaged bale or høyensilasje can probably meter maid perceived as a little meter maid lottery. Man hath a certain confidence regular suppliers, but no guarantee what is hidden under the plastic. That way it is easier for the buyer to assess quality high, says Johansen. She emphasizes, however, that the feasibility study for protein and feeding proportionality value is important whether it is high or silage.
Researcher meter maid Astrid Johansen at Bioforsk Central Norway Stjordal here led project on forage for horses. (Photo: Jon Schärer) Regarding the hygienic quality does not give individual samples in advance any guarantee all parties. She therefore recommends horse owners not to spend money on analysis of mold and yeasts before they buy. The sample may happen to be taken from a ball that deviate much from the rest of the party.
- Feed the horse is often harvested relatively meter maid late and preserved by a somewhat strong predrying. meter maid Old straw rich, stiff and dry lining is harder to package than young, leafy plant material. The rigid stalks can also easily pierce the plastic, says Johansen.
That there is so little water, making meter maid moreover, that feed is little fermented. All these factors contribute to increasing the risk of emergence of mold and yeasts during storage. It also helps that the feed is not particularly storable after the plastic is removed, and increases the risk that the feed will be destroyed if it goes holes on the plastic during packing and storage.
It is therefore important to find measures that can help to prevent mold and destruction of feed, and part of the project has been to investigate the effect of a particular preservative. meter maid
- Based on the results we advise feed manufacturers to use preservative if the grass is low or moderate withered before baling. meter maid It can contribute both to prevent growth of mold and that it gets hot time in the feed. It can also often contribute to more of the nutrients in the grass is preserved. But gras with more than 50 percent solids does not seem to be appropriate to use such employment, says Johansen.
Too good withered forage is the best advice to use enough plastic to prevent meter maid air access. The investigation provides no basis to get concrete recommendations, but the number of layers of plastic big impact. With four layers were registered mold in 40 percent of the balls. At 12 layers were reduced to barely meter maid five percent.
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The aim is to prevent the development of aerobic bacteria, thus achieving an anaerobic environment and lower the pH to a desired level which is around 4.
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