Sunday, April 5, 2015

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Congratulations to everyone, cuts, breaks, evicted, cooperatives, associations, social movements, koll street fights, and activists! We have our Trojan Horse in Parliament waiting koll to be opened and explodes all our strength against the professional politicians, thieves health and education, grabbers positions and salaries, accompanied by advisers and drivers, to the rebentadors Eye demonstrations.
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Twitter CUP Barcelona Поглядел я на ногое тело. 4 hours ago RT @ maty1500: ааааааа 6 hours ago RT @ yramm_: koll я не знаю чем мне помочь! Я тоже не могу больше видеть себя такой! Я тоже хочу старую себя! но я ничего не могу сделать. http: //t.... 7 hours ago И вы поможете ему 9 hours ago RT @ Lightdu69: Развлекаюсь LINKS CUP 11 hours ago
Search: Twiter Cup rainbow Quim Arrufat: "It is ridiculous to make #fullderuta a country between two actors and three organizations." 7 hours ago RT @ Som_PPCC: Just over 24 hours and still adding to build #UnMapaEnMoviment! Thank You! 3 days ago Full Interview with David Fernandez: 3 days ago build the alternative - Working groups of the CUP # ConstruïmPrograma #SomUnitatPopular ... 3 days The CUP is presented in August to 160 municipalities, more than double than four years ago # #UnitatPopular EntremAmbForça 4 days ago Followcupsantmarti
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