Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I take your new membership of body and sun as a sign that you are not going to Oslo with the first

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I have now been through my first hårbleking and I can tell you that it was not a pretty sight. I do not know if it came from the shock of not seeing something black / white in the mirror, or if it was actually the remaining hair color that was scary ugly thing is whatever it that it's time to take it a little easy on hair dye front. I can probably do not count on one hand the number of hair colors / shades I now have on the head, but the main color is certainly brown, so I tell myself happy that there are neither black or orange. The blonde hair color I have lying in the closet gets shut established there, this lady will not be blonde in a good while.
That was through two løylige events yesterday: I was back on the body and sun for the first time since the spring, and I am now the proud owner of my own key piece (hooray). I have however been frightening weak ever since, mould remover and today I have such pain in the upper body after yesterday's bench that I do not quite know how to make of me. My exquisite forest walks are thus now moved to the treadmill at the city sweatiest fitness center, and considering that it was precisely hagl- and snowstorms right outside the window, mould remover could not have been more appropriate time. Elsbert H came on a pleasant visit and kaffeslabberas, crosswords scraping and shopping at City Cord stood on the poster. I am hereby holder of a long-awaited black blazer, some lovely earrings and something * drum roll white. A white shirt to be more accurate. How long it will take before I overpowers mould remover me up and use it in public, remains uncertain.
I take your new membership of body and sun as a sign that you are not going to Oslo with the first ..?
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