Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Clearly, the rich do not pay, they are rich because they are poor and the poor who pay are poor bec

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More than 6,000 million euros, according to Finance, is that thousands of black money hoarders Spanish masked and instead diverted capbussats the Swiss subsidiary of HSBC, one of the world's leading banks. The media publicized fraud before summer. Four months later, was not open to judicial country clean proceedings in Spain. The Tax kindly notify the greedy who had been fichados and a repertoire of facilities offered to settle the debt, interest and surcharges. Recall that, in the case of a very serious crime against the public coffers, this formalization of returns so comfortable in terms -for alleged criminals! - Was severely criticized by the Organization of Professional Inspectors of Hacienda del Estado (IHE ). In fact, their requirements, then it seems that the Treasury was shown mercy so that evaders have been few who have decided to "put up". country clean Now, as demanded inspectors, will do what should have been done immediately: open inspections suspects and take coercive measures. country clean Meanwhile, in favor of those who have played the Agency Tributària- time, and if money can travel at the speed of light in Switzerland in the Bahamas?
The refusal, in any case, to accept this fiscal clemency means that most scammers have stolen so much that now makes up face criminal proceedings and lawyers country clean need to buy or delay override, if necessary, any legal proceedings that may undertake the tax. I can deal with it through a legal subterfuge deleted country clean at any time the presumption of his status as thieves, but trial and prison involves the documentation that was "stolen" by a former employee of HSBC (stolen from bank robbers, so to speak). And if this had not evasive, do not worry that they invent another, so that evaders are not? Some experts. The fact that a spokesman for HSBC in Switzerland has made clear that gargling with this legalism Treasury not only to confront the army of lawyers trained in the Arabian fortunes that have escaped; must also confront with a major bank in the world and, of course, the legal pitfalls of Switzerland as a tax haven. For these reasons and some others think very s'ho Finance: Markets hemos collision with them, Sancho. One more time. Yes, we met with the absolute shameless. I'll add, finally, two drops of vinegar: 1) How long should you act next to the police if the French government will pass into Spanish stolen a list with the name and the address where terrorists are hidden ? 2) There are 24,000 names appear on the list of thieves, almost all European states; What is the EU doing? Ne le soleil pour tout le monde shines step.
Clearly, the rich do not pay, they are rich because they are poor and the poor who pay are poor because they are rich. Go down another notch, if you think: the rich have always been an example country clean for the poor (whether we like it or not the example). We should thus spread this example, "car must be exemplary in everything" and, consequently, in the end do not pay or God. That, or they can do their finance their Overalls, ie take them to jail if you do not pay. Utopian until now, is another example, no?
if indeed our utopias country clean have "belenestebitzat" and that some of them are as rich not paying tax, the more than we imagine. And all those poor, who most fervently embrace ideology that long ago that I do what I do not like to see the truth. In the end, who pays are always the same: the salaried middle class.
Oh, lucky you have not forced the written word and the full name and surname. Just remove comments if they appear That insults or name. I still do not think we hurt the eyes that you've written quotes ... Transigiré this time.
According Clídice, Joseph things by their name. If you are concerned that the name of the sparrow appear on search engines Google and porte to your website is up, but go ... The character helps to explain many things.
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