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Bitàcora library koit Armand Cardona Torrandell of Vilanova, conducted by WordPress.

BiblioBlog - A sea of letters koit "The Destruction of the Spanish artistic heritage - WR Hearts: the great hoarder '
During the first quarter of the twentieth century in Spain started the habit of selling their artistic heritage 'weight' just had to cut the monument chosen (faculty, castle, tower, ...), wrap it and send it to the Tycoon turn. An era in which most American fortunes were passed through Spain: John D. Rockefeller, JP Morgan, Samuel H. Kress, Andrew Mellon, Henry Clay Frick, Charles Deering and William Randolph Hearst.
In this figure, the tycoon who retracted so masterfully Orson Wells in the movie Citizen Kane, researchers have relied Cáceres José Miguel koit Merino and Maria Jose Martinez Ruiz to analyze and explain the causes of the looting that was started in Spain at that time, consolidating under the dictatorship koit of Primo de Rivera and perpetuated during General Franco. koit Both argue in the book The Destruction of the Spanish artistic heritage that WR Hearst, along with a large group of displaced employees in Europe and among them Arthur Boyne and his wife, Mildred Stapley, they get enriched koit with alienation Spanish artistic heritage.
Among the various purchases Hearst realized one of the most notorious was the Cistercian monastery of Sacramenia (Segovia) that, as the author says, "the monastery after his transfer, was abandoned for decades and finally all ended up in Miami, where it is today. " Also acquired the remains of the Castle of Benavente (Zamora), which is currently unknown location, the sixteenth century tapestries in the Cathedral of Palencia, which are the Museum koit of Fine Arts in Brussels, or the gate of the heart Cathedral of Valladolid, located in the Metropolitan Museum in New York. All this without forgetting the move to California, koit where he had his residence, the monastery Ovilo (Guadalajara) and several works of Seu d'Urgell.
José Miguel Merino, co-author of the study, "it happened because we were a poor and uneducated people who had an extraordinarily rich heritage. But since the invasion French culture in Spain plummeted; had no education, nor price or history or beauty, so when they reach deceived them was very easy "as maintained by the newspaper in an interview koit Elmundo. "Hearst was 'great hoarder', a compulsive collector who bought pieces without knowing why, then it was by him would not see them. He planned to create a museum koit in Berkeley with the name of his mother, as did Rockefeller in New York, but the project never happened; was one of their failures. "
Finally, koit another important aspect is that this work is possible, from Spain, to recover these monuments. The conclusion is negative, are open you can not retrieve it because they are plundering or theft, as happened with the Nazi plunder, but it was developed by sale, in which a payment is made and proprietary liquidated and benefits obtained, although the figures seem ridiculous now. The authors argue that there is a legal framework that guarantees these properties but, however, warn society "that should be on the lookout for attacks against property are constant and, above all, is the archaeological very exposed and is continually assaulted. " Losses are difficult to recover and for this reason it is important to be especially koit sensitive to everything related to culture.
Bitàcora library koit Armand Cardona Torrandell of Vilanova, conducted by WordPress.

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