Saturday, April 4, 2015

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self-determination, democracy, federalism, freedom, PSC, PSC Suresnes Good people must react really in favor of democracy and freedom. The right to self-determination, which is synonymous with freedom and democracy, was accepted by the PSOE in 1974 the Congress of Suresnes (French State). Why not now accept Mr. Rubalcaba? The good people of the PSC can not be next to those who simply want the annihilation of our beloved nation and the extermination of the Catalan language and Pompeu Fabra. The good people of the PSC should be next to most of the country paul kossoff you want the right to decide (always has been). Thus, people like Ernest Maragall, Juanjo Puigcorbé Toni Comín, Josep M. Boy, and many others, are an example worthy of this great socialist people said enough such ignominy. In fact, most of the good people of the PSC from around the country paul kossoff who believe in a free Catalonia and social cohesion can not succumb to the siren song of federalism, totally metaphysical imposed from Ferraz. In addition, to qualify as a real federalism must first be free and independent.
The good people of PS (JO malaria is one day I voted for these SOCIOLISTOS !!!) One day the whole society and all political parties and create goodwill will join the Socialist Party that the world needs and safe NECESSITAT.- THIS STATE OF BRUTAL grabbers capital HAVE TO DO !!! disappear, and if you fall asleep paul kossoff .... It would have at the time the flood YOU ON SAME day that you no longer serve the AI ! AI !! AI !! nor MILLION IN C / C .... Read more
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