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a) Our bodies require us to clean it every day with clean water, teeth also. b) Our house, our bed,

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WE WELL LIVED IN THE HOUSE. Since we decided to get married, we know that we will leave our families to go and remains one of the other, to create your own family pancreatitis. Is what we read in Mt 19,5-6: "Because a man will leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife. Both will become one body, which are no longer two, but one flesh. " No father and mother we we looking entrusted us again, one that blended others. Men's responsible girl, strong hand and brain. Working to find the woman in order to live. The same girl he is entrusted healthy men. If man is not healthy, it is unfit for work and the whole family will be living in poverty. casalimpia What woman do to her body neither man nor it still fit? There are two things allow us to always stay fit: Good food and hygiene. Consider together: The best food for our bodies, allowing us to still work without any difficulty and vanishing unemployed cost us too much money. A) 1. Eating good food is best for your body. We know full well eat food is not the same thing. Real food is put in our mouths a food that gives us strength to work, recover bodies who fail to work. Your body is a plow. You use it every day. But you still can work with most make repairs. Though you have the best pair of oxen, since a piece of plow weaken, break, student transportation privileges may not work anymore. This means: you take a food that gives you strength, since you have piece of your body is not in good daughter, you will have output of work. Hence our strong fonnen: - What kind of food that provides sufficient strength. - What kind of food looking to recover bodies.
a) Food can give us sufficient strength is: Live (bananas mazonbèl, yams, cassava flour, flour, cassava, bread ...). b) Food upcoming casalimpia recovered bodies are: milk, meat, poultry, fish, eggs, beans akamil especially when we do it, that means when you put a spoon beans and two (2) tablespoons corn or millet or rice, peanuts. Do not forget all kinds of foliage and vegetables, fruits, carrots, beets, oranges, grapefruit. These things casalimpia bring much vitamin us. They even help our bodies to better. But if we do not get food to recover our bodies, they do nothing alone. So from now to remind us to prepare food that maintains the health of our children. 2. Foods that will cost us too much when we go walking it would be good to give the money, buy small pieces of each type of food we have seen. A small piece of meat, maize, beans, bananas are healthier than a meat only. Remember also: beautiful table do nothing for tomorrow. Every day, we need food in our mouth. Woman has to be reminded casalimpia when it sort of market. Not every time there is money to buy whatever. But we can work a piece of land where we would put vegetables and some fruit trees planted in it. So we would find them easier than the market, we would not need to spend money for our health .. B) much greater hygiene Eating well but not sufficient to maintain our health. We should make sure neither you, nor your house, nor servant, nor food, nor all around the house always clean. This is called hygiene.
a) Our bodies require us to clean it every day with clean water, teeth also. b) Our house, our bed, our bed requires casalimpia periodic cleaning to avoid all animal gave you itching and bad blood. c) Our home every time we just came from somewhere, we bring with us a bunch of dirt or microbes where we sort talks, where we sleep, nor in the house. Remember cleaned daily. d) the dishwasher when we eat, wash it thoroughly, wash with clean water. When finished with her wherever flies get him. If we leave dishes and little food, flies are alive we ask above all set to become the microbes taken from locations (feces and old waste). e) When preparing a dish of raw vegetables, then we have to wash with water mixed with a little bleach, or a bicarbonate. f) Water is where most diseases emerge. If the stream or canal we took it very dirty, boil it. People and animals wash. If we bwèl so we get all kinds of diseases, worms, suffered from dysentery, typhoid. Our children get stomach risky than diarrhea. We may exempt all these diseases since we do a HEPA home. But how can we do it: we seek a value stream sequel sand, gravel and a few stones. We wash well, off the scum thereof, we value a coal grinding mill. We need two canaries for this. Na pierce a canaries we start putting some pebbles and gravel we continue, we will put another high value further. When finished we will be placing another rock layers, a layer of sand stream a layer of coal grinding and a final layer of gravel then the HEPA pre employment. Place Canary on this support so that we can put the second bottom, so water will set the first fall in the second. When the first blank we will still water. First the water will emerge with little black coal, we will dispose of it. But by moment by moment water will become clear, we

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