Wednesday, April 15, 2015

2015 (8) February (6) Saint Marcellin French cheese Mont d

F170 Mini Brillat Savarin 200gr kr. 78.00 Units F171 Brillat Savarin / truffle 200g kr.138,00 pcs F175 Brillat Savarin 500gr kr.168,00 pcs Renowned hvitskimmelost mainly produced in Normandy in France. Brillat Savarin was created in 1930 by the cheese manufacturer Henri Androuët and is named after the famous French food writer Brillat Savarin-. During production with cream, making sure the cheese is wonderful creamy. Brillat Savarin resolve carpet cleaner made both pasteurized and unpasteurized cow's milk. It has a thin crust of white mold with an airy interior. It is a mild cheese with a slightly bitter undertone, elements of mushroom aroma and a fullness that surprises every time. Brillat Savarin .... click here
2015 (8) February (6) Saint Marcellin French cheese Mont d'Or French cheese Brie de Meaux French cheese Brillat Savarin-French cheese Cheeses from France Molecular Gastronomy January (2)

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