Sunday, March 29, 2015

The issue is that a small number of people are taking more and more of the world

Who is behind land grabbing? | The baggage, association of ecological consumption
Every day there is news about companies that are buying infection control farmland. The giants of the oil palm plantations in Malaysia buying West Africa. The Wall Street bankers seizing cattle ranches in Brazil. Saudi businessmen signed land deals in the Philippines. The latest collection of data on land grabbing points out that, since 2007, an average of 10 million hectares of land have been monopolized by foreign companies.
The issue is that a small number of people are taking more and more of the world's agricultural land and water associated with them, leaving little or nothing for others. Insofar as the world sinks into a growing food crisis, these new landowners infection control who will have control over who eats and who does and who benefits and who dies in the food system. The world's farmland infection control grabbing occurs only because there are people dedicated to this. The number of land grabbers is small in contrast to the large number of people displaced as a result of their action. Most are men, almost all with experience in agribusiness companies infection control or banks. Some of them are in high levels infection control of governments and intergovernmental agencies, and sometimes at the highest levels. Operate from the major financial centers of the world and are often in meetings of investors in farmland, whether in Singapore or Zanzibar NYC. We think a little lift the veil of secrecy about who these people are, could contribute to the debate on land grabbing. So we organized infection control a slideshow of some of the reports that have been performing or supporting grabbing farmland. It is emblematic infection control of a group of land grabbers, not an exhaustive list, to know which are involved can also help us to pressure them to stop. The profile of each land indicates hoarder who your friends and proposed sources of information for those who want more information or make some actions.
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