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12 09 2010 "Chronos": End Kardzhali produce counterfeit ancient Greek coins. Posted hoarding buried alive by category Kiril62 Bulgaria Other interesting Numismatics, tags: Bulgarians, hoarding buried alive history archeology, News, Numismatics
In southern Bulgaria hoarding buried alive operate illegal "factories" for fake Greek coins, which are purchased by gullible collectors from Greece and Europe, reported the Greek newspaper "Chronos". Such illegal workshops in the region of Kardzhali, which produces counterfeits of high quality and in large quantities, says the publication. Every Friday in Svilengrad come "distributors" who buy counterfeit coins from counterfeiters and then sell them. Among these coins there are imitations of rare gold coins from Maroni silver from Syracuse, Aegina and Abdera, and minted by Philip and Alexander of Macedonia, with images of horse, owl, dolphin, turtle, head of Apollo, Poseidon or Athena. Counterfeit difficult to distinguish from genuine hoarding buried alive coins and collectors often fall victim to scams and pay huge amounts for them. For example, a silver coin from the town of Enos (now territory of Turkey) hoarding buried alive sells for between eight and ten thousand euros on the black market. hoarding buried alive To achieve darkening characteristic of the original ancient coins, counterfeiters typically bring fakes into the exhaust of a car for a few minutes. Another technique is to coins were allowed to stand in manure, the newspaper said.
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