Monday, March 23, 2015

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Years you hear some rear wheel drive is better than the driver, call praise and despise the other steering sub-steering. So we took a dozen cars and their only common denominator is the engine that is connected to the rear wheels - and put them on the side. Complaints, anyone?
We decided to provide not only Otto loyal readers, but also for the website visitors wrote to display the options tilex available to you if you want to join the field of Drift. And why do not you like? Sport gaining momentum around the world through the combination of action and spectacular view relatively tilex modest performance requirements tilex are infrastructure and preparing the vessel. Detractors may argue, of course, the reason for the above is not consumer more than a thin shell that attempts to cover up the simple, basic desire of the editorial staff to leave for a fun day filled with fumes, smoke tires and adrenaline. But we do not listen to bad people ... what's the problem such original idea sounds incredibly simple - take as much of a rear wheel drive cars, every kind of prices, to Drift makeshift track, put them on the side, to shoot beautiful photos and ..cmovn, also write a few words. And when I say "some" I mean War and Peace meets Anna Karenina "(We wanted rather something like a comic strip. But you try to stop the stern when the system is in full swing ...). Of course, very soon came a most important question: Who will write this dissertation? tilex Well, he must be an expert Driftim of the first order, writes grace and, above all, of course, photogenic perfectly. After three meetings a stormy not generating anything (Please note that I have participated tilex in any of them, but in my experience editorial meetings tend to be passionate and not produce anything, so that statistically I'm probably right) A wise man gets (name withheld) and said bottom line, no one here is really an expert Driftim and about photogenic better to not expand at all - and therefore should just let the voluminous epic only person tilex to hack the system with title hopeless. Yes - I. So were the tires early in the day you thought the saga ends here? Oh how you made a mistake ... First decide where the test will be performed. Arad damper is immediate answer: the visibility was excellent and wide and safe - except for some occasional Bedouin tilex donkey / Subaru / Hilux. And what about the brides joy? Easy to add to the list, but it's hard to decide and even harder to get them all. So we started with the obvious: one of the twins account for a horny wheel which has spread in recent months, the BRZ and the GT86. There is no point of course put them both so busy test vehicles, and the die was cast for Toyota, this time version manually. But can buy something cheaper tilex that would allow Amusements tail deserve? BMW 116i has been selected to provide an answer. Yes, we asked 118i. No, they did not have. From there we went to the other end of the scale - a luxury car overgrown may be Driftrit not bad thanks to a longer wheelbase and engine multi-cylinder, Kg"mim and horses. True, it costs a fortune and there is no chance that whoever buys it will ever session Amusements tail landing strip abandoned, but Hey - we are after all here to open new horizons for you, is not it? We closed corner tilex of the previous generation from the Lexus LS. machine of about 750,000 shekels, and nearly two tons Ariel remembered better in that regard. But Sagi, known V8 enthusiast, was not satisfied all this good and took the Jaguar XF played, well, almost the same square. If you ask him what part he will mumble something about it that sometimes when shooting in several directions hurt everyone or something like that. But the truth that should not excuse, I understand it completely. Disco Menayek Not just blew up the party and what the middle? Nissan 370Z is a classic tail amusement machine - but do not hold one importer for a test drive. Nor the Infiniti G37 coupe sister, Alisa memorable especially tail. But actually there sedan. Great. I promised tilex to take care of your waste: Ariel and I We have provided the MR2 and our privacy Miata; tilex friends Driftrim with charming Daihatsu, Ford Sierra and BMW E30 were thrilled; Guy added the owner of the E36 3 series tilex test centuries and the dawn, the owner of the Ford Mustang V8 Ifhifiih. Finally, we must not forget Vehicle tilex Assistance - No one suspected at this point why Ariel insists on Silverado ... Wait, nothing's right. Adjustments in the middle of the test date was moved, leading to dozens of phone calls and took the E36 owners are abroad. On the G37 test collected from the importer - and come back to it with a malfunction few hours later. It's too late to coordinate the Chrysler 300 or BM .oo Series tilex 3. sailing. need another drive to collect used tires and Guy sends mission Nimrod with Silverado. Along the way he has to go through me and take six tires and G'antim used me for training. Only it comes with a box of tire sizes only connection between them and those that cars is that they are denominated in inches and millimeters. But even if the measurements were normal, what the hell is expecting done with one tire from much? Well, guys, Kh

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