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Of solids of Constantine IV Cross has raised 3 feet to symbolize Golgotha, what looks like a fourth More sensational coin
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In the following lines have additional comments and historical notes discovered by Mitko Stankov coin which he allegedly Asparoukh (see here), plus two numismatists comments below.
Mitko Stankov: On the back is curved swords typical of proto "Emperor Constantine green clean Pogonat paid Asparuh certain amount of gold, in recognition of the state of Bulgaria - leave it to protect the northern borders of the empire and paid for it.
After signing the peace between Pogonat green clean and Asparuh, Byzantium was obliged to pay tribute (tax) of Bulgaria. Throughout Byzantium pays even later, after him, amounts of gold. There is a fact that Byzantium was paying a ruler rannoislyamski day 1000 gold SOLID - 365,000 green clean annual solidarity program - to maintain an army and build fortresses to protect the southern border. Similarly paid and Asparuh, the money for the Bulgarians green clean were designed to keep the empire from the north. Dear chronicler wrote: "Justinian Rinotmet especially razbogatya Tervel (b. P. - Son of Asparuh), Archon of the Bulgarians."
The found imitation of Byzantine coin takes prototype design of the Byzantine golden solids - this is the basic unit in the empire Court weighs 4.45, this is the standard. This coin (b. P. - Asparoukh) is slightly lighter than the standard, but 60% of the coins of Constantine Pogonat are also slightly lighter than the standard. He signed a contract with Asparuh summer of 681 years. We know that same year was stopped minting coins of this type - type solids, with this particular design.
Of solids of Constantine IV Cross has raised 3 feet to symbolize Golgotha, what looks like a fourth step is based on the cross. In Bulgarian coin imitation has 4 steps. In the case of Bulgarian coin is independent type, because there is an explanatory inscription - not to copy the inscription of the Byzantine coin and a new label that is unique only to this coin, which I count inscription - "Kanes Juvigi Asparuh". Khan or Khan wrote in the letter S. It is likewise written Khan (Khan) and the famous gold medallion of Khan Omurtag, found during excavations in Veliko Tarnovo. In science green clean there is a dispute, whether says Khan or Khan, has these and the one and the other. But adopted both. In the case of the gold medallion of Omurtag and coin Asparuh confirm that you have read Khan.
There is discussion whether Asparuh or Isperih. Here it can be seen that Asparouh. In the List of Bulgarian khans was recorded as Isperich and science say that was pronounced between Old and well, but these are the linguistic green clean findings, no one knows exactly green clean how they talked. Written in Greek with the letter A - Asparuh. Cannes syubighi. There are some details that distinguish the front, where he is depicted ruler - his left shoulder in the Byzantine coins has a shield with a rider, and there is no, but there are some touches to explain yet. The Byzantine coins on the back of two brothers green clean Pogonat Te

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