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My second card game started astrozmaj to dim idea to do something towards the States of the Maya. O

My second card game started astrozmaj to dim idea to do something towards the States of the Maya. One of the nice things I learned from work on 7 Miao was that to restrict astrozmaj yourself astrozmaj is a good thing. The more I try to shrink more than the first stage of thinking about the game that way easier then to think of creative things. I do not know why that was, maybe my brain just built upside astrozmaj down, but since it has already worked for me in one game I told myself that it seems like through good start, so I sat and thought about all the things that need to be in the game and came to the following: the issue should be related in some way for "Maya" He should fit even for small children (ages five or six and up) so we can divide it Testament as opposed astrozmaj to 7 Miao Ariel will shape this time should have the rules properly, and maybe you should also someone to read them before (that I realized astrozmaj after Ilan from the Department told me that she tried to sit on 7 Miao with its subsidiaries and could not figure out how to play) the game should be fast
With all these limitations I thought for sure I got something cool. But it seems that my creativity works in waves that two months later I could not think of anything but thought I should go on the mechanics of pattern recognition (pattern recognition, there is also games like G'nagl meth) because it is also suitable for the age of the target astrozmaj population, even format a quick game and it's also wide enough to be able to catch up on this story and background without too much trouble. The truth is that I did not reach the mechanics feverish my mind but after I checked in BGG when I gave up trying to think of something creative alone.
Something astrozmaj like a month and a half before the event began to insinuate Carmit should I hurry, and even offered me that I should try to go for something simpler. It turned out to be true, especially astrozmaj because I have a tendency to complicate games ("upload complexity") in an attempt to make them more realistic and challenging. Then I decided to try because the way the story. astrozmaj I like the connection of the word "Maya" with the South American culture, but after about two weeks are grappling with the idea it came to nothing at the level of mechanics, and I felt States closes at me and at the end I will have something to present at the event. "Well, go for something simple, say Maya the Bee" my wife said to me, the very day I saw a program on luxury of the upper crust. This connection of bees and the upper crust seemed interesting, and even I found it a nice play on words (Akssorbiz) fit. Once the story was ready mechanics of pattern recognition naturally fit in terms of Tmtit- all trying to find the disguised Maya Bee, and they do so through its the accessories.
Pattern recognition is a beloved astrozmaj and well-known mechanics, and basically the idea that players identify astrozmaj patterns (colors, astrozmaj shapes ...) certain cards, sometimes indefinitely. Contain a time limit games, players compete among themselves who will identify the first, and usually there is a penalty or sanction imposed astrozmaj on the wrong identification as a way to deter players over-identification. However it has Katz'- have to put it confusing element, something that will make the player think twice, because if not the mechanics becomes non-challenging very quickly. The element confusing it makes the game fun-impulsive among us will jump forward, sometimes they will identify a pattern and sometimes astrozmaj they fail failures hilarity rest of the group. more cautious on the other hand Itbaso every time they lose a good opportunity but also often do not receive the sanction of misidentification. Most of us are somewhere in the middle, often too cautious, often reckless too, once going for us at Fox and once we eat my hat. For this mechanism will be the stimulus astrozmaj visual astrozmaj (he always astrozmaj visually, I not familiar with this style games with stimuli that work on other senses) must be clear enough on the one hand to impulsivity can spring forward but then dim enough to warn would suspect. astrozmaj Mechanics is different astrozmaj or complementary stimulus will only be clear (and dull), but inserted Law New changes the usual criterion which usually rely pattern recognition. A third possibility I will not get it here, there is a superb racing game witches, and includes a single and clear law but raises a number of complex high items.
To understand this better let's take as an example the Jungle Speed. Those who do not know, jungle speed quickly pull all players cards, and the goal is to identify two cards the same shape (not like, just the same). Look at the picture on the right, for example, contains sample cards from the game.
These cards are an example of the first option - cards that contain enough ambiguity astrozmaj so that those who realize the Hnuensim thin between the cards get confused (and be fined for it). The other option, of changing the law, there is also a Jungle Speed. You notice the cards pictured are particularly colorful colors. This is not just. There is a special card, removable when he game's basic law (the same two cards of the same shape) changes to another law - the same two cards of the same color. This creates a lot of confusion cool and funny as this card is removable and comes into force, astrozmaj or when he ceases to be relevant ("Wait, we have been without color card?!?") The Big Balloon and tricks name of the game with this mechanics.
How does this relate Lakssorbiz? When I tried to think of an appropriate mechanics course in my head was that the players will recognize the queen by her the accessories. But how do you do it? I thought it would be nice if they need to count the number of the accessories that I wanted to have all kinds of strange astrozmaj accessories that usually do not go with bees (boots, leather handbags) and count them seem pretty simple mechanism. But, I thought, let's just say it's the law - how it exactly work? If I decide that the law is "the bee with the most accessories", after two or three games players were developing skills and get bored. The same law Reverse least with accessories, or indeed any law other monochrome. So I went for the second option I mentioned above - Introduction of a special law (in the

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