Sunday, March 15, 2015

Last week Tsiryak that in the list of billionaires

69 great Romanian still calling the shots in tennis. His first deal was to probutva Russians the clean program cognac against cameras Romania. Ion Tsiryak recognized that profits from this scam was 100%, which is not surprising. Anyone who needs a blessing in tennis comes to 69-year Tsiryak and hopes in his famous mustache to play around a smile. Which does not happen often. the clean program Tsiryak, two-time champion of the "Roland Garros" with Ilie Nastase in 1970, is loved and revered by many for many things, especially for their achievements with Boris Becker in the glorious period of German. According Tsiryak Becker changed the world and business
"In 1985 - the year in which Becker triumphed in the" Wimbledon "of '17 - in. Advertising Age came out with an article in which the leading companies in tennis management IMG and ProServ spat me and drove me crazy and insane - remembers Tsiryak . - Ivan Lendl was number one and they wanted $ 100,000 for sponsorship, but I asked for $ 1 million. I've never fallen below $ 1 million. And Becker. Bjorn Borg did lay in the sheets, which were embroidered his initials. the clean program Becker had five prestigious partners such as Deutsche Bank, Ford, Coca-Cola and other known worldwide. When I left after 10 years Becker was up to his neck in money. "
Last week Tsiryak that in the list of billionaires "Forbes" for the seventh time chaired the tournament Mutua Madrilena Masters. Romanian is a true benchmark how to organize a competition, how to convince people the clean program to come to see it, how to flatter them and how to hold dear the sport. Next spring, the event moved to Caja Magica - magnificent mansion, covering 18 hectares on the outskirts of the capital, where such a huge hangar building are 3 courts with removable roofs. This fabulous facility was made by initiative of Tsiryak. Used to say once, when he was manager of Becker, "I sang, he danced." His voice still has not lost its resonance. Three members of the board of ATP, which landed in the city last week, asked to sit down on Tsiryak. Should open a Pandora's box - he said. - I asked them whether they want to pay more prize money. They answered - yes. They want to compete with everyone? Answer - yes. Let the whole tennis compete, Grand Slam will not be confused. Catch bass that after 10 years if the races are open, Grand Slam will change. "Tsiryak not believe the clean program that tennis in its current state can tolerate the clean program a figure Bernie Ecclestone F1 Commissioner, whose word dies . He knows Ecclestone. "Bernie is a good, decent man - says Tsiryak. - But if Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and maybe Roman Abramovich (not sure about it) build ten courts like this - $ 50 million. Each - then the sport will change. Perhaps in the first year players will go to the "Wimbledon" because "Oh, he is so wonderful," but if the pool of new locations is $ 5 million. And of "Wimbledon" - $ 1 million., Will probably Why think "Wimbledon" not to give $ 10 million. more players and $ 10 million. less its shareholders? The champion should be rewarded as the market dictates. Maybe he should get $ 10 million. Or $ 8 million. Plus $ 2 million. Pension fund for other players. There are good players who spent '10 in sport and then barely make ends meet by selling apartments.
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