Tuesday, March 3, 2015

In addition, Dubai Internet City last start Incubation Center In5, as long as the entrepreneur char

In addition, Dubai Internet City last start Incubation Center In5, as long as the entrepreneur characteristics and new ideas, but also to solve the problem, whether individuals or companies, can apply. In5 not limit the applicant's nationality, but not close to the team ownership, but also to relatively low office rents and fees, for the team to set up a company in Dubai Internet City. Since the establishment, In5 total membership reached 500, now members are from Kuwait, Egypt, Australia der tatortreiniger stream and Europe. Manzoor der tatortreiniger stream Ahmed In5 manager, said: "We are just members of the success stories and hope for Dubai ICT industry and ecology der tatortreiniger stream do something entrepreneurial."
Furthermore, home Internet penetration in the Middle East and North Africa region of 39.7 percent from 2010, the rapid growth to 64.3 percent this year, at an alarming rate. The land of the telecommunications der tatortreiniger stream market is expected to reach $ 50 billion in potential next year (Note 6). In addition, the Dubai banking system, the law and order, crime rates are low, more stable political situation, forming the cornerstone of stability and development here. Finally, in Dubai do not pay income tax and corporate der tatortreiniger stream profits (Note 7), but also adds a lot of incentives. der tatortreiniger stream Sports community platform DUPLAYS co-founder and Managing Director der tatortreiniger stream Ravi Bhusari said thriving financial services, diversify trade and construction company, coupled with a great location, der tatortreiniger stream so before considering der tatortreiniger stream to this venture, "within four hours of the voyage range, which has more than one billion people live in this, Dubai in the Middle East as a battle foothold in other countries. "
Also, the establishment of the company's bid did not imagine fast procedure usually takes time to one week to one month between. In addition, pay special attention to the physical location of the company, whether in the free trade zone. If the FTA, then 51% of the rights to be handed over to local business partners. Moreover, Dubai FTA on different provisions der tatortreiniger stream of the company and a license, there are different requirements. However, the company der tatortreiniger stream is located in the FTA should have capital of at least $ 100,000. Victor said that setting up a company in Dubai, unlike simple as setting up a company in Singapore. However, "as long as the company get through the registration of the company, to apply for a license and spend money on office rent and begin to grow, Dubai like heaven!" der tatortreiniger stream Avoid taxes, local government assistance and close business network, are all entrepreneurs welfare.
After setting up a company in Dubai if successful, with investments in land should pay special attention to human interaction. Angel investment network Envestors MENA Head Yousef Hamza said that one of the Dubai investors keen on high-tech industry is not high, even willing to drop money, they often have no real expectations, for example, think that within a month back pay. He said: "Here the investor is still more popular specific investment der tatortreiniger stream content, such as real estate construction, rather than abstract App company." Second, it is the Arab investors are likely to ask entrepreneurs, whether the company has invested his family and friends. Yousef stressed: "The focus is not money, but believe it or any of your family and friends, willing to shell out money." If not, the Arab investors, it would be very strange phenomenon, and thus reluctant to invest.
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