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If you have symptoms of common illness such as coughing, sneezing, diarrhea, urination, etc. It

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For 10 years, not innocent at all, I used to use regularly Lady Speed Stick deodorant. servicon I forgot all that sweat, deodorant is so good that he just completely prevent sweating. It's really good not sweat at all ?? Of course not. Years I lived repression servicon that being clean means I should not sweat or sweat so already scented lilies and roses. Years I spent money on a product that keeps my body to be healthy.
Filled sweat pores were clogged for a long time, the worst thing is I kept them with hazardous and toxic materials. Yes, you heard right R-by-e-to-Jerusalem. To certain material will prevent our smart body to carry out one of the most important body cleansing must be toxic and dangerous. Many deodorants contain: ammonia, alcohol, formaldehyde, but the main danger is the same active ingredient that helps prevent moisture: aluminum Clorohidrt. The great fear is aluminum salts contribute to the accumulation of aluminum deodorants and body connection emerged between various brain disorders such as Alzheimer's.
Want to know why did I agreed to impregnate the materials these threats a year or a year every day into my body? Because I believed their ads if I'll spread myself this deodorant I will be as perfect as the model published by him, men shunned if I drop a natural body odor, the Health servicon Ministry will not approve a product that is not good for my health. Yes, really. Do you think that the companies that produce these products do not know not to block the sweat glands in your body that are in the arm? These principles are so basic two-year-old baby can understand them. But it is interesting just to make money, not my health. Besides that I would be more healthy so I'll have less of their products, servicon the sweat of the people who live a healthy lifestyle does not stink.
If you have symptoms of common illness such as coughing, sneezing, diarrhea, urination, etc. It's time you start to open your eyes and read the labels of the materials you apply on your body. These symptoms may be a sign that your toxins purification system needs help. To suppress it with medication with-or-without a prescription. In fact, it is better that you place your body to use these symptoms to eliminate toxins rather than suppress these phenomena.
The arm was by the large number of sweat glands servicon as a natural treatment. Our job is to help the body release toxins and metabolic waste. Sweating helps the body maintain a clean interior. We live in illusion Slmnoa sweat from the body indicates that we are clean people. On the contrary, when we deny our bodies to sweat then accumulated waste in our bodies.
If all our sins would use deodorant toxic, our bodies servicon have been able to somehow deal with the degree of toxicity which, like this, by the way, most successful cosmetics companies get permission servicon distribution. The problem is that deodorant is perhaps our smaller narrow. I want you to do a little experiment. Go now to the shower and brought away your deodorant, soap, shaving cream, face cream / body and toothpaste. The experiment goes like this, turn the product in your hand along with the excellent ingredients and began to read them. Have you read? Oh, and you get something? Probably not. Companies that produce these products do not want you to understand what is written. Besides they have learned not write explicitly the names of the most dangerous chemicals and are hidden behind a large sign in English servicon and side number. Believe me company uses high-quality products, not to cause damage to the body, will highlight it. Consider the series of excellent soaps of Dr. Bronner.
Purifying your system of toxins in your body is the most important. Because it determines whether your body will be healthy or sick, avoiding detoxification can cause all sickness and disease. You want the best for yourself, family and children. You want them to be healthy, feel good, get the best education. You do not go to see a play shit, you have not fixed your baby carriage unsafe. So why rub on the skin and soak our bodies, our most precious temple, the materials that you are not able to read them? My rule is that if I can not eat it I'll spread it on my body. That in my opinion, there is no difference servicon between the material enters servicon the body through the skin or orally.
And back story of deodorant, servicon if your sweat stinks reason for this is that the body does a good job of removing toxins. Non-smell good is the byproduct of breaking down toxins, expelled from the body, by the good bacteria that live in the armpit. In other words, the smell was caused swelling bacteria do after they eat toxins. By the way, deodorants do not prevent sweat just equally bad odor antiperspirant deodorants that the first of these may contain triclosan kills the bacteria type, material servicon which may cause liver damage when absorbed through the skin.
I really think that now that you know that you can be much happier that you did another step towards your optimal health, I can tell you what to do, because it's really not pleasant to walk around all day with a foul odor in the armpit? servicon Bought deodorant is 100% mineral crystal stone. Stone mineral salts are enables

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