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Eran importer of Neinr started working with me on the first-structured and since then I though of m

Masters: housekeeping services Pilgrimage of Israel's leading mechanics. Chapter 2 - Yuval Schuster
"Masters" is a series of articles (Chapter I) in which we do respect mechanics specialization and focused on the field as a profession for life, and especially those who started the home workshops. This is another project as part of our social role to promote the sport (competitions Hsiiklokros, road culture, etc.) and make it more variety. In the Internet age where many buy parts in CRC, Ebay and other sites also from Israel, there is a growing need to select those parts assembly and give them to someone who really understands how to do it. This time we went to the investee home workshop Jubilee Schuster - Kibbutz Yad Hanna southeast of Emek Hefer, just off the intersection grains housekeeping services Oz on Highway 6.
After the army a few days afterward I flew to England and turned bicycle shops. I started working at the Fred Wiliams (was a professional in the 50 and builds chassis). I started as an apprentice, and for 3 years he taught me everything: train bike, building wheelchair, how to put riding a bicycle - something that connected his build-structured. By the way he worked with me there was a guy named Ian mechanic of Kofidis and David Millar! After three years, Fred Williams invited the certification exam of the British Labor Ministry, with a certificate and everything. Man came with a robe mechanics shop, and looked how we Bicycle components typical for 94 or 93 - no shock absorbers or hydraulic restraints (simple), asked a few questions and that's it. I received certification. Highlight of my shop was that I had to put together a bike Chris Boardman who was world champion and held at the height of the time ... he was playing with the pedal axis funs to change the Q-factor (distance between the two pairs of legs seen from above). I stood open-mouthed awe and so on.
I returned to Israel in 98 after about 9 years, Kibbutz Yad Hannah (I Kibbutznik original) and I worked at a local store in Kfar Yona. So I got to ride with Adi Frumkin told me S"bmtzmn housekeeping services put a new brand called "Specialized Bicycle Components - heard of him?". What is heard? I saw Ned Aovrand takes World Championship in England housekeeping services ... it was in 99 and Sharon Tarshish already worked as a salesman for two months before . tried interviewed me. At first they did not know what to make of me.
I had "Fred Williams" steel with DX-XT systems (pre-XTR) in the 90 cheerful, with V-Brake hydraulic irritated that did not stop Bartov Hkantilber of England. Like an idiot I sold them ... (but a relative who promised me Scigia time they come back to me. They are still with him).
I worked Bmtzmn 6 years were years of Specialized Bicycle Components grand entrance to the Israeli market. housekeeping services In 2003 I received Mmtzmn the first channel in Israel. Frototeif, they said. We asked them what pressure put suspension (the first Brain) and they told him they do not know - it was brand new.
Katzman Tel Aviv is an amazing shop world-class: the service department door was opened every 10 seconds: constant traffic housekeeping services of customers and the best school that mechanics: that you find there everything - rusty bicycles to the S-works. Period taught me a lot, especially how behave customers. The Volume and human diversity of customers housekeeping services amazing! mechanic in training need to learn not only how to work with diverse systems, but also how to approach the customer.
Eroded - 6 years working at a frantic pace! Physically - and due to travel from Emek Hefer Tel Aviv, and employment. I left Katzman and miracles Grapes Mmotoaofn offered me a job. I managed housekeeping services the store of Motoaofn three years. I was a mechanic, cashier, etc., and later came to Sharon Tarshish and Dorit Solzi and built a team, and I really enjoyed . Motoaofn is a family store.
The way I see the market - all sell pretty much the same. Each company has its effect, but all use the same accessories that run all the shops. The differences are more in the "Look". Nuances. I wanted to focus on the workshop. Bmotoaofn we built chassis Intense and Ibis and made repairs. Offer Nissim and store objected make only workshop that store is also their showroom importers, and I did not want to build Intense at 30,000 shekels, then stop to sell the pump in the middle of 30 shekels. So Adi (Mmtzmn) approached me about the VIP service which has become the workshop for riders Hmsfonsrim, heavy clients etc. This workshop was placed at the headquarters, and was also used to train new mechanics, but the franchisees did not like it because they have to pay the mechanic's day was not with them at the store. Part gone he had no choice - went much new technology and had to learn: how to make Blid hydraulic brakes properly, for example. It's all about that it is not a recognized profession and voiced housekeeping services it accordingly. Bmtzmn made courses such as BG Fit opened new horizons for me while I went to work in a small workshop.
Eran importer of Neinr started working with me on the first-structured and since then I though of my professional workshop open high-level riders who want a high-level workshop. Workshop equipment I collect for years. I like the Park. The dream took shape slowly, kibbutz fell apart, we got a space and started to build a house. My condition (Double daughter) have a workshop.
I have my clients who know me for years, and an additional fee I go also to the customer. I work with a professional answer Stores: Lots of support for high-level road bike, electronic systems, train time trial bike with wirings inside the chassis, support in matters of hydraulics, hydraulic brakes, brake air treatment (I study at Fox), Navona treatments (including Kris King West special tools required for this, Hope and Navona more complicated.) I also builds wheels and have all the tools to do so. I work mainly with Hefer Valley region, and the range of Herzliya, Hadera.
Stores are unable housekeeping services to produce legitimacy to the collection of the labor of a mechanic. The approach should be in my opinion, "do not do discount on the labor of a mechanic and do quality work off". Again disease starts with it not later

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