Thursday, March 26, 2015

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Learn Italian or French, learn how to make wine or at least understand wine experiment with Cougar (woman) to fight the Cougar real car with someone on the bike Tndam learn to play guitar or piano will not apologize for who I am to flow and be curious to know her (do not expect anything) free dance and enjoy that . Run more with girls express emotions spontaneously rather than trying to control them. Occasionally call her mother to say thank you and I love her. My mother set limits and enforce menage a 3 them, if it is annoying, send SMS clarity is annoying !!! Spend some time my mother to correct and improve things in my mother's call during the holidays my mother to wish happy holiday to the mother document menage a 3 cook more (better than they I caught or at least picked) to expand the number of colors that I know of from 8 to 16 say the girl when she acts like a bitch and not forbear to flower once in a while ... When I tell a story to tell about the experience and achievement menage a 3 to create more interaction, not only with someone I like. Make an effort to involve her in experiential avoidance style formal thinking it's just a third date should not exaggerate ... compliment to Leo and say no to mediocrity write someone to listen more and to shut her mouth a little elegance to buy shoes?! Give a pat ass when necessary. Sail Rowing picnic days to get the boat back after a bottle of wine to learn to dance salsa porn improved avoid a massage menage a 3 shopping together with someone and listen to her! (Maybe a little argument) to find work enough to do acro yoga stretch double date someone menage a 3 without sex 3 months to find a move to learn to sail surfboard try new foods to watch behind the scenes "of any animal porn grow clean the house more than fill the fridge chickpeas Expired and a six-pack to connect menage a 3 to the pain of something I negligible release the joy of something I negligible do more crap around women try to be funny girls that look "serious" offer to someone alien sex as straight Festival beautiful nudist running naked with someone to cook with someone to cook in the nude someone improve their posture to travel with someone in North flowering season out with a rash to go out with someone menage a 3 like "songs movies" learn to tame lions enrolling in a course like "lesbian feminists, blah blah blah" waiting for someone at the top of the track with breakfast menage a 3 to prepare breakfast for my mother to leave with emo girl really and truly listen to someone menage a 3 who talks about the problems menage a 3 with her boyfriend. Learn how to make creme brulee register dating It means to "messages. Go out to play to speed dating dating girls I wanted to ask and it did not work, why? Ask my mother why she did not stop bothering me? Make himself manipulated the lines of "I'll sit alone in the dark" does not give a shit about the teaser participate in a dance group Double some say yes friendship to hear feedback from friendship to look from the side and learn from the successes and failures of other men to watch the girls see "Chick flick" go out with a Polish woman to go out with a feminist out with a teacher Yoga out with rugby player (this could be the same one dismantle me beating) beer with Friendship gay "Who I left her and convince him to me At a girls' perhaps more simply, menage a 3 a little chat with her friends partner (not a company) fixed type. Director of Work (Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) to the director at work place (likely be required) joint project with someone at work (division of tasks, blah blah blah ...) to manage a team of girls. Teach someone to climb or do beet wine without menage a 3 ambition more than that. Living with a partner she did not bitch to get along with co-bitch drop with a fixed partner (recently retired from the field) wild nature hike or just Bedouin track with someone (a couple or just chummy) Clarification call my mother that she had to start living her life and try to live the period of my stay with my mother (which menage a 3 probably will happen until adopted by the apartment) to go with my mother to a movie or watch a movie at home with her together. menage a 3 Do sports with my mother (to join her swim). Eat a meal at a restaurant with my mother. Talk to my mother about a book I read. To my mother relations with girls (of which I am more afraid Mlalf lion) to sail with someone kayak Double reduce harshly see myself (if you must then ask) on the impact menage a 3 of my behavior during a double activity with someone. Stop trying to draw conclusions agility as to how my connection with someone is going to look to catch salmon with your bare hands to shop with someone grow a ponytail and a mustache cut firewood to light a fire without matches, learn to tie a tie to avoid dependence criticism when it does not contribute anything my learning to learn to fix my car to be an artist Reverse taught to ride a wild horse to build things out of wood (I just have a closet) to inform more Savion flowers and anemone for shit what people around you think about this my date.
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