Monday, March 2, 2015

China Times - Advertising Story / text / Wu Thang Long the first Dubai Lynx Advertising Awards Jury

China Times - Advertising Story / text / Wu Thang Long the first Dubai Lynx Advertising Awards Jury released Caption 1: Jonathan. Caption carpet cleaning atlanta 2: Fred Middle carpet cleaning atlanta East and North Africa region, in recognition of outstanding creative works, the first Dubai Lynx Advertising Awards will be launched March 17, 2007, the organizers recently announced as the first session of the jury of the two candidates - Jonathan Harries, currently the total length of the global creative Draft FCB Group, will serve as a TV / film, print, outdoor and broadcast class jury; Fred Koblinger, currently PKP Proximity & BBDO Holding Austria chief executive, will lead the first session of the network and Direct Marketing class jury. For this important first, Dubai Lynx Advertising Awards Chairman Terry Savage said: "We are honored to be able to invite Jonathan to serve jury with Fred, who is an international advertising circles in two highly respected leader, by judging by their wealth of experience, I believe we can just in the embryonic stage of Dubai Lynx Advertising Awards obtain quality assurance! "from carpet cleaning atlanta South Africa, the current Draft FCB Group Global Creative total length of Jonathan, has twice served as the Cannes advertising Prize, more than 2005 was selected as the Cannes Advertising Awards Jury, Jonathan said to serve as the inaugural Dubai Lynx Advertising Awards Jury, he felt very excited! For him, you can witness this historic moment, it is amazing experience! Austria was hailed as a pioneer of direct marketing Fred said that, in recent years, the Middle East and North Africa region booming advertising industry, advertising awards to be involved in this place, led by the jury, is the good experience of his life! Fred believes that when more and more advertisers noticed influence consumer behavior and brand building relationship, interpersonal exchange of views and dialogue are becoming increasingly important. Also Fred also said advertisers are pursuing advertising effectiveness, must be based on the idea itself, both in terms of strategy or enforcement should be the case. This article by the "Times International Advertising" published authorization, more at China Times Special Recommendation Other Information

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