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Catapult you avoid jumping to fly forward tendea and up front lower gear (speed loop) you want to a

1996, I was 16 back then crazy about surfing. After having plowed the exercises - Old school: Body drag, Duck jive, 360, Duck Tuck, helicopters, and much more ... I feel refreshed, something tendea else I was dreaming about for years. What is etched in my memory strong first windsurfing, surf it when I saw the movies and do flips flying with all the equipment it in the air, I realized that this is what I want to do.
Bright sunny day with a north wind of 17 regardless of the value, Tel Aviv Dolphinarium tendea beach, windsurfing period was strong in Tel Aviv, Shimon engineer (Adi Sommer) showed me the movement of the Front, I waded excited and I did my first Front. Mmmm feeling really rare, sitting on a cloud pleased to heaven. It opened me a new channel surfing, Salta forward
Rapid or eulogized loops loops (small Frontim flat water) look really good. Enter scary at first but it is important to remember that the technique tendea is simple (simpler than learning revolution), there is a matter of breaking the initial fear, but who breaks it will do this exercise as great. Front word comes from Salta forward tendea loop, but correct performance aside, so what for pushing this forward front hand (the wheel). tendea
If you are no longer tendea a teenager and want to learn it, it is quite possible is fairly easy, it is important to wear a helmet tendea that tentatively entering the first few times, leave the equipment in the middle of the round (the biggest mistake you can do) and usually returns to the top of the mast and it's not really nice + protective vest also could use against who get many hits on the back of the water in the learning process. Do not be afraid of it, it's only a few who get beaten tendea at first if you're with defenses spoken it does not move you. After ruled a little better tendea feel best in the world.
By understanding eulogized loop depth, height should not, do not even have a wave. Begin to celebrate this exercise and make it all possible Chop, really feel superior. What creates this air lift the spirit, the movement with your hands is like giving the front hand punch and punch at the chest with triceps. What do I mean?
Rotation tendea should be flat on the side and forward somersault if you jump in the pool. In this section tendea most of them are wrong, perfect workmanship and should be vertical to the side. Whether we are talking about high Front give details about it in the future for advanced post, or speed loop (Front lower flat water) in both cases strive to turn aside.
Before you want to make it in the water, as each exercise should understand very well what is going on there .. - stand at surfing, imagine you are holding hands Manor. - Shrug your hand and the back foot chest (sharply and fast) and Dihfo forward front hand (fist movement), looked back over the shoulder of a back hand. - It is important to understand that entry to safe water has to be strong tendea and aggressive. - Focus on the tilt of the head to the side and down! I do it like this:
Further to what I wrote in the beginning it simple exercise, the reason usually takes so long to learn is: Front should do exactly the opposite of what you are used to. You're used to look forward to where you go and up front you have to look back.
Catapult you avoid jumping to fly forward tendea and up front lower gear (speed loop) you want to actually produce a catapult. It's for that matter always ask me, how do you manage tendea to do it without a wave? Insert a good head, for speed loop should not wave.
- As with most exercises, speed is crucial, must enter Front with maximum speed. If you went slowly, do not you finish the round. - Not close enough to tighten the triceps, so you do not finish the round or finish the round on the back. - Looking forward to Me for a ride, which makes stopping the rotation. tendea As I wrote a few times body follows the head, where you look hard at it where you to move around. - Do not pull the knee back to her chest, and the body is isolated and remote equipment, it is difficult to land it that way. - Hesitation causes the fall. So much for mini Frontim, write about Frontim future performance is delayed, come to work.
PS 2 - Fear: While technically this is one of the easiest exercises there, but the fear factor tendea is serious here. Ask everyone you know does Frontim (of any age) how he felt when he just started with them. This is definitely a scary start but worth it.
PS 4 - you went up front, tendea do not leave the boom ever. Even when entering is not good, if perceive a strong boom, the chance tendea to get injured is negligible. Most injuries occur when you leave the boom in the middle of the round and then grab the mast head and / or board.
Ron ... Every word gets it right ... You raise me memories of the days of my first Hfrontim at 16 .... Where were you then explain it all .... It is important tendea to note that any exercise tips one by one as they are in reality ... !! You are great. tendea Thank you
Ezra Shark !!! I remember that day. To this day, I'm excited ... the seed was planted that day grew well, and a few years later I remember you giving Frontim huge Herzliya. I think Hfrontim yours today are better than that in the country! You wrote here Description excellent exercise and performance. I hope that many will read it and learn from you that what! engineer ...
Shimon tendea engineer !!! An honor to hear your response and get such a compliment, I blush not forget Hfrontim you give Dolphinarium between piers, I get a lot of inspiration just thinking about them! Love you dear brother !!! Shark ......
Ezra, an entire post I will not write (it also surfing and wind ..) But let me just say two words: "huge pipes" and Waves perfect. " Take your imagination tendea and you'll see what I mean ... ay yay yay now come for me to leave everything just keep looking like waves. Where are we and where is it? (But would be good)
Ron cannon! I plan to comeback windsurfing and much Vasratc, I've been practicing mind the Front I explained here in the article - is missing

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