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And if you came up here (and as befits a popular demand disinfect ...) A few words about the thickn

Human capacity to imagine one thing and deal with a completely different reality exciting disinfect me every time. For thousands disinfect of years, people think, dream, imagine things. Minute, hour, day, week ... A year later, reality slaps them and returns them to the ground. After all, what is a dream? It is an expression of the brain pleasure (or any other emotion ... fear for example) we will produce if anything in particular disinfect will become a reality. This similarity of our way to continue to think about it something (this motivation) and thought is actually planning. When comes the action - here intervenes reality. The fate of human nature is to find the fine line between disinfect reality, thought, dream and imagination there somehow survive. There are those who are able to do so successfully. Others give up one (or more) of the components (reality, thought, dream and imagination). Others disinfect cease to exist. I'm sure most of us just learn to compromise .. :)
What does a bicycle? When I bought the bike somewhere in August, I was sure that within a month and a half or two, I finish the project. It was not only a dream or imagination. disinfect There was also a thought: it will take me a while to do the job, learn how to do certain things and Lktn, order parts from Ebay for saving money and the like. Then reality intervened.
In the process of dismantling the bike I noticed something strange I had never seen: arms pedals are connected to the central axis of the single and one single unit! To date, all of my bikes (or know) always screws connecting arms pedals and gears (Crank - Crank) the central axis of the bike (Bottom Brackett - Bottom Bracket). When I figured it out - I realized immediately that I do not know how to break it. So I went back to the apartment and started looking for some information on the Internet (it will be a separate post, do not worry).
For the first time I came across an interesting addition to the idea that I shared disinfect at the beginning of the post. Not enough to make me think (design) imagined that (motivation) and dreaming (pleasure). Sometimes see someone else doing the same thing on YouTube is not close enough to reality (and this is not the first time that a video I saw online disinfect was not close to reality ...). YouTube everything goes to them easily, without problems, they have the right tools le-about-to and they also speak to the camera! And in reality? Even after I got out of the locking screw (without appropriate tools), the ball bearing parts and eaten most of the muck that was stuck inside ... Axis refuses to part with the bike. So after I realized how to break the real axis (alone, without disinfect YouTube) I decided to make a video:
If you notice the solution disinfect was actually very simple - work with a hammer and a screwdriver to remove the glass of "a ball bearing to allow removing the axle. I used simple tools throughout the work (well it will be a separate post). This is important because disinfect most of the videos on YouTube are either professionals or individuals who bought tools of professionals. I (as I described in the previous post) - is using the newspaper to clean the grease.
It looks beautiful (?) In the video but my shame it took me a week to figure out what's going on there, with a bit of frustration and even dream about cutting the axle with disc (a dream, disinfect never reached the point of thought :)). Mention them: all stages of the work I'm sure I joint the stock to replace it along the "normal" as I (and most of us) know. Just two weeks after much searching on the internet I understand that there is an appropriate conversion kit thickness of my pivot.
And if you came up here (and as befits a popular demand disinfect ...) A few words about the thickness axis (mine). Axis itself is almost always the same in all bicycles. This mantle varies depending on the bike (and producer). Anyway axis (mine) proved to be a rare, medium thickness beautifully. Some delegates thick of it (not common, but there are conversion kits with), and most of the delegates thin it. But axle (mine): Just perfect thickness. And why?
Through the whole thing, I learned a very valuable lesson: If something is not completely destroyed, do not try to directly replace it. Always worth working on fixing it. This is true objects, vehicles, software code and relationships. This axis taught me a valuable lesson in sustainability and life: I have - it's probably the best I could do at the time, place and conditions. Correction, there will always be better than new. That:
I know exists, now I know how to fix it (which means I know him really, really good), I'm not afraid challenging and perhaps the most important reason - if there is someone disinfect else who can do it: I can! By the way, in retrospect and after a conversation with someone who looks understand: Apparently I chose right. My Axis highest disinfect quality;) And so it turns out (again) that repairing existing disinfect serves always good to open the wallet.
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