Sunday, February 15, 2015

You will also see news published on Internet, with the evolution of known services and events that

SlidePick help us bring order to the images we have in our Android devices
Over time, with continued use of mobile applications that make use of the images, wiping we finally have a disorganization of the same, as we spread into different folders, counting both valid images as images that are not worth us nothing, all it does is take up storage space of our mobile devices.
So we can remedy the disruption of images, we can count SlidePick wiping mobile application, available in beta for Android 4.0 devices. Note that even though it's in beta, it works pretty well, so that users can now organize images we have scattered wiping in different folders on our mobile devices through different albums that can create wiping and edit in which albergaremos such images on each of them, as we want to organize them. We also have a new design and new directories cleaning mode that will help us further in our work.
For now, SlidePick focuses on users can be agile by simplifying the process of organizing and managing images that have hosted on our mobile devices (does not work with tablets), although it is expected that future updates, den support for images hosted on cloud services, social networks and other web platforms, also facilitating the support of the same.
One more point, which is that SlidePick also has the camera function, allowing us to organize albums as we go taking pictures, perfect for any event. As you can already sense the leave application name, the image management through gestures can make the landslide of them.
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You will also see news published on Internet, with the evolution of known services and events that are transforming the web as well as many related to Marketing on Social Networks.
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