Wednesday, February 4, 2015

When not know of the existence of the accounts, the executor or the person designated in the will t

Documents that you should put in order before dying Prevents your family spend hard time researching what you properties and accounts; organizes your documents, inform your family and let your will in a will.
The main documents that must be available in order to an emergency situation are the writings of your property, titles evidencing the investment in shares, contracts, savings accounts, insurance cleaned inversino, birth certificate and officers and even a personal directive format, experts recommend identifications.
"Unfortunately there is no culture of prevention, no insurance and savings that have ceased to be charged because people did not make a will or even warned their families what kind of accounts Tenan," cleaned President of the National College said Mexican Notaries, Hector Galeano Incln.
For the trmites of reclamaciny distribution of goods can be done without delays or disputes is necessary identifications of the deceased match your birth certificate and defuncin.
"It is common that the type of disputes and problems involving the death of a family that has not stopped in order documents come up probate," said founding partner of the firm Jurdico Corporate Lawyers, Olgierd Carmona, who 10 cases received six deal with these problems.
When not know of the existence of the accounts, the executor or the person designated in the will to deal with the trmites will have to go "institution by institution with a record of your family member defuncin hand "to ask if there sb registration, explained the partner of the law firm Ferrez, Benet, Segobia & Igarta, Alejandro Igarta.
There documents is the advance directive, which will allow your family make decisions about your health. For in a time of emergency when you're evicted, they shall respect your willingness to continue or not with medical treatments to prolong your life.
To process it is necessary to present cleaned an official identification and two witnesses who Sern makers make vlida when the time comes. Remember that the culture cleaned of prevention must transcend beyond death.
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