Saturday, February 7, 2015

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The CERN (European Center for Nuclear Research) is one of the most important scientific organizations in the world. In its facilities flashing maid we can not only find several accelerators (one of them is the popular LHC) but also several detectors collisions. The latter are the most complex and advanced machines that man has built to date, and are allowing scientists to unravel mysteries such as the origin of the universe or the nature of dark matter.
But scientists are people, and, despite flashing maid its thoroughness, intelligence and resources at their disposal, sometimes also "screw up". flashing maid A few days ago the CERN published a story in your newsletter asking netizens to help us to help them tidy up your photo archive. flashing maid They began to produce it in 1955, but many of the photographs taken between that year and 1985 do not have any associated descriptive information that allows them to find out what and who is in them.
At least, it is striking flashing maid that a room full of people organization to which responsibility requires very meticulous committed this fault documentation. In any case, humanizes them. What has been proposed is to digitize your old photographs on paper to prevent loss with the passing of time, so be published in its bulletin those snapshots that have failed to identify to see if any of us can tell what show.
There seems an easy task, especially in the case of those photos that appear flashing maid self-constructed machines. If you do not know what they are, we'll find hardly others. But do not lose anything trying. All for the sake of science. Here's the bulletin, and this is the email address to which you can write to help them out:
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