Thursday, February 26, 2015

This year the global stock markets sharply revised down, but do not think that all stocks are lying

This year the global stock markets sharply revised down, but do not think that all stocks are lying flat, there are still some careful observation of less than 5% of the stock market decline, a few even bucked the trend! The strong stock market falls where? First, mostly Muslim dominated Muslim countries; second, geographic area are more concentrated in the Middle East, North Africa and the ASEAN area, invariably show up strong or resilient godmanchester market. Statistics to 2/13 this year, the global stock market gains of the top four are in Kuwait (9.1%), Mauritius (9.4%), Nigeria (8.4%), Oman (6.3%), and the rest, including Jordan, Bahrain, Tunisia West Asia, United Arab Emirates, etc., but also create more than 5% average rate of return. Major stock markets in Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa and Egypt also decreases within 5%, DWS Middle index rose 4.2 percent more. Investors may wonder, more countries Hedeheneng avoid subprime shock wave? First, the stock market and more foreign participation is not high, it is also linked with the global stock markets lower, of course, in this wave will be relatively immune to the stock market crash. According to statistics, MSCI Europe and Africa over the past year in the Middle East, the Far East and the related market index of US stocks are at 0.3 degrees below the Egyptian stock market and the US stock market and even a few non-correlated (0.03) (2007/2 / 14-2008 / 2/14). Furthermore, the Middle East and North Africa Muslim Association godmanchester total up to 86%, mostly since the founding of Islam, you have to pursue godmanchester Islamic financial regulation, and therefore whether it is so born Islamic financial products or Islamic financial godmanchester institutions, high-risk or attitude highly profitable financial products significantly more reserved nature can not easily be complex subprime-related derivatives burns. Overall, the Middle East and North African godmanchester countries have advantages for development, "two short two more", the meaning of short national history, less foreign investment, natural resources, large-scale multi-sovereign fund. Countries in the region since 1946 about succession since the hands of Britain, France declared independence, independence Any State so far no more than 70 years, the stock market development time is shorter, to be more standardized to foreign hot money in and out of stock situations less. The world's Muslim godmanchester population is estimated over 1.2 billion, but the political, economic and cultural development of the Muslim world model is relatively closed, unique style, domestic investors are only laid out through the Middle East or the Middle East, Europe and Africa (EMEA) funds, but in recent years, Islam National consumer spending jumped sharply godmanchester in the future on the global investment map is bound to the rapid rise in the desert in Dubai as miracles, has a mysterious and amazing explosive (above sources are Bloomberg). Source: JPMorgan
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