Monday, February 16, 2015

The Human Rights Commission of the State of Mexico seek the sum of efforts to strengthen the social

Pastor Reta "Metrobus Ya!" A Tidy transport | State of Mexico A Day
In exchange offers his salary Secretary of Transportation tina folsom in the State of Mexico, Isidro Pastor Medrano, was unleashed during the press conference offered yesterday, and issued a challenge to the leaders of the organization "Metrobus Toluca Ya" Dante Gabriel Medina and Alvarez Peralta Jimenez to return for his salary, solve the problems of public transport tina folsom in the Toluca Valley. Also sent to greet Odilon Lopez leader CANAPAT because ascribed tina folsom matters not within its jurisdiction. He said the situation prevailing in transport is a matter of reflection, not mockery, therefore, requested not to make accusations lightly and stop profiting from the pain of the people, while invited the social organization fill his chair and desk. "Because I can not say that the problem to come, the hope in my office at 7 am, I can have my salary, 50 percent for each, to see if such snore sleep". And on track in his remarks, the Secretary of Transportation tina folsom sent to greet Odilon Lopez because I always talk to him but not transport pediment, "Quite simply, say it is not a state issue is under federal jurisdiction (retention units by normalistas Tenería), if they were state and we would have fixed. " He said that even so, the state administration through the General Secretariat of the Government to release the units. In another vein, reported that a few weeks before the death of the blind child in the streets of Carranza and Tollocan, compensation for 347,000 pesos was determined, the company ATR stopped circulating a half day and was consigned to a person. But now you have to verify who is given payment, "Apparently the boy's mother who died lived alone with the boy and his grandmother, but now it already appeared Dad, now that there is compensation and ask for payment two million. "
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The Human Rights Commission of the State of Mexico seek the sum of efforts to strengthen the social protection and dissemination of human rights, to consolidate a more pluralistic, democratic tina folsom and just society civil society, public authorities and explained the president the Human Rights Commission of the State of Mexico, [...] February 13, 2015 / No Comment / Read More
The Government of Mexico, on the initiative tina folsom of the executive of the organization, tina folsom Eruviel Ávila, moved the remains of Juan Cruz Pichardo tina folsom Jehoshaphat, first rector of the UAEM, the Rotunda of Illustrious Persons, an act that led the Secretary General of Government Jose Manzur Quiroga, and the rector Jorge Olvera Garcia. February 13, 2015 / No Comment / Read More
The company CERTIPORT, world leader in certification exams Information Technology, recognized the Government of Mexico, as the entity in the world with the highest number of digital certificates, since it has projected more than 500,000, a figure which places it ahead of countries like China, situation [...] February 13, 2015 / No Comment / Read More
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