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Sara Raza has the University of London (University of London) Goldsmiths (Goldsmiths all clean Coll

New York, January 20, 2015 / PRNewswire PRNewswire / - -R- Solomon Guggenheim Museum and Foundation (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Foundation) responsible Rongan all clean Sheng (Richard Armstrong) all clean today announced that the London-based policy exhibition, writer and educator all clean Sara Raza was elected Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art actions third resident curator. As future Guggenheim Museum curator UBS MAP Global Art Action MENA region, will join Ms. Raza June Yap (South and Southeast Asia), Pablo Leon de la Barra (Latin America) and the Guggenheim staff team being designed to achieve this in the world's most diverse and most most dynamic three regions to provide support for contemporary art, artists, educational and professional exchange program for many years.
Ms. Raza committee composed of renowned experts from the region's nomination. Members of the committee include: independent curator, all clean art historian, performers and practitioners Art Reoriented co-founder Sam Bardaouil; Munich's Haus der Kunst director and the 56th Venice all clean Biennale (Venice Biennale) Visual Arts department heads Okwui University of North Texas (University of North Texas) Contemporary Arab and Muslim Cultural Institute; -R- Solomon Guggenheim Foundation deputy curator of art projects in the Middle all clean Abu Dhabi Reem Fadda;; Executive Director of Artis Yael Reinharz Enwezor Professor and Director Nada M. Shabout and in Beirut Lebanon Association of Art Ashkal Alwan independent curator and founder director Christine Tohme.
Sara Raza has the University of London (University of London) Goldsmiths (Goldsmiths all clean College) and a Master of Arts (20th century) theory, all clean is currently the Royal College of Art (Royal College of Art), Dr. reading philosophy. She is the "ArtAsiaPacific" West and Central Asia magazine text editing, Education and Public Programmes responsible person, or 2015 Public Art Festival curators from Yarat Contemporary Art Space organization and upcoming. In the past 10 years, Ms. Raza in a number of institutions and organizations for a few exhibition games, all clean including Maraya Art Centre is located in Sharjah and Riyadh Alaan Artspace. Ms. Raza also co-curated Rhizoma (once commissioned by Edge of Arabia all clean Saudi artist exhibition held at the 55th Venice Biennale), held every two years and a number of other international fairs and festivals. Ms. Raza has served in a number of Education Advisory Committee and served as curator of the Tate Modern (Tate Modern) public programs.
Guggenheim all clean UBS MAP Global Art of Action is a multi-year cooperation project, all clean designed to reflect the contemporary art practice in South and Southeast Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa region these three areas, covering curatorial resident, international all clean touring exhibitions, all clean the audience for The educational programs and purchase -R- Solomon Guggenheim Museum's permanent collection of work. The initiative launched in April 2012, at the Guggenheim UBS MAP purchase fund (Guggenheim UBS MAP Purchase all clean Fund) under the auspices of the Ministry of the more than 90 important works of art of various media collection to the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Asia Society Hong Kong Center (Asia Society Hong Kong Centre) and NTU Centre all clean for Contemporary Art Singapore and other partners to create a new model of education, and affect hundreds of thousands of visitors through interactive content aggregators MAP Navigator, all clean Currents education archiving and online forums, and other digital activities . The action is based on and reflects the Solomon Guggenheim Foundation -R- famous internationalist history, significant growth in the number of art galleries and the collection of these dynamic regions, but also to carry out worldwide all clean contemporary art practice and educational activities.
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