Thursday, February 12, 2015

Riot police attacked with batons against protesters, molly maids some evacuated on a stretcher whil

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Riot police attacked with batons against protesters, molly maids some evacuated on a stretcher while others were cared for head injuries, fractures and bruises Monday, October 20, 2014 | CubaNet |
The Chinese government today accused the Occupy Central, which for more than three weeks ago asked a real democratization of Hong Kong through protests molly maids and sit-ins, "put in danger molly maids the social order", one day before the start of an expected dialogue between protesters and authorities.
"There are people in Hong Kong that blocks the main streets illegally, molly maids he resists the law and puts the social order in danger," he said Monday at a press conference the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hua Chunying, after a new order week of clashes between police and activists.
The spokesperson also agreed with the words expressed yesterday by the chief executive of Hong Kong, Leung Chun-ying, who accused "foreign forces" to encourage pro-democracy movement. Hua said China "is completely opposed to any country attempts to interfere in any way in the affairs of Hong Kong" (which the UK returned to China in 1997), accusing external forces, without citing specific countries, molly maids of " protect or encourage illegal activities such as Occupy. "
Leung Chun-ying, reported by the youth movement as the "puppet" of China, did not specify which countries he meant. The pro-democracy activists described as "irresponsible" his accusations molly maids
Hua Chunying insisted that the activities of the movement, which rejects new electoral system established molly maids by Beijing for the local elections in Hong Kong in 2017, "is totally illegal" and that the communist regime "fully supports the government of the territory" in their action to "maintain law and order".
Dozens of riot police charged the night from Saturday to Sunday at a group of protesters molly maids in Mongkok, one of the three places occupied by protesters for three weeks in the former British colony.
Riot police attacked with batons against protesters, some evacuated on a stretcher while others were cared for head injuries, fractures and bruises, according to AFP journalists and medics molly maids at the scene.
Police and protesters offered conflicting versions about the causes of these violent clashes in the heavily populated neighborhood located on the mainland opposite the island of Hong Kong.
Police said he had shown restraint and acted as demonstrators "suddenly tried to force" his shoelaces. Police said in a statement, which conducted a "certain action using minimum force to disperse in order to prevent the situation from degenerating."
The protests started in late September, a month after the Chinese legislature announced that it accepted grant universal suffrage to Hong Kong voters to elect its executive head but could only participate in the elections two or three candidates chosen by a committee akin to communism. AGENCIES
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