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1, the air freshener air fresheners contain mostly phenol. After inhaled, pressure washing cause breathing difficulties and headaches, and eye irritation. After contact with skin, it may cause peeling, pressure washing lead to measles. Alternatives: Use natural methods of fresh air, such as raising potted plants, or placed grapefruit skin. 2, the majority of bleach-containing bleaching agents are called chemical hypochlorite. It is highly corrosive, will release a toxic irritant gases, excessive exposure may cause damage to the lungs and hair. Bleach and ammonia products (commonly used for household cleaning agents) use is particularly dangerous, because both chemical reaction occurs, releasing chlorine. Alternatives: For some difficult to clean the stain, you can use lemon to clean it repeatedly. pressure washing 3, synthetic rug artificial carpet containing volatile organic compounds are mostly long-term exposure may cause allergic diseases. Alternatives: Buy using natural fibers such as wool carpets, cotton made. 4, dishwashing liquid and laundry detergent and dishwashing liquid detergent containing sodium pressure washing carbonate and phosphate, are prone to allergic reactions. Alternatives: Use phosphate-free products. 5, many electrical appliances, such as televisions, computers and electric blankets, usually contain bromine flame retardants. Bromine flame retardants released pressure washing into the air, there is likely to be inhaled, but not easily excreted. At present, the bromine flame retardants have been shown to cause abortion mice, in Sweden and other European countries are disabled. Alternatives: Use hot water bottle instead of blanket; the appliances out the bedroom, avoid inhalation of bromine pressure washing flame retardants sleep. 6. Clean the powder pressure washing used to clean the windows of many cleaning powder, contains a special ammonia odor. This will stimulate and corrosive to the skin, eyes and lungs causing discomfort. Long-term exposure to ammonia, can also cause liver damage. Alternatives: Use two tablespoons of vinegar, against the previous one liter of hot water, then after a cloth moistened with Cabo. 7, through the scalp hair dye hair dye, absorbed into the body. Earlier, the European Commission banned 22 kinds of chemicals used in hair dye. Alternatives: I believe natural is beautiful. 8, bonfire bonfire furnace home furnace will produce dioxins. A study at the University of Leuven in Belgium showed that teenagers often use campfire stove, their testicles or breasts smaller pressure washing than many other parts of the teenagers. Alternatives: Avoid raw bonfire at home. 9, the nickel-containing nickel containing jewelery jewelery, ornaments may cause contact dermatitis. pressure washing Alternatives: Try to wear gold or platinum jewelry made. 10, toilet cleaner toilet cleaners where usually contain?. This toxic substance can irritate the skin, eyes and respiratory tract. After a lot of inhalation, the liver and kidneys will suffer damage. Alternatives: The 250 ml white vinegar into the pool then, the next day painted. 11, nail polish remover nail polish cleaners usually contain acetone. Prolonged use can lead to headaches and mental confusion. Alternatives: Do not apply nail polish, naturally do not have a cleaning agent. pressure washing 12, plastic toys plastic toys inside may contain phthalates. A US study found that long-term pressure washing exposure to phthalates can cause genital malformations. pressure washing Alternatives: use some wooden toys. 13, shoe polish shoe polish containing nitrobenzene. With a central nervous system pressure washing toxicity, can cause headaches and drowsiness. Alternatives: Use cotton dipped in olive oil, plus a few drops of lemon juice, smear on the shoes, wipe clean after a few minutes. 14 Cosmetics Cosmetics often contain toxic chemicals. Lotion xylene as risk factors lead to abortion. Alternatives: Finding green flag on the packaging, specifically its ingredients. 15, hand sanitizer hand sanitizer contains a substance called surfactant chemicals. This substance can produce foam. Can also lead to loss of skin moisture, so that it becomes dry and rough. Alternatives: Use organic products. 16, synthetic fiber linen sheets may contain formaldehyde. This substance can irritate the skin and respiratory tract, and can never be cleaned. Alternatives: Try to use one hundred percent pressure washing cotton linens. 17, dandruff shampoo dandruff shampoo usually contains anti-fungal ingredients. One of the most commonly used is? Pyridine sulfur of copper and zinc, which may cause skin sensitization. Alternatives: Try a massage with olive oil hair ten minutes.
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