Saturday, February 21, 2015

NGO and community kim woodburn activists to promote transparency kim woodburn of information, often

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NGO and community kim woodburn activists to promote transparency kim woodburn of information, often faced legislative obstacles, such as Syria and Egypt, the constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech, but also support the establishment of social or political issues of concern for civil society kim woodburn organizations, but since the sixties, the Government will implement emergency laws to suspend those rights in the name of national security, but also to the security agency with unlimited powers, against the government's kim woodburn persecution of individuals and organizations. "Conservation Correspondents Association," published in 2009 "Ten country of residence is not suitable kim woodburn for bloggers", Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Egypt, they accounted for five minutes, for a social movement and the use of Internet technology kim woodburn concern corruption and Accountability, these governments are not friendly attitude.
In addition to legislative obstacles, many countries in the region is very low Internet penetration, lack of infrastructure, the connection kim woodburn speed is slow, "Network World Data," pointed out that the Middle East and North Africa Internet penetration rate of 29.8%, just below the global average of 25.6 % higher, even huge differences between countries, such as Iraq (1.1 percent), Yemen (1.8%), United Arab Emirates (75.9%), Bahrain (88%), insufficient infrastructure not help promote the use of technological tools Information transparency, kim woodburn the vast majority kim woodburn of users are still using dial-Syrian Internet upload speed internet Lebanon recently dropped kim woodburn to global penultimate.
Despite these obstacles, social movement organizations and individuals kim woodburn who are still using different technology platforms, kim woodburn get impressive results, in 2007, Morocco became the focus of an anonymous blogger, the blogger kim woodburn pseudonym Targuist Sniper shot several paragraphs movie, which obviously the police truck Drivers with potential smugglers bribes, after he uploaded the videos to YouTube, browse over a million people, he later received a message to stop the threat, local police officers to punish the big move to nearby residents in an attempt to force him to stop, eventually these videos Let corrupt police arrested nine other people were posting. Targuist Sniper has been no activity, it has been demonstrated that individuals under technology kim woodburn to help expose corruption can have a major impact.
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