Wednesday, February 25, 2015

In the dark world of dragon culture (1 John 5:19), vasastan Confucianism pure jasmine looking at th

In the dark world of dragon culture (1 John 5:19), vasastan Confucianism pure jasmine looking at the growing "in the Middle East and North Africa region," the fire and black smoke on the birds of the sky, "said Yi Cui why (Iszi, vasastan Islamic Socialism) revolution farther darkness? "the birds of the sky," said Yi Cui those (Iszi, Islamic Socialism) as pure Ru (Conzi, Confucian Socialism), vasastan as they are still in denial 'Christian Civilization' (Jehovah's commandments and Jesus 'gospel),' Light '(Matt 24:14; Matt 28: 18-20; John 8:12; John 1: 4; 1 John 5: 1; 1 John 2: 8; Exo 19:18),' Truth '(John 14: 6; John 8:32; John 6:35; Mat 24: 35; Gen 1:28; John 6: 35-40; John 6: 48-58),' An individual / Freeman 'and 'A New Creation' (2 Cor 5: 17-21) and other beliefs, they just want to eat 'Christian Civilization' fruit (Constitutional Republic, vasastan Separation of three powers and counterbalance) are reluctant to accept the 'Christian Civilization' roots (Christian faith), they just want to take a shortcut, they just want to fight snakes, they are naked (Rev 3: 17-19), they are still snake (Gen 3: 1; Gen 3:15; John 8:44; Mt 23 : 33; Mt 12:34; Rev 12: 7; Rev 20: 2), is not it "2011-11-22 (Hugo Liberalitas: vasastan http: //
Satanism Culture East Asian continent, is the propriety of eating culture of the East Asian continent, is dedicated to deprive people of freedom and equal rights of the dragon culture, is specifically denied people the right to choose the culture, is specifically cultural rights of people deprived of their autonomy and self-determination, that is, denial of human rights specifically beast culture is from "Han ethnic tyranny and slavery awareness, awareness vasastan of the Han ethnic center of the world (such as" China "consciousness), the Han ethnic chauvinism (such as" Chinese "consciousness), the Han race patriarchal consciousness and centralization vasastan Han ethnic consciousness unified Han ethnic militarism and imperialism, colonialism, ethnic Han, "the combination of a murder culture is to be finished by the" Confucianism, Taoism, Mexico, France, Buddha, Zen ", etc. are fused into a home Devouring culture vasastan is expressed by the Chinese character "Thirteen Classics, moral, Tripitaka, Road Tripitaka, the Heart Sutra, Sikuquanshu, Twenty-five Histories, four masterpieces, Tang, Song, thousands of poems, Book of Filial Piety , Three Character Classic, disciples regulations, disciple post Thousand, Surnames, Zhu Zhijiageyan, Zengguangxianwen, young school days, four words miscellaneous characters, Longwen Bianying "and other viral culture that led to the East Asian mainland Culture and kept generations of sin cursed by the devil, that led to the East Asian mainland generations of poverty and misery forever vasastan culture that led to the East Asian continent dark and filthy sink generations culture is evil and the East Asian continent cult culture from generation to generation, is Secularization and thoroughly anti-spiritual culture, is the need to thoroughly confess Jesus Christ and culture of repentance, is still waiting for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the salvation vasastan of culture is the blood of Jesus Christ came to save the culture. vasastan

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