Sunday, February 8, 2015

However, it is difficult to preserve texts, photographs and audio in digital formats due to constan

5 Steps to tidy the digital file of your signature By law, companies must preserve long-term document. Software changes are challenging; on tax issues, for example, is necessary to keep the bills as a minimum for five years.
MEXICO CITY (CNNExpansin) - Businesses commercial cleaning services and government face a challenge on the issue of storage and preservation of digital or electronic documents: long-term preservation, since the information contained therein may be required in trmites, judgments or auditing.
However, it is difficult to preserve texts, photographs and audio in digital formats due to constant changes and updates that have software for reproduction or reading magazine published Expansin.
Since 2014, all companies have to issue tax receipts Digital Internet (CFDI). hese be stored for accounting processes of the company. The contribyentes commercial cleaning services They will have to preserve in magnticos media, optical commercial cleaning services or any technology in electronic or XML format. Your plan for adequate digitalization Identifies documents that you should keep in essential form and for how long should preserve them. Determines cules going to scan. Select a storage medium reading and reproduction commercial cleaning services or software that is durable and secure. Public domain formats as MP3, XML and HTML are the most suitable. Evala if over time affect the readability of your how much you cost archivosy digitized without losing data. The software allows to read or play an electronic document from five to 10 years and the hardware has a useful commercial cleaning services life of 10-20 years. Another is the microfilmacin, a kind of photographic film that retains the information for 100 years and is valid as a copy of the original document. Do not forget to check the law in case of preservation of documents with legal effect. commercial cleaning services In commercial transactions, we must review the NOM-151 on the obligations of preservation of electronic documents.
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