Thursday, February 5, 2015

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The president of the Republic, Ollanta Humala, reported that soon visit Ancash, accompanied by the Cabinet, "place order" after demand transparency and honesty in the regional authorities.
This was delivered after being asked by the salary increase approved for the regional head of Ancash, Enrique Vargas, who spent 14,800 won to 22,800 soles soles. "We will visit as soon as possible Ancash, I'll sd maid go with the Cabinet of Ministers and we will bring order there, I hope to work together sd maid with the authorities, but I hope that common path is the rule of law, honesty and transparency sd maid "he warned. Humala said the government intervened in 2013 six regional governments where "removed" criminal organizations or who had bad practices. "And we're going to continue in all regions where we see a lack of transparency, we will enter and we will place order, we want to work hand in hand with regional governments, support sd maid but we must work together," he stressed. The head of state mentioned that social policy that his government has pushed to reduce poverty in remote areas of the country, with programs such as board 65, Together Qali Warma, Beca18, the Tambo, among others. sd maid "Before it reaches this government was not a social policy, had social programs sd maid but not a social policy, today we have a Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion we've created ourselves, a social policy that have created us," he said. Humalo participated in the inauguration sd maid of the Huallapampa-Julcamarca-Secclla-Lircay road in the district of Lircay province of Angaraes, Huancavelica region; a way of 114.3 kilometers communicate with Ayacucho region in less time. "The main feature of this government is social inclusion, these programs did not exist, exist today and nobody will be able to withdraw. These programs already has it delivered to the people, are also helping to overcome poverty, "he said.
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